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Sunday, August 16, 2015

New from Carol Hicks Bolton....

I've been busy shooting the latest 
swoony goings-on at Gus Antiques & Wonders. 
I mean, how could it not be swoony? 
It's Carol Hicks Bolton, fer crying loud!!! 

So when I say busy, I mean "happily keeping myself 
occupied and out of trouble doing what I love busy." 
Which makes for a lousy blogger, but we've already 
established that I'm sort of a "blog only when you feel like it" blogger. 

Which isn't a bad thing. 

Here's the smallest of sneak peeks 
at what you can find at Gus...

And I will certainly be posting more soon! 
I did want the Bolton's to have a chance 
to get these photos up and running 
on their website before I shared them here. 

I'll also be sharing two photo shoots I did earlier this Spring and Summer. 
All I can say about those two is 
"Thank you Where Women Create and Where Women Cook!" 

Now....back to editing!

Ad majorem Dei gloriam
Latin for "all for the glory of God."

This is a comment-free blog
but please come visit 
and chat with me here...

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