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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Published in Where Women Cook

Not much scares me at this stage in my life.
But food photography?
THAT scared me.

I put on my big-girl panties 
and marched right over 
to Boerne, Texas, to photograph 
the culinary delights 
and wizardry of my friend, 
mixed media artist extraordinaire, 
Laura Roberts, aka Hasty Pearl.

Fast forward several months, 
and I am so happy to share mine and Laura's 
contribution to the Autumn issue of 
Where Women Cook magazine.

As an artist, Laura sees food as an expression 
and extension of her creative muscles....
And her artistry is showcased to perfection 
the minute she steps into the kitchen. 

For her feature, Laura chose to share her passion 
for Mexican food, a South Texas staple. 
Down yonder in these parts, 
we use crushed red pepper 
the way some of y'all Yanks use salt. 

I'm just sayin'.

The keys to any South of the border inspired feast? 
For starters:
and let's see...
I know I'm forgetting something here.... 

How the bejebbers could I forget??? 
Serrano, Jalapeno, Poblano. 
Even the names sound festive.

Any self-respecting Texas cook 
knows how to whip up a mean batch of Salsa. 
Laura happily shares her recipe with you 
in the pages of the Fall issue.

Now tell me....does that photo above resemble 
not only a cutting board, but a painter's palette as well?
The beauty of food, indeed.

And the Pico. Never, ever forget the Pico de Gallo. 
This stuff goes on EVERYTHING. 
Chips, Tortillas, Enchiladas, or as a meal 
all by itself. 
Just pass me the bowl and prepare 
to get it back empty. 
Yep, it's that good.

And I don't know about you, 
but here in Texas, we love, love, love to add 
a Tex-Mex twist to just about everything, 
especially any and every type of seafood.

Grilled Shrimp on skewers, 
marinated in a savory green verde sauce. 
Edible art.

 I want to thank my sweet friend Laura Roberts 
for going along on this ride with me, 
along with everyone at Where Women Cook.  
Jo, Brandy, Amber.... always a pleasure! 
If you can't locate this magazine 
or any of the "Where Women" publications, 
click HERE and they'll hook you up.

I hope you'll visit Laura at her blog
and her Etsy shop.
If you think she's a fab chef, 
just wait until you feast your eyes 
on what she can whip up in her studio.

To see more of Laura's feature, 
visit me at my website, 


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