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Monday, November 9, 2009

Hey, Where'd Ya Go?

Ever look at your follower list
and see one less follower than you had the night before?
I was talking about this with my buddy Angélique of Six in One Hand
the other day.
You ask yourself, "Was it something I did? Something I said? Something I didn't say?
Egads, did they meet with an unfortunate accident???"

All of this is said tongue-in-cheek. 
I don't do a running count of my numbers and stats on a regular basis,
'cause that's not what it's all about for me.

But do I want to get my name and my brand out there?
Sure! It's no secret that my two great loves
are being incorporated in this blog, writing and junking.
And to eventually land a gig which allows me
to do both would be the realization of a dream.
And it's a simple mathematical fact that the more readers your blog has,
the greater your chances of making some of those dreams come true.

But the human element always has to be placed front and center
as far as I'm concerned.
Which means that if you were kind enough to leave me a comment,
I'm going to take the time to get back to you and leave you one, too....
take a bit of time to peruse your blog and leave a personalized comment,
something other than an impersonal "Great blog, come visit me again!"
which to me, is worse than leaving no comment at all.
I've seen that done, and it always sort of grates.

Granted it might take me a day or two to get around
to visiting everyone who visits me, but I feel very strongly that I owe you at least that much.
Not only that, I want to get you know you all!

So to all my friends and those who follow my blog, I thank you profusely!
It's a joy to read and be a follower of so many of you, too!

And speaking of friends, I had the thrill of 
getting to chat with the incredible Debra of
yesterday afternoon! She is exactly as you'd imagine, just a real joy to talk to.
Heck, I even finagled an invitation up to Missouri 
to spend time at the Common Ground Homestead!
Wishing you all a blessed and joyful junkin' week ahead!

Friday, November 6, 2009

As Promised....

I didn't realize until after I pimped out my front deck
that this wasn't even everything I'd purchased at Troy and Rod's
Junk Exchange Mega-Sale
Yep, I merchandised the heck out of of my front porch,
20 miles out in the country, all for your viewing pleasure! Well, and theirs, too....

Whenever I go into full-on set designer mode out there, 
they look at me like I've totally lost it.

So, minus a suitcase and a handful of other vintage pretties, 
here's my haul from the big sale, still going on through tomorrow.


This is where my rose watercolor will be permanently residing. 
Nope, there's no way in heck I could ever part with it, just too lovely.

"The Heavenly Twins!"
This is whimsy at its finest, 
and it was love at first sight when I spied this ceramic piece.

I snagged every single suitcase 
I had scoped out in Troy's pre-sale preview pics.

Love the nightstand dressers! 
They'll be headed to the booth next week.


Vintage office chair sporting a State Fair of Texas Jr. Beef Heifer Show Banner.
Say THAT three times quickly!


Some of the vintage bottles I brought home.




This old photo is a riot!
The higher the hair, the closer to God.


Check out the cool metronome.
Hmmm, and a little somethin' for Debra, maybe?

Adorable papier-mâché Christmas boot.


LOVE me some monogrammed luggage!

Enlarge the pic above to follow the narrative on the flash cards.
Too funny! What a little weenie that kid is!

Going to photocopy these and use them as price tags.
Troy's brilliant contribution to Team Fiona and Twig.


Pictures don't come close to doing these vintage fabrics justice.





Amazing vintage chenille bedspread.


Old wallpaper, to be used for decoupage, among other things.

This was a wish-list item. 
I'd almost given up ever finding one in as good condition as this one.
Leave it to Rod and Troy!


And finally, this....

Junkin' buddy  Effie is picking this up for me in the next couple of weeks, 
this might end up going with us to Warrenton, not sure yet.

So that's it.
Thoughts? Favorites? See something in my sale pics yesterday 
that you can't believe I passed up?
Hate me more now?  ;-)

If you're ever in the area, I'd love to have you visit my space 
at Sunrise Antique Mall, 820 Water St, Kerrville, Texas.
Pretty much everything you've seen here 
will be for sale there before the holidays, 
so don't miss the chance to share in my spoils!
Thanks again to my dear friends Troy and Rod 
and the Junk Exchange gang for making it all possible!

A quick thank you to my
for the lovely write-up on her blog!
You are most welcome!

Have a great weekend!

The Sale You Shouldn't Have Missed...

Well, technically you haven't missed it yet.
The not-to-be-believed
from Troy and Rod of Junk Exchange is still going strong
and will be through Sunday.
I know that so many of you really, really want to attend,
and please believe me when I tell you that I'm not pouring salt here for those who can't....
but if there's any way possible, you definitely owe it to yourself
to make the drive to Waco to attend this sale of a lifetime.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that to me,
this was at least as exciting as Warrenton, such is the exceptional quality,
variety and rock-bottom pricing of the goods being offered at Troy and Rod's sale.

It's been an incredibly long day, so I'm just going to toss up
as many images as I can of my day at Troy and Rod's
5000 sq ft warehouse with a minimum of narration.
Tomorrow, I'll be posting photos of everything I brought home,
and you will not want to miss those pics!

Let's get going!

There's Troy himself winking at me as I approached the sale.
Cheeky monkey!
Okay, truth be told, the sun was in his eyes, 
or the brilliance of the dollar signs he saw 
reflected in my eyes caused him to squint.
Meet Troy!

Great pic of Troy, super sucky pic of me, 
which is why I made it small and blurry.
Vanity, much?

Shutters and gorgeous vintage wallpaper rolls.




My pile in its early stages. 
Oh, trust me, it got bigger!



So many gorgeous watercolor and oil paintings and prints.


A stunning porch glider. Mindy, you really, really need this!


Troy's super sweet sister, who is an absolute doll and a tireless helper.


Please somebody, grab this incredible industrial piece!
It was too big for me to get this trip, 
but this would be such a versatile piece for some lucky buyer.
Again, I can see this in Mindy's of Primitiques 'n Poetry's space.

Troy's hussy, Jezebel!

Loads and loads of vintage Christmas.

And I had the unexpected pleasure of meeting 
the wonderful Alice of Yesteryears Jewels and JUNKMARKET Style while there. 
What a fun lady, and just as nice as she is talented!

I also had the opportunity to meet local gal Jessica of Sugar Moon.
She has a fabulous blog that I recommend you hightail it over to right now!

Cool vintage car stuff.


This vintage scale was only a dollar!
Didja hear me?? A DOLLAR!!!
(Are Rod and Troy nuts?????)
Quite possibly, and lucky for me, 
I'm not above taking unfair advantage when the situation warrants it! ;-)


I grabbed each and every one of these. 50 cents each!



They have an epic selection of vintage bottles. 
There are tons more in boxes, and only 50¢ and $1 each!

The Dynamic Junkin' Duo hard at work!





More Christmas!

And this....big and chunky and wonderful, 
and all mine for a ridiculously low price.
Coming soon to Fiona and Twig, The Booth!

Oh, and one final image for tonight...
Yep, you guessed it.

....incredibly exquisite, achingly delicate watercolor made the trip home with me.
It was a gift from Troy. 
Have I mentioned how much I love this man?!?!

My mom and I had the best time ever at the big sale, 
and we spent the better part of 6 hours there with 
Troy, Rod and the rest of the Junk Exchange gang.
It was a day to remember spent with friends hard to forget.

Be sure to visit me tomorrow as I unveil all my new treasures!

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