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Monday, November 9, 2009

Hey, Where'd Ya Go?

Ever look at your follower list
and see one less follower than you had the night before?
I was talking about this with my buddy Angélique of Six in One Hand
the other day.
You ask yourself, "Was it something I did? Something I said? Something I didn't say?
Egads, did they meet with an unfortunate accident???"

All of this is said tongue-in-cheek. 
I don't do a running count of my numbers and stats on a regular basis,
'cause that's not what it's all about for me.

But do I want to get my name and my brand out there?
Sure! It's no secret that my two great loves
are being incorporated in this blog, writing and junking.
And to eventually land a gig which allows me
to do both would be the realization of a dream.
And it's a simple mathematical fact that the more readers your blog has,
the greater your chances of making some of those dreams come true.

But the human element always has to be placed front and center
as far as I'm concerned.
Which means that if you were kind enough to leave me a comment,
I'm going to take the time to get back to you and leave you one, too....
take a bit of time to peruse your blog and leave a personalized comment,
something other than an impersonal "Great blog, come visit me again!"
which to me, is worse than leaving no comment at all.
I've seen that done, and it always sort of grates.

Granted it might take me a day or two to get around
to visiting everyone who visits me, but I feel very strongly that I owe you at least that much.
Not only that, I want to get you know you all!

So to all my friends and those who follow my blog, I thank you profusely!
It's a joy to read and be a follower of so many of you, too!

And speaking of friends, I had the thrill of 
getting to chat with the incredible Debra of
yesterday afternoon! She is exactly as you'd imagine, just a real joy to talk to.
Heck, I even finagled an invitation up to Missouri 
to spend time at the Common Ground Homestead!
Wishing you all a blessed and joyful junkin' week ahead!


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Anne.
I am so glad that I am not the only person that this has happened too. I find myself occasionally short 1 and wonder the same thing.

Like you, I tell myself, oh well. I try to visit all of my blogger friends at least 1 time a week, sometimes more and some of them never come to visit me, so you can only do what you can do. I love your blog sweetie. You are doing a great job.

See ya soon. Country hugs, Sherry

starnes family said...

Isn't this a weird little blogging world we live in? So many politics and manners and considerations......and just like life.....we all have our versions of what is appropriate.

I'm enjoying your blog!

Jane said...

Hi Anne,
I enjoyed your post today. I too try to get to everyone that leaves me a comment and I keep updated on the blogs I follow to read and leave comments as new posts come in. As you said, there is a human element to blogging. I love getting comments and and I try and return the favor to the readers who take time out of their busy day to leave me comments.
Thanks for your insight.

Noel Giger said...

Me too! I always try to keep up with new FB fans and follow-up with a thank you message. Why is it that the 1 who goes away bugs us so much, even when there are so many new ones? Oh well! Thanks for posting - I really enjoy your blog and pics, I've referred several friends to it and I think I'll snag your button for my blog too!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Hi Anne~

I feel the same way you do about my Blogging friends. It's just amazing to me at the wonderful bonds I have made with such amazing and creative women across the miles. You are so right about the human element of Blogging. This was a wonderful post.

Hope you will have a lovely day!

Cynthia K. said...

Anne ~ Hi there! I can really relate to what you are saying and I appreciate you bringing it up. Naturally, we all are please when we get a new follower and comment as well. Well, actually I'm still thrilled over them probably cause I have so few and I've only been doing this for two months!!

I also really think a personal comment is important not just a standard little phrase that can be thrown out to everyone! We are certainly in agreement about that.

Leave it to you to voice what we've all thought but never seen written (out loud, so to speak). You are so bold - in fact, you are a stinker! And I love it!! BTW, I am a Texas girl too so I feel like I can say that and you'll know the way I am teasing you.

I love roses, of course, but there are other flowers - carnations are a favorite of mine and I love them as your background...Later...

Cynthia K.

Cynthia K. said...

Me again. Goodness, when my comment is printed up, it looks so very long. Like I'm a real blabbermouth!!

Cynthia K.

David said...

Great blog, come visit me again! ;-)

I have been known to "try a blog on for size" for a few week or so and then decide it wasn't for me. I have pretty limited time for both posting and commenting. I sometimes feel bad that I don't comment more frequently. I confess I have also been known to sort of scan over a blog rather than reading every word. I hope that doesn't make me a sucky friend. I wish there were more hours in a day!

Carole said...

Anne I think all your dreams will come true. You have a lot of ambition and I admire that. I think to myself... look at this girl....she's getting herself out there. I like your honesty too. It's key to success...well what do I know? ha-ha!
I wonder more why people follow but never comment...that surprises me.
Blogging is a great study in human behavior...cyber behavior!

Donna Reyne' said...

Hey Girlie know I will always be here for ya!
I've told you before...You are my favorite place to get a good giggle...Plus (and this is quite the bonus) always find the cutest junk to peruse.
I will follow you forever...hugs,donna

The Flying Bee said...

Well, I just tried to call you so we could chat about how crazy this whole blogging thing can be sometimes, BUT you didn't answer AND it wouldn't let me leave you a message! So, if you see a missed call and hear a snipit of a message that says "Hey Girlie Girl...." then that was me!


Sue said...

To me, it IS common courtesy to return a visit. I probably only average about 15-20 comments per post, so I can make the time to do this. But on those occasions when I've had 75 comments on a post, I still did it! (it did take a few days, though)

To hear some of the "bigger" bloggers say that they would be on the computer all day long if they visited people every time they left a comment is a little disconcerting and disheartening to many people.

My way of thinking is that they don't have to "honor" someone with a comment EVERY time someone visits- I personally don't expect tit for tat- but a visit every so often would be appreciated.

I personally know someone (who doesn't consider herself to be a "big blog") who unsubscribed as a follower to a well known big blogger because that person failed to acknowledge her even after she made multiple comments over a period of several months. Although that big blogger had once said she was too busy to return comments, her comments were seen frequently on other well-known bloggers' posts. Seems she just didn't have the time for the lesser known bloggers. No wonder that big blogger got "un-followed" by my blogging friend.

What IS politically correct? Can't we just be polite? This is a topic that is often debated in my circle of blogging friends. But there are so many opposing viewpoints...

And then there are the girls who only play the numbers game.... Now, THAT is whole other rant with me.... LOL

Beth Gales said...

LOL! This rings true with so many of us! I feel this way about my facebook page, I really take it personally when I see one less number and just wonder why for a little bit.

Your blog is great and so you will keep adding even if the occasional person stops following! Their loss!


Diann said...

True..true. I have a hard time not taking everything personally.Some blogs that I've followed and commented on many times...and nary a visit to my little blog.I still follow and read them and understand intellectually that the are so much bigger than me and can't find the time...but still.......

Blue Creek Home said...

It wasn't me!! I may sign up to follow you twice, but I sure didn't disconnet!!!
You are thinking deeper than me today, but it's all true!
And, yes, I had it happen early on when I was keeping a hopeful eye on my follower numbers, and it hurt my little feelings!!!

Miss Mustard Seed said...

Well, I'm a follower and I've stayed one. :)

Anne Lorys said...

I love what you said Sue, and I agree with it completely. I never want it to sound like it's a chore to make a return visit or leave a comment for anyone. For me, it's always exciting to discover new people! I just start to feel guilty if it takes me longer than I think is necesaary...I don't ever want anyone to feel slighted or neglected. And this whole business of passing over making comments on a smaller blog in favor of a bigger blog? That sort of karma will surely come back to bite ya!
I've left comments on a few well known blogs and never heard back, but I've always tried to cut them some slack. You just never know what their situation might be.

Good comments, people! Thank you!

Theresa said...

Hey Anne, Well... that is news to me, I didn't know you could un-follow someone:) Just goes to show how much I know. I try to comment on the people that I follow, doesn't matter if they comment on mine or not. Some of the bloggers who have sooooo many followers I guess just have too many to be personal with everyone. Oh well, it is part of my morning routine to read those who have updated overnight and then at night before I go to bed... sometimes I catch up with those who have updated in the day. I don't have very many followers, so I sure hope I don't get un-followed:) Have a blessed day, my friend!

Trouvais said...

Howdy...stating the obvious (question we all have occasionally)...with pluck. Love it. When my numbers dropped a few weeks ago I briefly went insane (was it something I said, what was everyone doing, was there a big flea market somewhere that I didn't know about?!was I trailing toilet paper from my left shoe?).Great post!Best wishes! Trish

Kate said...

Sweet Anne,
I love how real you are!!! What a breath of fresh air reading your post today!!! I would wait days to hear back from you girlie You are won of my fav's!!! Just wanted you to know that I think your wonderful!


V I N T A G E O L O G I E said...

Well said or 'discussed', Anne ... what frustrates me most about blogging ... meeting all these fab women with whom I feel 'connected' and love sharing with ... but it frustrates me that everyone lives so far away ... I want to go junking together, have lunch, more junking, and then cocktails ... all the while giggling like school girls ... how much fun would that be?? A lot!!

Thanks for your sweet words about my last post ; )


Debra@CommonGround said...

Hi Annie, blogging to me IS a personal thing, very personal. I'm putting my self out there, good and bad and trying to be the "real person" that I am. Yes, blogging can be very time consuming, but also so rewarding. I like to return a comment to the person's current post. That way they know I'm reading them, not just responding to a "comment". I too have lost a few followers, and I know people have had their followers list deleted (?) not sure how, but as far as I am concerned it takes only a moment to scan on the "update". Much better to do that than to hurt someone by "unfollowing" them. I think some of us are just more sensitive, but then again, since so many of us have commented on this post, it's evident we have all felt that "slight". I might not get the opportunity to comment on every persons every post, but I try to make it somewhat regular. I knew my starting the Bible Study might not be everyone's "cup of tea", but I hope no one has "ditched me" because of it. Glad you are the insightful gutsy gal that you are!
OK, now, just say when we'll make a plan!
love ya,

LuLu said...

I'm a all in it kind of gal, i blog cause I love the journaling, documenting my thoughts
as well as finding the most amazing bloggers i would not have the good fortune to encounter if it was not for wonderful land of blogging, I feel the same way about really reading others blogs and finding the human connection and wish we were all have a latte at a cafe chatting the afternoon away and then a good junking shopping trip!

trash talk said...

It's a slippery slope for sure...blogging. I have to admit sometimes I forget to hit the follow button when I have someone on my sidebar (I told you I was a little lazy!).
There are probably a million reasons...well, maybe not quite that many...but a lot as to why someone would stop "following". Perhaps they have stopped blogging altogether, perhaps they signed on for a giveaway, not really taking the time to get to know you, maybe the computer dropped them. The last one has happened to me on more than one today, gone tomorrow, here again! I know I'm not everybody's cup of tea and some may have stopped after realizing that.
As far as commenting...some are just too timid to comment. I've had a lot of people send me e-mails saying that. It's hard sometimes to come up with just the right thing to say especially if you've just read someone else's witty comment. I try very hard to get back to everyone who visits within a few days. I make a special effort to leave comments especially those who are just starting. It's the affirmation that someone is listening that makes comments so special to me. I look at blogging as a form of penpal that is just fun. I really don't worry about the numbers as long as there is at least one who is "listening".
One last thing (I didn't mean for this to turn into a novel!), the "big" bloggers all started the same way all of us did. If they don't have anything to say that interests me...I move on. If they do "catch" me, I'll leave a comment because I appreciate what they've wrote. I guess in my own round-about way...that's what I'm trying to say. Good grief...this is a post!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I'm still here!!!

Suzy said...

Hello Anne! I know exactly what you are talking about with the "love your blog" -"come see me" comment. Those insensitive bloggers who just want to get people to their blog without taking time to actually read the post they dare to comment on. Sheesh. I Always love your posts and your pics are always inspiring. I am a junker, too and I love to see other women who put junk in their trunk! Thanks! Suzy

AuroraSuzette said...

I'll bet it had nothing to do with you, or your blog, which I adore. As for me, I am amazed to find that I have followers, and just posted a tiny bit about that recently. I am so happy each time I see someone new, and do try to check out all their blogs, and do read every single comment. You have a great 'voice', Anne, and that makes your blog enjoyable to read. You're generous with your praise too. I have been impressed with how quickly you jumped to over 300 followers, and believe that it will propel you on your way to your goals, but not just for that reason. You're talented, and I, for one, am happy to have been here almost at the beginning.

Michelle Hughes said...

well, as cheesy as it sounds... you had me at hello! Seriously though, I too try to comment back, I am not always great at it though. But, If someone specifically asks me a question, I ALWAYs get back to them either by email or by visiting their blog and leaving a comment. After I leave a comment I rarely go back to the comment section to see if they answered back... am I the only one? That is why I don't really comment in my own comment section... but I may be committing a blog faux pas.

Love you blog and I am glad you are living the dream!

Anne Lorys said...

I am so thankful to everyone who has put themselves out there and spoken their piece here! I love the honesty, and I always want to hear what y'all have to say, the good, bad and otherwise. Heck, I'm a Texas gal, we're known for our thick skin.

I did notice this week that I had dropped a follower...the only reason I knew was that I had done a count when I drew a name (and number) for my giveaway last week. And then it got me to thinking about how super busy I had been, and how guilty I was feeling that I hadn't had as much time to touch base with my blog friends.

I love comments, but I really love to leave comments, too. If you guys only knew how late I stay up at night just getting deeper and deeper in blogland discovering new blogs. I've discovered some of my favorite peeps at 2 in the morning! My poor husband.

Well Debbie, I wrote my own novel here, LOL...
Love you guys!

Anne Lorys said...

Michelle, I almost never comment back in my own comment section, tonight is an anomaly. I head back to the posters blog for my reply.
Great minds think alike!

Brenda said...

I have just a little blog and I do address the comments I get. Although sometimes I wait until I have a new post up because I do not post as often as some of you wonderful blogger's do. I am afraid if you have read my 4-5 day old post or sometimes older everyone will get bored with me and just quit coming by. Some weeks I get so busy with grandchildren and life itself that I only have time to check on everyone else and don't get anything new on my blog. I usually have a dozen things I think might be worth posting but I sometimes rather just visit all of you. And lucky you getting an invite to Common Ground! I love to read Debra's posts and I also follow her bible study site. She is a true blessing!

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet girl!!! I've seen that happen on my follower's list too! Oh well, who knows ~ I DO know I love that you're blogging and love seeing what you're up to! and your blog is beautiful Anne, you've dressed it up!!! Hope you have a great week and find tons of treasures, xxoo, Dawn

Hill Country House Girl said...

Hi Anne - I have not been by in a while due to family stuff and lack of time, but still enjoy your blog so much. How is the space in Kerrville going? One day we will meet! I am sensitive to the whole comment/follower thing, too, and it has been hard when I have visited and visited someone and they just never respond. Kind of like trying to be friends and you finally just "get it" that the other person is not interested.

There are so many great blogs, though, and if one person doesn't want to connect, there are tons more that do! Sounds like what I have to tell my high school daughter sometimes when counseling her about friends! I guess it never ends. oh, well, you are a cutie pie and a very talented one at that, so keep doing what you are doing - I am amazed at your energy and enthusiasm and may even call you one day for blogging lessons!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anne, thanks so much for visiting our blog and your kind words. Mindy is a friend of ours and a real supporter of us. I need to come back and look thru your blog when I'm more awake. But, I can tell from flipping thru your pics that you are truly a junker!! Saw some cool stuff. Did love reading what you had to say in this post and the comments left. I don't do anything fancy on our blog, so don't have the followers thing. We don't get alot of comments on ours and that can be discouraging when you see folks are stopping by. It's alot of work to keep up with a blog, so it's nice to hear from people. I do try to comment on other blogs and really try to respond to commenters on ours. Not sure what some people think of it all, but it does make me wonder.
Certainly a thought provoking post.

Mindy said...

Anne, I have had contests in the past and while I gained followers, many, I think, were following for the added incentive of more chances to win. I was actually published on some blogs as "there is a contest". Those blogs sole purpose is to advise folks of giveaways in blogland. It is not to actually turn folks on to your writing, junking, personality. So, I quit playing the numbers game. As you recall, I had a secret contest last week. I didn't want to pick up new folks, just because I was having a give away. I figure, word will get out about me. I will give read and give comments as time allows and as the spirit moves me. My posts have become less frequent of late, as I am not able to keep up with me, much less with all of the folks I follow. I hate that. And I usually apologize for my absence. As David said, there are not enough hours in the day. Happy Day, my friend! ~Mindy

SugarMoon said...

i just loved the pic of the vintage bottles! very beautiful. reminds me of van gogh's iris' know the field of purple iris' and only one one was white. beautiful.

Journal Swag said...

Hello again. Well, I follow your blog, I just hadn't clicked the "follow" button. Now I have and there you have it, one more! Love your things, your ideas, your pic and your words. I've never looked at my # of followers, but I do understand what you mean.


Unknown said...

Thanks for commenting on this, Anne. As much as I love blogging and running out to meet some of the people who comment and follow on my two sites, it really thrills me when someone has the time to both comment and follow. Then, I can return the visit and we can begin to get to know each other.
I do enjoy all your posts so much. Very entertaining and, quite often, insightful. Thanks for so much joy. ~ Yaya/Just Joany

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Such an interesting conversation here! I couldn't agree with you more! I am also trying to mix my loves, faith, and my art in my blog, but keeping the human element front in center. It can get frustrating to not get involvement through comments and linking... I guess I just try to think the longer I keep posting what I love, the more participation I will get. At least I hope! ;)

You must be doing something right... it looks like you have a good group of comments and that keeps it fun and interesting! :)

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Hi Anne,
This has been a most interesting read. I am conflicted about even having that followers widget visible on my makes me anxious...but it does make it easier for folks to follow along if they wish to. My blog is my creative outlet and for fun....I already work so many hours of the day I don't want this to be another full time job! I am grateful for all people who choose to follow along and for those who take the time to leave a comment. I'm doing the best I can and understand that everyone one has different challenges in life and priorities...I want to be accepting of everyone and their situation...enjoying the process of blogging and taking and giving a little here and there. I don't think we should judge those who have too few followers or those that have too many. We're all different and just trying to get by. Thank you for opening up this discussion. Love your carnations and your blog is always fun to visit! Take care, Laura

Anonymous said...

Anne.. she'll be back.. who can resist you? Besides, let's not worry about the one drop of rain.. but the downpour that comes shortly afterwards.

Love n kisses


Sweet Woodruff said...

I'll never leave you. Texans gotta stick together!

I remember being a little kid, I got to go check the mail. The day your mom parked the car and gave you the key, meant you were a big girl with an important chore. Ingram's old post office had boxes with covers like the picture above.

June said...

Anne you are a kick in the pants girl! What! Untimely accidents!!! But boy do I know what you are saying here. This is so great of you to post. I feel strongly on this, I enjoy this interaction with so many great women and I don't mind taking the time to let them know it. I have got to get back here today and read the comments on this post, but now gotta go run to the PO.
Hugs to you,

Unknown said...

Hey Anne! I think the losing a follower thing is just Blogger being goofy sometimes! Your blog is far too much fun for anyone to think of dropping :) I completely agree with you on everything you said in this post...let's chalk it up to great minds think alike!

:) T

Unknown said...

I know what you are saying, it is always a bit odd when you loose a follower. I am new to your blog, looks great, off to read more of it.

Rebecca said...

Hi Anne
Say, I have an award for you - please come and get it! Hope you are doing well

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi Anne,
I think as long as you're true to yourself it shouldn't matter if followers come or go... but that's also so much easier said than done. I try to remember that myself but of course, we all want acceptance in the big world. What you're doing here is what's true to your spirit and it shows ~ the numbers will all even out and that's all they are numbers... but you've got ideas and great dreams (so there!).

Anonymous said...

I found several blogs that I had on my side bar that I had not been "following". For a long time I used my side bar blog favorites to link up to my blogs I liked. I then found that I could read the blogs I follow via google reader which is so much better but and alas, the discovery!!

I too have commented on bigger blogs and no return comment. Several that used to comment frequently when they were smaller have gone to bigger fish or ponds or whatever that saying is! I do feel sometimes like geez- what's wrong with me but then remember that's not what I started the blog for in the first place! Never even considered counting when I first started- It is funny how us humans are - always needed to know we are ok and liked and being followed!!

You blog is wonderful and those who follow and comment love it and that is what is important- that's what I have to remember with my blog too-

Thanks for the good round table talk today!!

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

I had this happen to me too! I did a blog about it also and the "Perp" commented and she had deleted her followers roll by accident! It ended up being a hilarious several post series between she and I!

Or someone may have just deleted their blog.

I can't imagine someone not wanting to keep following yours! It's wonderful!

I don't usually comment on the BIG blogs, because, as has been stated, rarely do you get a comment back or heaven forbid a return following, but that's okay. I still read them.

Have a great day!!

Lou Cinda :)

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