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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

The big move to the new and improved booth downstairs?
The one I talked about HERE not even a week ago?
Not gonna happen, at least not yet.

It's a long and circuitous story, but basically,
the gal whose booth I was going to take over downstairs was going to move
to a larger booth (which I don't want).
Her deal fell through, so basically, she's staying put in the booth I was going to move into.
The antique mall owners were very apologetic and said they'll let me know
the minute something else opens up.
No biggie, there's actually a part of me that's sorta relieved.
As much as I'm all for boosting sales,
I wasn't looking forward to transferring what amounts to the contents
of a small apartment downstairs in less than a month.
I think I'd rather wait until after Warrenton, if at all possible.

Ahhh yes, Warrenton.
Which brings me to part deux of what's been on my mind of late.

For those not in the know, twice a year, Spring and Fall,
these sleepy little (and I do mean LITTLE!) farming communities
become home to what is known as Antique Weekend.

This is an event of truly biblical is a huge gathering of antique and collectible vendors from across the USA and even abroad. Tens upon tens of thousands of folks descend upon about a half-dozen tiny Texas towns at a point roughtly halfway betwixt Austin and Houston. Most of the shows are to be found along Hwy 237 in the towns of Round Top, Warrenton and Carmine, but there's much to be seen in the surrounding areas as well.

I think that there's a misconception that I'm a much bigger whoop than I actually am,
and maximus mea culpa for contributing to or perpetuating that notion.
Yes, I will be in Warrenton in the Spring. Yes, I will be selling.
But this ain't my rodeo. I'm hitchin' my wagon to the inimitable Effie,
who is a seasoned vet of the Big Show and hardly needs the likes of me to boost her sales.

That's me and Effie on the left, one of the absolute sweetest, 
most generous ladies I have the privilege of knowing. 
She is graciously allowing me to meet up with her in Warrenton, 
help her set up, sell some of my wares with hers, and BONUS, 
I get to stay with her at her Mom's! 
All that for a rookie seller who doesn't even merit a first floor antique mall booth.  ;-)

(Hi Debra!)

So while I will be thrilled to see all my bloggy friends in Bar W Field, 
come primarily just to say hi to me, but to BUY from Effie. 
She'll be the big dog there, I'll just be the wet nosed pup hoping to learn a trick or two. 
Come Fall, God willing, maybe I'll break out on my own 
and set up my own tent during Antiques Week. 
Who knows, by that time I may have even been deemed worthy 
of that first floor space!

Toodles for tonight!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's Poll Time Again, Kiddies!

I had such a fun time learning more about y'all during my last POLL
that I wanted to do it again.
Take a peek to your right ----------->>> and cast your vote!

So I was strolling through the local mall with a friend the other day,
as he wanted to buy a scarf for a gal pal.
I casually mentioned to him that I didn't really enjoy shopping retail anymore.
He gave me a quizzical look and said "Oh, so you're above it, eh"?
Ha! I had to laugh as I quickly corrected him, actually, I'm beneath it!

I explained that I take no joy in perusing aisle after aisle of
mass-manufactured, cookie-cutter wares these days.
My greatest treasures are unearthed in far less lofty surroundings....
other people's garages and driveways, out in a muddy cow pasture at the crack of dawn,
underneath a pile of moth eaten old textbooks in thrift stores...

So once again, it got me to thinkin' (uh oh).
Where do YOU find your heart's desire?
Is it at a retail outlet? Heaven knows I love me some Anthropologie
but given my druthers, I'll choose an estate sale every time!

Are you more of a crack-a-dawn garage sale maven, 
or are crowded thrift stores more your speed?
Or maybe you eschew paying altogether and fancy yourself a curbside pirate of sorts.
Do tell!

Anything and everything you've seen pictured in this post
was lovingly liberated from someone else's home and/or garage this past weekend
and is offered to you via Fiona and Twig on Etsy.

Have a great Tuesday!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

And The Winner Is....

Many thanks to all the kind folks who entered my 100th Post Giveaway this past week!

Along the way I also picked up my 400th follower,
so in addition to the $25 Gift Card to Anthropologie
and the surprise from my Etsy Shop, I added one more little token of thanks.

And the winner is...
Congrats, Heidi!
"Bob, tell Heidi what she's won"!

In addition to a wonderfully spendy $25 gift card from the one-and-only Anthropologie...

(Anthro Elsa Gloves. Be still my heart! Maybe Heidi will apply her card toward these?)

Heidi will also be getting TWO nifty treasures from my Etsy Shop!

My lovely creamy white finger vase


Headed for my Christmas Shoppe tonight, 
but instead on his way to Heidi's house...


My kitschy cute Santa plaque!

Congrats Heidi, just send me your address a
nd I'll have the elves get your goodies out to you next week!

Now, where's that vino, hmmmm?  ;-)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Growing Pains

So I got word this week that what I had been hoping for
was likely going to become a reality, should I so desire it.
But do I? Decisions, decisions. Be careful what you wish for....

Since opening my booth in the antique mall a couple of months back,
I've been located in a nice size booth on the second floor.
It's in an okay location, but merely by virtue of the fact that it's on the second floor,
it gets waaaaay less traffic than the 30 or so booths on the first floor.

Well, this past week I was offered a primo, high-traffic space in the mall
after the first of the year for only a smidge more rent. 
I already know that I'm going to take it, my husband and I have discussed it,
and it makes sense to see if what they say is true,
that I can expect my sales to probably quadruple after the move.

I know it's going to be more work, but it's another one of those situations
where you have to acknowledge "Okay, I'm stretched a bit thin here....
full-time job, booth stuff, an Etsy shop which keeps me super busy,
a household and a I nuts???"

But (and there's always one of those, ya know) maybe this is my time.
Maybe this is the natural progression of building my business,
of establishing my brand. Warrenton is in the Spring.
Then what? So many dadgum questions.

 Am I excited? You betcha! Afraid? Just a bit. Worn out yet? Absolutely!
But I'm walking through that next door, 
the one I referred to in one of my very first posts 
here way back in August.... Remember?

I'm still carting around a lot of the same insecurities and fears, 
but I'm bolstered a bit knowing that I can do this. 
It's not some top secret, ultra exclusive club to which I am not welcome. 
That was my fear in the early days, that the likes of 
Theresa and Mindy and Debbie,et al would laugh at my feeble efforts 
and tell me to get the heck outta Dodge. 
Shoot, I still feel that way sometimes, 
but less and less with each small victory.

So......wish me luck! The adventure continues, 
and it just wouldn't be the same without all y'all along for the ride!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Vintage Christmas at Fiona and Twig on Etsy

Yowsers! I was fortunate enough to acquire an insane amount
of really great vintage Christmas ornaments/decor yesterday,
and so far I've listed about half in my shop.
Head on over to my
and take a peek!


This fella is amazing, at almost a foot long, 
he'll definitely be the centerpiece on your tree!


I'll wrap this little guy up inside this handy homemade quilted stocking for ya!

I have four of these super adorable vintage ornament sets for sale! 
I am totally in love with that tiny gal inside the pink bell.

Isn't she too cute?



Love the face on this Santa ornament!



And lots more! I'll be plugging away adding more to my shop tomorrow,
finding some time in between for food and potty breaks (hee-hee!).

Have a great one!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The "Better Than MY Giveaway" Giveaway!

No, seriously!
This one is waaay better than my paltry lil' Giveaway, so lissssen up!

One of my very best blogging friends is having his very first giveaway,
and believe me when I tell you that this fella knows his junk!
It's Troy ( and Rod) from JUNK EXCHANGE,
and just look at the vintage Christmas goodness he's offering one lucky winner...


He's starting with this gorgeous silver beaded stocking, 
which really is gorgeous, I purchased two of these at his BIG SALE last month.

But there's so much more!

Cup and saucer in the Spode Christmas tree pattern.


A flameless candle that fits nicely in the Spode cup.


 Avintage inspired tinsel garland wreath ornament.



All these cool ornaments!

And we're not done yet!

A sweet porcelain angel pin...

 A Holiday CD Mix...

A fabulous Christmas card from their line of easel back cards
at Junk Exchange, made by Rod and Troy....

What a Giveaway!
Here's what ya do...

Head over HERE to Junk Exchange to enter.
Sign up to be a follower.
That's it! You could also leave the boys a comment l
etting them know how great you think they are, that never hurts!


The Fabulous Six Sisters are having a big ole
over at their blogs. Yep, both of 'em! ;-) 
I love 'em like a sister, and I've been assured that I'm an honorary triplet,
so head on over and say hi to the fam, will ya?

Here's just some of the loot they've got to share...



Super generous gift cards!


Tyler Co. Candle

and lots more!

Just head on over to the SIXiest blogs I know to enter!


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Sweetest of Sisters

I was born an only child, I think most of you know that.
I have often wondered through the years what form a sister might take...
Would she be wise and giving and loving?
Would she be faith-filled, inspiring and encouraging?
Would she be beautiful and talented and tireless?

If so, she would be my most beloved blogging sister
Debra of Common Ground.


Sweet Debra sent me a care package last week filled with love and work 
from her own hands, including the gorgeous handmade vintage ornament shown above. 
Just because. It wasn't my birthday, it was just what a sweet sister does when she is led of the Lord. 
And this particularly lady is most definitely led.

She has begun a bible study on her second blog, A Day in the Life
which is reaching hurting souls, those in need of healing, 
those whose faith might have grown cold, and those searching for answers. 
 Debra welcomes all, regardless of denominational affiliation.

Going back to the package she sent, Debra didn't just send an ornament, she also sent this...


She made me a simply stunning bejeweled necklace 
from a skeleton key and I am absolutely in love with it!
Yes, because  it is beautiful, 
but moreso because of the beautiful soul who thought to give it to me.

If you don't know Debra already, you need to. 
She will welcome you with open arms on either of her blogs, 
and best of all, she's someone who will say they'll pray for you and actually mean it!

Debra, I thank you so much, 
and I am proud to call you my sweetest of sisters!

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