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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Swirly Silver Sunday

It's been said that necessity is the mother of invention, so when I picked up this absolutely gorgeous swirly, Sheridan Silver candelabra at an estate sale yesterday, I knew that I'd better get inventive.

Why, you ask?

Broken. But still beautiful, just like my sweet little Frozen Charlotte head perched atop it.

Hey, I'm a junker, ain't no way I'm gonna let a little something like that stand between me and a badazz, tarnished silver treasure!

So I cozied up to my buddy Jason who is on the estate sale staff, and acting all cool and non-interested, I nonchalantly asked "How much for the broken old candelabra in the garage"?

I think he was on to me, so he said with a twinkle in his eye,
"For you? $4.50!"


I may solder the broken piece back on, or I may not...I happen to think Charlotte looks pretty killer right where she is.

Don't you?!

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And the lovely Jill at
is having a wonderful, Silver Sunday themed giveaway over at her blog!
She's offering one lucky winner one of her silver blackboard trays next Sunday, the 17th.

I've got my entry in, you be sure to do the same!

Friday, January 8, 2010

She's Got The Right Idea....

My sweet and insanely talented buddy Adrienne of The Flying Bee is taking her blog a slightly different direction these days. Through blogging, she has discovered an intense passion for photography, and is sharing many of her glorious, wordless images with us. I do hope you'll head on over and take a look, they really are quite stunning.

It's inspired me to reach back into some of my own photos, ones that I was perhaps too insecure to share with all of you before now. I have also found, quite unexpectedly, that I too am crazy about photography! I knew that I loved ( and lived ) to write, but this photography thing just sort of snuck up on me. I've been bitten, and like Adrienne, there's no turning back.

So, like sweet Adrienne, no words, just images; a few of my pics from the vaults...



 Thanks muchly for indulging me, and again, please head on over to Adrienne at
to see what truly awesome photography looks like!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Buster Welcomes You to White Wednesday

Welcome to White Wednesday, hosted by Kathleen at  Faded Charm.
And please say hello to "Buster", too.

Buster has been on lay-away at the posh antique shop downtown for a couple of weeks, and was anxious to get settled in his new home. He made the trek back with me to Casa de Twig just this afternoon.

I had admired him for several months, and each time I'd pop in the shop, would be relieved to find him happily perched in his regular spot...until one day a few weeks ago, when I was dismayed to find that my darling little boy was nowhere to be found! There was a new lady working the desk, and she had no idea where he was, nor had she even seen him prior. Saddened, I left and vowed to be a better follower of my own advice in the future....

This little pearl of wisdom that I designed is displayed on my side-bar. So why the hey didn't I listen to myself???  I'm tellin' ya, there's no regret quite as bittersweet as the one you feel when you pass up that one special something that just speaks to you. You try to rationalize that you don't need it, that the price is bound to come down, that it'll still be there next week.
T'ain't always so. Sometimes, you miss the boat altogether.
But other times.....

You get a second chance!

Turns out Buster had been relocated by the owner, and after inquiring as to who purchased him, I was happily made aware that he was still available and was simply hiding, as capricious young lads are wont to do.

He had actually belonged to the owner himself. He had purchased him in England many years prior, and had carried him in his lap all the way back home to the US on the plane! I asked what he had named him, and was shocked to hear that he didn't have a name.
And that was when I knew.

Buster had never really, truly belonged to the kindly owner of the antique shop.
True, he had discovered his young charge and had transported him safely overseas those many years ago.
But to have never named him? How could that be?
I am a firm proponent of anthropomorphizing those "objects" which speak to your heart...of giving a name to that which calls out to your senses and provides you with delight, with enchantment, with wonder.

That was when I knew that Buster had always been intended for me.

He has a proper name, but he has yet to reveal that to me.
He has shared that Buster is his nickname, and that's how he prefers to be addressed until he gets a bit more settled. I told him to take as long as he likes, and to make himself comfortable. He has a forever home now, no more living on a shop shelf or in an overcrowded mall booth. Buster is here to stay.


He looks happy to be home, doesn't he?

Please visit Kathleen at Faded Charm for links to all the other White Wednesday participants.


Please pay a visit to Cindy at My Romantic Home, she graciously allows us to play Show and Tell each and every Friday on her lovely blog!

Monday, January 4, 2010

My Post-Christmas Shopping List, Vol. 1

That'd be me!
Junker Girl (or Grrrl) all the way.

But I'm not all-junk, all-the-time.
Sometimes I even break my hard and fast junk rule for awesomeness such as the kind shown below.
Behold, two things I needs real, real bad...

This was featured in the January '10 Anthro catalog which I received in the mail today. I can't quit looking at the bedding and getting all dreamy and swoony over it. Somebody slap me.
And also from the Anthro Home Collection...

The super girly and romantic
Why, if I had that, I'd stay in the shower so long I'd pucker up like a prune!

C'mon now, admit need these two lovelies, too!
Oh, I saw lots more that I lurve, but these two top my post-Christmas list.

Off to bed now, but instead of a before bedtime snack, I'm helping all of y'all out with your New Year's resolutions to cut back on sweets by providing you with yummy eye candy instead!
You're welcome.

Night All!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Silver Sunday at Fiona & Twig

Happy January 3rd, and welcome to the very first  
Silver Sunday Blog Party, hosted by Beth at Gypsy Fish Journal!

To quote Beth, on Sundays she invites us to "show off our glittered, glitzed, glammed, tarnished, shiny, treasured or freshly found silver treasures." Sounds good to me, so let's get started...

Nothing fancy, just a couple of my lovely, tarnished silver salt and pepper shakers. I've almost listed them in my Etsy Shop twice, only to reconsider and keep them all to myself. I know, I know, it's nice to share.  :-)

These are one of my most treasured silver serving pieces, my antique butter picks.
What's a butter pick, you say?
Well, they were used for lifting a pat of butter, and were most often used guessed it...butter pats.
The picks usually matched the other pieces of silver in the place settings, and many times, the very wealthy would have each individual butter pick in their inventory monogrammed. Not being one of the very wealthy myself, mine are instead adorned with hearts, the drama masks of tragedy and comedy, Greek mythological figures and several other unique designs.

I'm only giving you a little teaser of what's to come in the weeks ahead...I have LOTS of silver, and this post just serves to whet your appetite for the Sundays to follow.

Be sure to click on the photo below to visit Beth at Gypsy Fish Journal...she has links to all the other Silver Sunday participants!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Gratuitous Animal Cuteness

Me and my buddy Deb from Common Ground had a nice long chat on the phone this afternoon, and the talk turned to our wee little furry children.
It's been a while since I posted some blatantly gratuitous pet pics, and this post exists for no other reason than to make you go "ooooh" and "aaaah" and to getcha all warm and fuzzy all over.

First, the cat.


You've already met Winnie. She's pretty and she knows it. Gets away with bloody murder on pretty much a daily basis.

Yes, you Winnie.

Meanwhile, back on the farm, it's a dog's life...

As seen through the back door...



And so it goes.
Havok and Belle generally get along pretty well. He's the looker on the left, and has the absolute sweetest disposition of any canine on the planet. Belle has jealousy issues, so she tends to act out when she thinks he's getting any extra attention, which is what happened the other day during our first snowfall of the year.

It was only a light dusting, but the dogs were super excited. After all, they're Huskies! These babies had never seen snow! Anyway, I rushed outside with my camera to snap a shot of my husband with the dogs, guessed it. The combination of the excitement of the newness of snow mixed with Havok getting extra attention caused Belle to act out, and she picked a fight with her little brother. It ended the way it usually ends, with sweet Belle the bully getting the fuzzy end of the lollipop, and Havok reluctantly being forced to defend himself. She always comes out on the losing end, but bless her stubborn heart, she never learns!

This is the only pic I managed to get, and it's of Mr. Twig tending to Belle's ear after Havok nipped it in self-defense.

I know she asked for it, but just look at that sad little "Ouch dad, my ear hurts" face!
She's fine now, and has lived to pick on Havok yet another day.

Thanks for indulging my warm and fuzzy side this evening.
Now go give your fur babies a hug and a nuzzle!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Extolling the Virtues of Etsy...and a Wonderful Giveaway!

So how's the New Year treating you thus far?
I've been working 12 hour shifts at the hospital the past two days, and thankfully, there's been a minimum of holiday hospital drama. Those of you in health care will know exactly what I'm talking ER full of hunters shooting themselves or each other, drunken driving mishaps, people who ate too much at the holiday meal mistaking heartburn for The Big One, and just generally all manner of holiday induced weirdness. An hour left to go in my shift, so I'm starting to perk up a bit.

You may have noticed how I've subtly (hehehe) inserted pics of my Etsy listings here.
You haven't? Well, by all means, let me call them to your attention!
I've been an Etsy seller now for a couple of months, and truth be told, I'm enjoying that far more than having a booth. Which was actually a huge surprise to me, but on further reflection, not so much.
Things you may not know about me, but have long suspected...

I am a ginormous control freak.
I am a worry-wart.
I have an OCD streak a mile wide.

An Etsy Shop allows me to maintain greater control over my product and my brand, in how I market and choose to present myself and my wares, and actually provides me with a greater sense of creative expression via my photography and photo editing and my listing descriptions.

Don't get me wrong, I love having a booth, but let's get real....I live 25 miles away from the shop, so I don't just pop in several times a week just to foof ( © VRS ) my booth or to straighten up the mess created by those seemingly incapable of putting something back where they found it.
Ya see??? My control freak and OCD tendencies in full bloom!
But with Etsy? My pretties sit right there in my house until I lovingly package them up and ship 'em out. If I decide I don't like the listing photos, all I've gotta do is set up my photo station and shoot some more. I can tweak the wording on my listings to possibly appeal to a different demographic, or add more tags so that I can be discovered by a whole new audience.
But in my booth?
An item can sit and sit and then sit some more until I pop back into town to dust it off.

So bottom line, I heart Etsy big-time, and if you're one of those folks who've always wanted a booth but just haven't gotten one for whatever reason, I would encourage you wholeheartedly to give Etsy a try. It's nothing like eBay, so I wouldn't let a sour experience there hold me back. And there are lots and lots of us bloggers here who are also Etsy sellers, and would be more than happy to help you out! I know I would!

Speaking of Etsy, take a look at three of my most recent purchases...

Is that not the sweetest thing? I haven't received it yet, but I already have a primo spot already picked out!
I purchased it from fellow blogger and Etsy-ian Cathy at Treasured Heirlooms. Be sure to visit her wonderful Etsy Shop, New England Vintage.

I'm also waiting on this ridiculously cute little change purse to arrive...

Made from a beef flavor ramen noodle package covered in vinyl and lined with felt. Zipper closure to hold everything inside.
100% Made of Win as far as I'm concerned!

And then this...

I've been looking for a stamp set forever, and this one fit the bill perfectly!
So I'm not only an Esty seller, I'm also a customer, too!

Wanna know who else is an Etsy seller?
Why, that would Michelle of Vintage Junky, you can visit her awesome shop right HERE.

She is celebrating her 100th Post, and is having an incredible giveaway to celebrate!

One of these two fabulously lovely Grain Sack Pillows can be yours just for dropping by Michelle's blog and following her easy breezy steps to win! Click HERE to enter, and be sure to tell her Anne sent ya!

One more from the Etsy Files, then I'm outta here...

All you Texas Longhorn fans, be sure to visit my friend Stephanie's brand new Etsy shop,
She creates gorgeous hand crafted bows and beanies for the wee lil' girly girl in your life!

Those are her two daughters, aren't they precious?
She has sold TONS of bows and beanies locally, and even though she only has the UT bow listed as of now, she will be adding many more of her wonderfully crafted creations in the days to come.

In conclusion, let me take this opportunity to once again wish each and every one of you the Happiest of New Year's!
Stay safe and warm, and have a great weekend!

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