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Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Seed Box in Warrenton

When I made my now twice-yearly trek to 
Antique Week in Warrenton / Round Top
a couple of weeks back, I promised you lots of pictures.

And I am more than happy to make good on that promise with yet another
post featuring another fabulous Warrenton dealer!

Welcome to The Seed Box Antiques, Warrenton branch...

{click all pics twice to super-size}

Based in Chadwick, Missouri, Brian and Meloney Russell
are veterans of Antique Week,
yet they bring something new and fresh with each visit.

I like to call their style effortless, fresh, farmhouse chic,
and after viewing these images,
I think you will agree.

It was top priority for me to track down these innovative folks,
as I missed them the two previous times I was here...and let me tell you,
they did not  disappoint.
See for yourself...

 And this dapper gent?

That would be Brian himself, one half of the genius
behind this amazing space!
He's actually on my iPhone here
talking to  Debra of Common Ground!

To see more, please be sure to visit

And remember, there's LOTS more Warrenton pics and posts yet to come!
Yep, it's the gift that just keeps on giving.  :-)

Happy Thursday!

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Vintage Inspiration Friday.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Christie's Enchanted Cottage...Warrenton, Part 3

I'm continuing my posts on Antique Week in Warrenton
with a return visit to one of my absolute favorite ladies
of the entire show...

the beautiful, talented, generous, wonderful
Christie of Sommerfeld Place.

She's located just within earshot of both
Renck and Zapp Hall, and without fail...
year in, year out...she has some of the best displays
and merchandise to be found anywhere.

I absolutely love her as a person, and as a fellow dealer,
I have the utmost respect for Christie and her amazing skills.

So whattaya think?
Shall we enter Christie's little white cottage of wonder?

And the beautiful lady responsible for all this ethereal loveliness?

There she is!

Last year at the Spring shows...I was there selling as a dealer...
I tried to make a daily run to Christie's amazing cottage.
I shopped and gabbed and just admired her stunning handiwork.
And even though I tried my best, I didn't convince her to start a blog.
Double shoot!

Anyway, once I returned home, I did a feature post on Christie,
and you can find it right here.

When I entered Christie's space a couple of weeks ago,
I was immediately drawn to this gorgeous Madonna on the left...

But I was mindful that we were there to see old friends and snap pics, for the most part.
Money is a wee bit tighter these days, what with the new house and all.

So I resigned myself to only admire The Blessed Mother from afar.


But now I have to brag just a bit...(hope you don't mind, Christie!)

Before I left her cottage, Christie told me to close my eyes
and hold out my hands, and what do you think she did???

She GAVE  her to me!
I was speechless and practically in tears.

There's Mr Twig holding her right there...

And here she sits at our new home...

Thank you Christie, you surely blessed this Catholic girl's socks off!

If you find yourself anywhere near Warrenton or Round Top
for the Spring 2011 shows,
please make it a point to visit my friend, Christie.
And tell her I said hello, by all means!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

A dilemma

I am at a crossroads right now
and I'm seeking your input.

I absolutely love having an antique mall booth,
but lately....

Well, lately it's been neglected.
Sadly, badly neglected.

My heart right now is elsewhere...

Here, to be exact.
Big surprise to uhhh, no one, right?

And I don't know if you know this about me,
but if I can't give something my all, if I can't give it 110%, then I'd rather not do it.

I've had to face a sad, harsh truth the past couple of months,
as I've juggled
a full-time job,
a household,
getting one house ready to sell,
getting another house ready to move into,
finding time to blog,
and having an antique mall booth...

My new truth?

I'm not Wonder Woman.
Although  I do  look fetching in the bracelets, I ain't her.  ;-)

And something's gotta give.

Because my heart?

It's here.

I've been debating giving up my booth for some time now,
but I really think it might be time.

And in many ways, it feels like a failure, but I know that it shouldn't.

I've consistently done well in my space,
but as my other responsibilities have increased exponentially,
I haven't devoted the time to keep my booth well stocked or fresh,
and believe me, it shows!
Everything fabulous that I buy these days
goes straight to the new house.
Heck, I've even been stealing cool stuff
from my own booth to fix up the new house with!

Like I said, if I can't do it right....well, you know the rest.

And the hard part is that I really do love my mall owners.
They are wonderful people, and I feel like I'll be letting them down, too.

But here's where the silver lining shows up.  :-)

If I do let go of my booth,
once we finally get moved in, get our current home sold,
and things settle down a bit,
I have big plans to re-enter the antique dealer business with a vengeance!

I will re-open my Etsy shop.

I may get another booth in my current mall, if one is available
( and if they would have me back ).

I may investigate getting a booth in Fredericksburg,
the new town we will be living in.
My current booth is in another town,
and this has sometimes presented challenges.

I may set up at Fredericksburg Trade Days, a monthly mini-Canton.

I may have occasional sales at the new homestead in one of our barns.

I may just do NOTHING for awhile!
THAT actually sounds like the most appealing option of all.
Oh, except to shop, and post all my fabulous finds right here, of course!

I also have some top secret plans brewing to take my photography,
my absolute passion right now, to another level.
Stay tuned for breaking news, just around the corner...

So that's where I sit this fine Sunday, October 3, 2010.
I haven't made any definitive decisions yet,
but I do know which way I'm leaning.
I'd love to hear your  thoughts, of course!

Back to work, and wishing each of you a very Happy Sunday!

More Warrenton posts coming next week!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Needful Things, Indeed

I was inspired to title this post after a comment I received from
Debbie on one of my recent posts...

I was showing and telling about my recent finds, and  
a fellow blogger wisely pointed out that these were
not wants, but rather needful things.

Not sure if Mr. Twig would agree,
but here I am, back with more to share!

My first find...
A vintage siphon / seltzer bottle!
I know I say this about everything  {grin} but I really HAVE
been looking for one of these forever.
Scored at a local resale shop for waaaaay less
than what they're asking anywhere else.

And nabbed from a church rummage sale...

My third (and I think best) vintage typewriter.
Love it!

This darling little pitcher set me back a buck at a local resale shop.

And this one?

Fifty cents!

Wanna see what another dollar will get ya?

A mini Ironstone type pitcher, and this one even has crazing!

Loving this sweet little wire basket I scored for fifty cents at a garage sale.

And finally, I just had to share this find with you...

I discovered these seat cushions at Tuesday Morning last week, and I'm thinking
that the ticking side will look just marvy here...

The beauty part of all of this is that NOTHING was found in Warrenton during Antique Week,
but rather all at local thrift shops, resale stores or rummage sales!
And all at rock bottom prices, too.

So ya see? If you can't make it to any of the big mega antique shows,
there are still ample treasures to be found locally, you just have to be persistent.

Thanks for looking, and before I sign off and wish you a happy weekend,
I just want to thank you all for your prayers for my friends earlier today.
They read my blog fairly regularly, so I know they will be touched
by the outpouring of love.

Have a great weekend!

Linking with My Romantic Home

Please Pray...

The owners of my antique mall,
really lovely people who I consider to be friends,
have had a family tragedy hit this week, 
and I would be grateful if you could keep them in your prayers.

Life can be shockingly, alarmingly short...
Please don't take it for granted.

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord.
And let perpetual light shine upon them.
May their soul, and the souls of all the faithful departed,
through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

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