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Friday, August 28, 2009

All I want for Christmas.... this~

Discovered this in the back room
of a favorite vintage shop yesterday afternoon.

Papeterie, French for "a box used to hold stationery and other writing materials".

It's all there....the ink wells, the stamp pad, the pen.
There are writing papers just behind the stamp pad, too.

Have you seen anything more glorious than this lately?
I myself have not.



Rebecca said...

It is so nice to meet you, thanks for the kind comment you left on my post.
That little desk is amazing - do they have layaway or something you can buy it on time if you can't right now? I would snatch it up in a second :) Seems all the best stuff is in Tx...
So you are opening a shop? Where - What - When?
My best to you

Anne Lorys said...

Hi Rebecca,
Lay-away would be the way to go, I agree. Still, I'm trying to rationalize not getting this by reminding myself that I'm saving up for Warrenton and Round Top next month.

The shop will be named Fiona and Twig, I'll be carrying vintage, antique, industrial...found treasures, basically. I'll be located in the Kerrville/Comfort/Fredericksburg area, looking towards an early 2010 launch.

Thanks so much for dropping by!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Hi Anne, the picture you asked about, the 2nd one, is actually fishing/minnow baskets. Aren't they cool, they do sort of look like wire mannequins, right. Have a great weekend, T

Junk Exchange said...

anne - i love this .. love the lining, which i suppose is wallpaper? - love the little bottles .. i will hope for an unexpected windfall for you this week so you can at least place it in lay-a-way..looking forward to meeting you in warrenton .. troy

Anne Lorys said...

Thanks Troy!
And I prmose that if I DO get a windfall that I'll share it with you!
I think that the lining was some sort of wallpaper. I'm going back to "visit" it this week, hehe.
Yep, see ya in Warrenton!


Anne Lorys said...

Minnow baskets?? The creativity is mind boggling. Thank you!!!


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