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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

mon petit chat

This is my diva-esque cat, Winnie.
She's soaking up a bit of sun in a chair
by the dining room window, looking every bit the still life subject.

My fledgling shop, fiona and twig, is named after two other cats,
both female, both calicos, both long since gone.
My friends have asked me "Why the name fiona and twig?
Will you be selling items FOR cats?
Cat knick knacks for grannies with fanny packs?"

No to both, she answered ruefully.

I have just always found myself fascinated by the fierce,
independent spirit so nobly embodied by felines.
My husband, a dog person to the core,
is perplexed by the feline nature,
never having lived with a cat prior to marrying me two years ago.

And he thought he was only getting ONE
opinionated female when he swore filial loyalty to me.
Guess we fooled him.


Anonymous said...

Go Texas!! Go Anne!! If we continue the trend Texas is just going to become the Mecca of antiquers and junk collectors all over the world. We all live within driving distance from each other so that is such a blessing. Good luck with blogging and your store. Marta

Anne Lorys said...

Preach it, Texas Sista!
You're right, such a wealth of riches at our fingertips. Fredericksburg, Comfort, Boerne....heading up to Austin for the City Wide Garage Sale in a couple of weeks, then to Round Top later in September. And to think, I STILL haven't made it up to Canton!!! The horror, the shame!!! ;-)

Debra@CommonGround said...

Hi Anne, welcome to blogging, I'm new also, and I can say without a doubt, that my life has changed for the better by being a part of this community. I am a fellow feline lover, so come by my blog when you can for a visit. Best wishes on your shop!

Anne Lorys said...

Hi Debra!
I knew that I had exhibited uncommonly good taste when I became a follower of your blog last week!

It's a great bunch of people here in blogland, so supportive and encouraging. That really helps when the fears and doubts start to creep in.
All the best to you, too. Love your blog!


Brenda said...

Fiona and Twig, I LOVE that name.
Good luck on your shop.

Anne Lorys said...

Thank you, Brenda! :-)

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