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Friday, September 4, 2009

Introductions are in order....

I've never truly felt that I had a junking day
where the junk gods were smiling upon me. 
My junker GPS always seems to direct me towards
the overpriced or the not-quite-right.
Oh sure, I've had days where I've found remarkable treasures,
but never at such a steal that I was positively giddy with delight. Until today.

Meet Jules....

As I muster up courage to move forward with my plans
to get a store space/booth, priority number one has been
trying to build up my inventory. I've been in search of
vignette backgrounds and display objects,
but I absolutely refuse to pay upwards of $50 for
chippy old screen doors and windows.
I mean, I know that things like that are pretty much a staple in vintage shops, but still....

Today is proof positive that the very best finds
are often stumbled upon purely by accident.

Discouraged from finding nothing of interest at several thrift stores,
I took a turn off the beaten path and found
a store I never even knew was the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store,
and it promises to be a never ending source of junky goodness for the forseeable future!

Row after row of chippy doors, windows, shutters, plumbing. And all for next to nothing!

I spied this huge rustic window screen lounging against a far wall
and almost keeled over when I viewed the price tag:
I was pricing these just last week in the antique malls,
and it was impossible to find any for less than $30.
Score one for the virtue of patience, something I'm not commonly known for.

The next row over, I came across these chippy white window screens for $6. Double score!!

These babies will be the perfect backdrop 
for some killer vignettes I have in mind.

But back to Jules.

It's a male form, but I'm sorta thinking I'm gonna 
androgynize (is that a word?) him up a bit. 
Add some pearls, some vintage millinery. He'll look dashing.
True, I've primarily been searching for female dress forms, 
but hey, for $20, I'll take a fella home with me instead, no problem! 
Uhhh, wait, that didn't come out right....  ;-)

The staff at the store said that in all their years of operation,
this was the first time they had acquired dress forms.
Turns out a lady who runs an antique shop
about 30 miles up the road was clearing out her garage
and donated about 20 to the shop....on the very same day I stumbled upon
this trove of treasures...purely by accident.

Or was it? I'm thinking that maybe those benevolent junk gods
were actually trying to quell my fears and guided my path
to this newfound nirvana. You know, to assure me that my
junking radar is spot-on and to embolden me to press on with plans for my shop.

Welcome home, Jules!


bikim said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and writting a lovely comment. I've been checking on your late posts and ... you have a lovely blog. i admire your strengh!!! i would also like to start my own business, but have done nothing yet! Something only on old white portuguese and european white linens. wish you luck! enjoy your wk,
Rosa from Portugal

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

See take that as another confirmation that you are your road to make your dreams come true. I'll be at City Wide tomorrow in Austin, was wondering if you'll be there?

Mindy said...

Suweeeet! A great find, both the store and what was in the store. Yee haw! ~Mindy

Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

Girl, love your finds... and those white screens are perfect!!! Congrats on the booth space, you are going to have a blast!! Tootels, Janna

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