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Monday, September 14, 2009

Thrift Store Bonanza....or how my dog offered himself up for the greater good

I don't know about you, but at the tippy-top
of my list of things I don't want to hear at 6am Monday morning is this:

"Honey, you're gonna have to take the dog in to the vet...he had an encounter with a porcupine."

Oh no he di'int.

Hubby would've been more than happy to take him in 
as he has done before, but he was due at school bright and early (physics teacher), 
plus I was off work today. Fair enough. Still, it sucked. 
I had been up until 2am working on the booth and the blog, 
and I had serious brain fuzz going on. You want me to do whaaaaa? 
Handsome husband bid me farewell, and off I went into town.

Got to the vet's office at 8am sharp and dropped off our boy Havok,
who actually came out pretty well, all things considered.
He only had about a dozen quills, which is not bad at all,
if you know how bad it can be. No? You say you don't?
Google "pit bull vs porcupine", but only if you have a strong constitution.

Dropped the dog off with time to kill, 
so I did what any good junker would do: I hit the thrift stores. Yeah, baby!

First up was my fave consignment store 
where I unearthed this sign that I had somehow, 
inconceivably, missed on all my prior visits.

Could you not just DIE?

This baby is gonna (now and forever) have a "NFS" tag on it! 
It's big, about 3 1/2 feet tall and 2 1/2 feet wide. 
I plan on lugging this puppy with me wherever I hang my proverbial shingle.

As if that weren't fab enough, I hit the junking lotto 
with a series of finds that were only $1 each.

The bell: $1
The silver serving pieces: Two for $1
The hatbox? A DOLLAR! I mean, look at those colors! 
How could a day so wrong turn out so, so right???
Bless Havok's heart, had he not taken one for Team Fiona & Twig, 
who knows where these gems might've ended up?

Still no call from the vet, so I ran a few blocks over to Salvation Army. 
Now I usually can't find anything there of interest, 
but the junking gods tossed me a bone (sorry, more bad dog puns) 
and revealed more swell loot and swag.

Badminton rackets, 99¢ each.

Since I've been wigging about wall decor for my booth,
I saw some primo potential in these.

Sconces. Going, going, gone for a George Washington each. I may paint these.

Nifty wicker thingamajigger. What do you s'pose it was?
Check out the pocket sized Flemish art I scored, too.

Sweet little bird (quail?) on silver serving tray.
Second verse, same as the first....a buck.

An interesting bit of framed ephemera....
a speech Herbert Hoover gave to Wilmington College in 1948.

Large wicker basket for $3.

Best of all....a puppy healed and whole again? PRICELESS.

Happy Monday, Y'all!
~ Anne


Debra@CommonGround said...

Glad the pup is OK, yipes!...that could have been a "stick-y" visit. And what a better way to kill some time. I just love seein' your "junk" today. I've decided it's not how you find it, but what kind of "fabulous" you can do with it! (words I plan to live by)

Mindy said...

Poor Havok! Yeah, you! I love the bird and of course, the sign is GREAT! The green thing? A towel holder in the powder room, perhaps. Great haul! ~Mindy

decorator to the stars said...


Carole said...

Poor doggy glad he's ok. I have seen that goggle picture and it almost doesn't look real but I'm sure way to real for the dog.
Boy after seeing all your goodies I was going to say I need to move near you! but then I read down and you said it's been the hottest summer yet and no rain. Yicks....I do like my rain and my cooler NE I'll have to come visit in the winter. My dream is to go to Round Top with my junking friends....maybe someday if the Junk Gods bless me! LOL

(found) vintage 101 said...

Well so glad your pup is ok! It's scary when those things happen my 12pd baby was attacked recently by a groundhog. (Not a pretty sight) but he is now fine. Love your "finds" And good luck with your 1st booth I know you will do well. It's an exicting time....Good Monday Rhonda

BeccaRoo said...

Aww man, Dustin wanted to know if you guys tock pictures of it. Defiantly a story to tell but does sounds like something he would do. Hope he is doing better.

The Green Pea said...

Glad the PUP is home. The wicker thing, a towel holder? You found a lot of great things. sandi

Unknown said...

Hi Anne,
Thanks for dropping by my blog! It was sweet of you to leave a comment. I love all your thrifty finds! You got some amazing deals! I'm excited about your new business and wish you all the luck in the world. Just wish I lived closer!!


Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings... said...

Poor dog!!!... thanks for stopping by girl! your thingamajig is for sure a hand towel holder for "Le Bath". Used to have one! yourself some cute treasures...great antique sign for sure!!! Waiting to see your spot all open and ready for business, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

bj said...

O, Anne...what treasures you did find, girl!! I am thinking that little wicker cutie is a guest towel holder but...I wouldn't swear to it. Just looks like one to me.
Thanks so much for coming by my place. I also love YOUR blog and intend to follow you so I won't lose you in this hugmongus blogland.
So so glad your dog is ok now...bless his heart.
Please come by to see me often...
and...I may just use your cute blog for PINK SATURDAY..we have been asked to mention a new blog or a "new to me" blog . If I do, I sure will let you know so you can see it....ok?
xo bj

Carole said...

Oh my gosh...poor thing!
I also have a siberian huskey...mines red with blue eyes and he is 18 1/2 years old yes you read that right!!!

Love your blog, Carole

Dixie said...

Anne... thanks for stopping by French Lique today and leaving your comment about the rain in Dallas. I like visiting Dallas, but I wouldn't want to live there again. We live in a small town east of San Antonio so we really are neighbors.

Congrats on your booth in Kerrville. I just opened my own booth in Geronimo August 1st, so I completely understand your enthusiasm! Good Luck... I hope I get a chance to get to Kerrville before the holidays this year!

hugs. Dixie

The Green Pea said...

Thank you for stopping in and for your kind comment. Ten years ago I rented a booth and had to have the owner price my treasures. You are in the most wonderful State for shopping and selling antiques. Rent space for a while and if you love it, go for it. Get your own place. I will be peeking in to see your posts. Blessings, sandi

Brabourne Farm said...

So glad your darling pooch is over his horrible ordeal! What a fabulous collection of treasures you managed to find in such a short time - I'm envious. Leigh

Rust: Vintage Inspired Design said...

Just saw your post on the JMS site and wanted to check out your blog......looks great. I will come back and visit. (Can't sign up to follow as something is with my follow option yesterday and today and it is just showing blank everywhere I go). Anyways, nice to meet another junker!!!

Lorena said...

Good to hear the dog's fine :D

The green wicker thing is probably a towel holder, but it reminded me of some holders I saw at Ikea the other day -- for scarves and neckties. It's probably too short for the neckties but not the scarves. I don't know why I'm imagining Spanish Moss hanging from it, along with flowers intertwined with the moss, for a centerpiece on a buffet table. What do you think?

The House Creative said...

Great score at the thrift store! Love your finds. Glad to hear your pup is better. Sounds like he was a bit to curious about that porcupine! I had a dog eat a bee once.. that was interesting. She looked like a platypus for 2 days!

2sisters said...

Way to take one for the thrifting team! I stopped by to drop off some stuff to the trift tonight, and of course I had to go in. I left with an entire cart full! ugh!
teri @

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

My Husky looks very much like yours ~ only she's a she. Thankfully, we don't have porcupines here; she just chases the rabbits. Love your finds! That wicker stand looks like a towel holder. I'd like to try and hit our Goodwill this weekend. I've never been and I'm so afraid they will have nothing like I've seen others find.

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Great find - I love the rackets!

Jane B. said...

Oh my goodness those finds are super fabulous! You totally scored! Love the sign, the racquets, the bird... great job! Thanks for linking up to Frugalicious friday, I hope your having fun, I know I am!

Jane @ Finding Fabulous

deborah said...

Happy to see your puppy looking so good! LOVE the antique sign. I completely understand the NFS. Somethings are just not negotiable! gREAT post!

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

Cute pup!!! My favorite find is the hat box. You scored!!!

Funky Junk Interiors said...

Great finds!! That thingamajigger I think is a thing to hold hand towels. I think?!? Heehee!

How cool that you can buy and buy cuz you're just gonna sell and sell anyway. Love that biz appeal... hmm.. :)


Catherine @ van Breugel Design said...

You are so lucky to find that sign! It is truly amazing, I wouldn't part with it either. I love all your finds!
I hit a pretty good sale this weekend too, I'll post photos soon!
Also congratulations on your booth, if I ever get to Texas I'm coming straight there.

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