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Saturday, April 10, 2010


As opposed to where, you might be asking?
Good question.
This post is going to start with a few disclosures, which may or not take the shape of a discombobulated rant. Hang with me, it'll become cohesive by posts end. At least I'm hoping.

For the past 15 or so years, much of my life has been lived online.

In the mid to late 90s, I converted to Catholicism.
Around the same time, I purchased my first computer, and the very first thing I typed into the search engine was "Catholicism".
The woefully inadequate catechesis I received from my RCIA program was supplemented by the many wonderful Catholic resources I was able to find online. Hooray for cyberspace!

Fast forward a few years.

Frustrated by the lack of like-minded dating prospects in my geographical area, I gave online dating a try.
Yes, I'm one of those people.  ;-)
At the behest of a friend, I placed a profile on, making sure to keep my faith and pre-reqs for a mate front and center, as I was wary of the sort of Pervy Pete's you read about in all those cautionary tales out there.

One day later, I had received many, many contacts, but one stood out from the crowd.
Online, he went by a variation on the name Christopher Robin from Winnie the Pooh.
Today I call him husband.

Again, a big huzzah for the net!

This time last year, I had a somewhat fuzzy notion of what a blog was, but had never read one, much less given thought to starting my own.
I think we all know how THAT has turned out, right?

Initially, the purpose of this blog was to document my journey into becoming a shopkeeper, with all the twists and turns and obstacles and little victories along the way.

So I went to Warrenton.
I was inspired.
I opened my first booth in an antique mall.

About three months into the journey, I discovered Etsy, and amidst much fear and trepidation, opened my Etsy Shop.
And I think I did pretty well, actually! I've achieved 70+ sales since November, and although it's an awful lot of work to list, photograph, pack and ship, I've still found it to be both financially and artistically gratifying.

Did somebody say financially?
Yep, that'd be me.

I found that things I thought were awesome and killer were sitting and sitting and collecting dust in my booth, month after month.
Without fail, I'd pull something from my booth, list it on Etsy, and within days, it would sell...only confirming my deeply held belief that if only somehow, some way, all my bloggy friends could make it to my booth, I'd have booth sales out the wazoo.

You know what they say, if the mountain won't come to Mohammed...

To be fair, it wasn't anybody's fault.
Pardon my language, but the economy sucks.
Booths and shops are hurting all over, and honestly, my upstairs location in the mall wasn't doing me any favors.

Decision time.

I wrestled with whether to just give up my booth altogether, and some months, I wasn't even making the rent. And why would I? I was putting all my best stuff on Etsy, what the heck did I expect???

Around this time, there were rumblings that I was in line for a coveted, first floor spot, so I decided to just hang on and see how things played out.

By the time I knew I was headed to Warrenton to sell, I also knew that I would be moving into that prime piece of downstairs real estate, so here's where we finally get to the point of this post.
Still with me?

Confession time:

I'm suffering from Etsy Ambivalence.

I can't seem to find the motivation or the inspiration to re-open my Etsy Shop, and here's why.

Conventional wisdom dictates that a downstairs booth equals much more foot traffic and visibilty, which should translate into more sales. And so far, this has proven to be the case.
Given this irrefutable fact, why on earth wouldn't I give it a fair shake and place the very best of my wares into my booth...give 'em a chance to sell, to see if the old adage location, location, location REALLY is the case?

Now in a perfect world, I would do both...have an Etsy shop AND a booth. And work my full-time job as a therapist, manage a household and solve world hunger. And all of that would be before lunchtime on a slow day for me.  ;-)

But, being only a mere mortal, something has had to give, and for now, that something is my Etsy shop. It's on vacation mode until further notice.
I'm choosing to live more in the "real" world for a season, and to see how my wonderful Warrenton wares will be received in my own neck of the woods.

Have I made the right choice? I won't know the answer to that for a few more months, but that's the direction I'm headed, and I do hope that all of you will weigh in on what YOU think about my decision.

I'd also love to hear from ladies and gents that have wrestled with similar situations and how you've handled things.
Share your struggles and little the end of the day, isn't that what blogging's all about?

And now it would be your turn.
Talk to me.


Junk Exchange said...

life is cyclical if nothing else .. that is what is so wonderful about the markets we have available today as opposed to say 20 years ago .. all we had was the real world then .. i go through the same thing .. right now ebay is not working for me .. allowing people to touch and feel things is ..seeing people face to face .. malls have never worked for me .. i don't really like people touching my stuff when i am not there to supervise ..i don't know how it would work were rod and i also working other jobs.. so i give you props for that ..luckily we have worked side by side since the day we met almost 22 years ago ..
love ya'

Hearts Turned said...

Sounds like a good decision, Anne--we all need to simplify our lives a bit--so much demands our attention. If this will give you a bit more peace in your busy life, I say do it! You can always re-evaluate later, right?!

But first...tell me about that beautifully embossed, pastel colored winter scene you showed a bit of...!

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

Sheila said...

Anne... I say whatever works is the best deciscion. I am for what makes me happy and sane, so I think this seems like a great choice for you. Have a great weekend.


Unknown said...

I've often wondered how you could work full time and do all that you've been doing as it is, so I say it's wise to make a decision to not reopen the etsy shop. You can alway reopen later if you change your mind. But for now, give it a try and see how it goes. Good luck to ya...but I think you're good at multi tasking. I wish I was more like you!

Have a great day!


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

For 3-1/2 years I did monthly sales- during that time I listed on ebay and etsy, but only those items that I knew would do better there. Now that I have given up my booth, and only do two or three major sales a year- I am listing a lot more on etsy. I am able to deactivate any item I want to take to a sale and then reactivate if it doesn't sell. I'm with you, though- if you have a full time booth, it is much easier just to set it up and let it sell. No listing or shipping, etc. I'd give it a shot and see what happens- your etsy shop is always there is you want it!

Anonymous said...

The good thing about an online shop is that you reach your customers 24/7. I know about all the hassel with photos & descriptions and shipping cause I had an online shop, which is currently down, and Hubby is stilllll writing the code for a new shop. :)

So what do I think? I'm a bit goofy, up here in the middle of the woods, decorating in shabby-chic French vintage-garden style. Most people up here have gun cases and moose heads, so online shopping and the UPS guy is a good thing for people like me.

If you are seeing enough sales with your shop, then sweet! All you can do is try it for a while and see how it all works out. Just keep blogging. I LOVE your style & your blog!!!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Go for it Anne. I think that is what your heart is telling you to try. I'm hoping to open an Etsy shop soon as a brick and mortar store scares me!! So just don't stop blogging as I would miss you so much! Etsy will be there if you need/want to return.

Leanne Shawler said...

I say: go you! You know what is important in your life and you know how many hours you have in a day. Trying to "do it all" burns you out... So, go you!

Dorthe said...

Yes Anne,
as a shopkeeper myself, producing, hunting ,selling you name it.......
I truly know how long time every little thing takes, and how tired I can be in the evening after closing my shop.
All the same I have had thoughts about making an Etsy shop, just did not come to that yet.
I think I will say like Linda: it is alwayes there if in some months you regret, I wish you all the best luck whatever you deside, dear friend.
xo Dorthe

VS said...

Greetings Miss Fiona & Twig,
I'm always last on any today I became another one of your fans!! The blog community always amazes me. It's so large when you think of it, with blogs from all over the world & yet it can seem like a sweet small town at times. Looking at other blogs recently, I've seen pics of you & your booth at round-up & feel as if we are already friends.
I too suffer from similar questions about my business. I've owned a SMALL baby boutique, antique & gift shop in my SMALL town, Crestline, CA, since 2005. I took a break in 2008 when the economy 1st started to crumble, but found I missed being a 'shop girl' too much. Ebay has changed so much since I 1st started selling. So many new store items are listed & it seems like everyone is only buying if your item is super cheap... so I haven't been doing much there lately. Etsy has just never panned out for me, but maybe that's my own lack of effort. I always want to give my shop the 1st chance to sell something, but just as you've experienced, the shop is suffering from this economy too. So the great big lightbulb over my head says...well honestly, I don't have a great big lightbulb...just a tiny air bubble, lol. I'm as confused as you are.
I do think this is a good time to evaluate our shops. Money is finally loosening up, home sales are going up & I believe, I hope, this summer will be awesome. There is something to be said for a Mom & Pop shop, for brick & mortar, for smiling faces of happy customers & sweet babes giggling in a shop. This is truly what America was built on...I LOVE main street USA!
On the block where my shop is there are 7 small business owners & all are women..that rocks! In a time when seasoned business men are hiding their heads in the sand, women entrepenuers are putting themselves out there, taking a financial risk & trying to help stimulate this economy. I really pray we can! I figure I will know by fall what the reality of my situation is, but until then I will be a shop girl & most importantly...I will be brave & believe!!
Best of luck sweet friend, smiles..

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

I am amazed at your internet stories, and very happy it has all worked out so well! :)
Good luck in the downstairs booth! I wish only the best for you now and in the future!
ps you know how much I love your blog and your writing!

stefanie said...

it is hard to have both...I do, I have my booth,which I really have been negleting, my online store, a small etsy, and lollishops...and baseball everynight with three my house is a pig stye, it is hard, but also hard to give up...I understand the confussion, good luck...I am no help at

red.neck chic said...

Well pretty lady...

I'm not sure what the answer is, but I feel sure that the less you have on your table and the more you have on your plate - the more manageable and fulfilling life is. Yeah - I don't even know where I got that one from. LOL I'm not a big cheerleader for Etsy just because I get lost on there due to so many purse designers. BUT! You rocked out on Etsy! BUT BUT! I know you will rock out as a shop keeper 'cause you're the rock and roll queen. Make YOU a destination... I'd come raid your space if I knew you were standing in it. And let's get you out in public (as your time allows) and try some barn sales, and Fiona and Twig sales! I'll be your manual labor.

And - I'm with Stefanie (well... only 1 kid) - but my house is indeed a pig stye. Mr. Flannery would be my rose in the land of hogs. LOLOL

Seriously though. Follow your heart - it got you here, and I think you're right where you are supposed to be in this moment.


Laurie said...

Honestly, I think the answers we wrestle with always come within us after we have taken it to God. Deep down, you know something must give, and I believe He has shown you what is best for you. You have invested a lot of time, money and energy into the new booth, and I say, you go girl! Just keep bloggong, cause we love to hear from you, Anne!!

I love the story about meeting Mr. F&T; he might prefer something else, but either way, he sounds like a keeper!

Blessings and huzzahs abound,

Kim from The Sheep's Nest said...

Hi Anne, The only advice that I can give is to be true to yourself. Do what feels right to you. Just because you try something one way doesn't mean that you can't change your mind later on. I will be opening a brick and mortar soon and have no idea in what direction it will take me, but it is a dream I've always. Just promise us you won't give up your blog! Ok, I guess if I just told you to do what is right for you I shouldn't be selfish and tell you to do what I want! Hugs,Kim

Laura said...

Dear Anne-

I know we don't know each other well, but in reading your post, several things reminded me of me.

When we can do it all, it is sometimes hard to walk away and not do so.

However, there comes a time when the tickling of a little idea comes to us, and we know it is time to not do it all. I think those are God thoughts.

Example: I never knew until I stopped working 'outside the home', how much time it really takes to care for a home, a yard, a faith, a husband, a friend, a hobby...

I thought I was doing all of those things (and I was to the best of the ability I could muster), plus I prided myself on people saying to me, "I don't know how you do all of that."

There is a 7 Habits principal that helps me when I remember to apply it. Loosely translated it is-

People say to take care of the golden egg, when actually I need to take care of the goose.

You already have your answer Miss Anne.
Isn't life cool when we have choices?

White Spray Paint

Nancy @ Live love laugh said...

Do what feels right for you-BUT don't stop showing us all your pretty shop things on your blog!! You may find the blogging world taking vacations to your Texas town! Hey, you could open a B & B in your free time...

Unknown said...

Wow! That's alot going on. For me something would have to give. The good thing about Etsy is it's there if you change your mind. I just opened mine and that was big for me. I'm learning alot, I have never had my own shop or anything like it. Change is good. Good luck.

The Smith Hotel said...

Hi Anne,
I opened my Etsy shop in November and moved into my first booth last month. My husband lost his job in January so I was trying to come up with a broader scoop to create more sales. I am a stay at home mom...I am trying to juggle it all and am finding I am spending every waking hour focused on my business...Dinner, laundry, grocery shopping has been handled by my hubby while he is looking for a job.....I still need to try to balance everything-just havent' figured it out yet. I ended up in bed on Easter with a swollen throat....I think my body was telling me to slow down. Took a few days off for spring break with the family and now I really need to make a time line of my day. I totally understand you taking a break from your Etsy does take loads of time to keep it going and growing. Good luck on your new booth is upstairs at our antique mall so we shall see if I get enough sales! I am so glad your hubby is such a great help~I know I couldn't do it without mine!
Thanks for sharing,

LaurieAnna's Vintage Home said...

Girl, we do both and it isn't an easy ride. My preference is always selling at the shoppe, but the online store is another outlet that has worked for us. So, even though it requires more energy than the physical location, the sales are there so we'll keep at it.

The most important thing is to find the thing that works for you. I know how much work an online store is and it has to work in your life.

All that said, remember that online stores take a while to build an audience and you've already done a great deal of that work. But, with your blog traffic and following, I think your etsy would take off like a rocket if you decide to open it again. In the end, just do what your heart tells you, life is short. But, make sure to keep that blog up and got that thing rockin!

That's my ramble for the weekend...~LA

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Anne:
Looks like all the girls pretty much have it covered already. Just know that, as one of your cheerleaders, I know that you'll follow your heart and the answer will come to you. We're here to support you any way we can. Thanks for the chronology of your endeavors (and sharing that you met your true love online! How cool is THAT?). I agree that you should post regular photos of your booth here and be willing to ship in the event that someone (me) finds something they HAVE to own!
Love you, girlfriend.

Lisa said...

Hi Anne,
First I have to say once again, your booth looks amazing. I'm sure you will be a huge hit in your new primo location! I know one thing for sure. We just can't do it all. We can try, but something will fall by the wayside & often it is ourselves. Our health & spirit. Having 4 year old kiddo's at home, I tried to do the booth thing, trade days, etsy, blog & be a mother & wife. Man, I was WORN out! What made sense for me was to sell exclusively online. In fact, I am opening a blog-shop any day. I love to create & teach, not having the responsibility of a booth gives me that time & I can still sell. Sorry you asked, huh? Everyone is different, just listen to your heart. If you have the passion you will be a success. Your already there friend! Lisa
PS Can't wait to have these talks in person!

Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...

I Loved Your post & All the Advise & Support everyone is giving You..... Just follow Your Heart ~ You can always Re-Open Your Etsy Shop in the future.... Just Vow to Never Stop Blogging, We Would Really Miss You......
Here's to a Wonderful, Productive & Happy Week

LuLu Kellogg said...

I agree with Cheryl can always re-open your Etsy shop later on.

Please make sure to keep Blogging though!!

My mirror came!!! It was meant to be mine..I am swooning over it!!!!!

Love you Anne!!

Theresa said...

Well, let's see Anne... I shop at these places all the time and I knew when I saw where you were that it was a great move. I don't however buy things on Etsy. It doesn't mean there aren't wonderful wares on there, just that I am a touchy/feely type of shopper. So, I can't shop at your booth because it is too far away... but I believe that you are gonna make a bunch of moolah:) Hugs to you and hope that helped. Follow your heart!

Sue (Vintage Rescue) said...

Etsy ambivalence may be what I'm experiencing. Right now I'm overwhelmed with the big-grrrl job and the larger booth. The booth is doing really well right now, so I don't feel the need to jam on etsy quite yet. What I've decided is what others have already mentioned: I'll put the stuff there that locals don't quite "get". For instance, ephemera and MMA items just don't move in my booth. Taking it online to the wide world of junkers and artists will be an easy decision—once I carve out some time. Any decision that brings you peace of mind and more time in the day is the right one! XOX

Six in One Hand said...

You know that no matter what you do.....I've got your back!!!!

I know how it feels to juggle sooo and out...everyday.
I hope that you can find that peace...that ebb and flow in your life that will make sense one day and be able to do it all.

Mammabellarte Rita Reade said...

Ciao Anne, yeh! I did slow down on etsy too. Haven't put new things, since it takes me FOREVER for one item. I love etsy and I have been purchasing few things more then e-bay but it's time that I could be spending soldering charms and selling them at the next market. I wish you well. Chat soon Rita mammabellarte

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Before I started blogging, I sold Victorian style crafts on Ebay , did local Craft Fairs and worked full time night shift!! Do I need to tell you what happened?? Burn out big time and then came some health issues. I walked away from everything but work because i am the majoer bread winner. I could do one or 2 days of overtime at work and make an incredible amount of money. But do I want to do that? NO!! So I hope to start to sell a little bit on Ebay and I will be doing 2 Craft fairs in the Fall that I usually do very well at. When crafting became a "job", it wasn't fun anymore. I do well at local craft fairs in one certain area and I am going to stick to that. Good Luck!!

Unknown said...

Hey Anne. I hope your having a nice week in your part of TX. The photos of your shop and items are absolutely gorgeous. You have such a wonderful touch. You're exactly right about the economy effecting every area of buying and I believe that people really are being so careful with their purchases and really want to see and touch right now.

I've missed you but been busy with MIL. Just remember you're never far from my mind.

Hugs and love, Tracy :)

my Grama's Soul said...

Good evening Anne....I'm really glad you have opened a "box" store and have focused your efforts on that. How could I ever come to see your store if you only sold on ETSY?

I'm comin' ro Texas in May and I will find you!!


Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Anne,
I find it somewhat stressful at times to manage booth a physical booth and an etsy shop
and as long as I am enjoying it then I will continue to do so.
It seems to me that you are juggling far more than humanly possible so, that being said, I think you have made the right decision.

Do what makes you happy so you will never lose the enthusiasm and creativity that brought you there in the first place.


Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

I say you have to give anything a fair shot. It's all trial and error and you will find where you 'belong'. It can be tough. I am still trying to find the best fit for me. Some days I just feel like giving up... can it really be this hard? I hope the hard work will pay off. I say you just have to give it a try or you will never know. Good luck with your new spot... I hope it is just what you need for your business!! :)


Anonymous said...

I think you should do what you are happiest doing. I am not going to say I am happy that you are closing the doors on your etsy shop (for now) because I'm not. I just found it. ; ( If I lived closer I'd be at your shop!
My experience says work smarter, not harder. I like using the internet; having no overhead, assessable 24/7 (as Zuzu noted) and to those I would never reach otherwise because they are so far away.
Wishing you much success in your latest business venture!


The French Bear said...

Anne, I agree with all of the comments. The new space may be the break you need, if you could do both that would be great.....I am sure you will do what needs to be done, follow your heart and know that I am here for you for sure!!! I will support you no matter what. I love following you on your adventures!!!
Margaret B

trash talk said...

I started the Etsy shop to help Jenn out, but I have to say I think it is a great big pain in the A$$! I've talked her into dropping it for the time being. I thought it would be a great way to get rid of the smalls that I'm tired of...but law...the work involved is just not worth the money. That said...if you like doing it, continue by all means. Just be careful that you don't take on so much that you get junker burnout. I've had this happen more than once when I'm trying to do too much.
I read somewhere on line that everything is easier when it's done with God's grace. That's how I look at it now. If it seems to flow, I know He wants me doing it...if I'm fighting it, it isn't to be. Does that make sense?
This is my job and I want to do it to the best of my ability. I've found I can't wear too many hats or something suffers...usually me!
You've got a wonderful full time job, perhaps you should just look at junking as a fun avocation and enjoy it.

AuroraSuzette said...

I'm struggling with similar decisions, and want to know which direction will be more rewarding, personally and financially for me. Now, for me as a shopper, with the little money I do have to spend, I like the tangible, touch it, see it kind best, and don't do much shopping on-line. I really like the personal contact. I think you have your answer in that you've let Etsy fade a bit. There's a vendor where I sell who regularly pulls items after 3 (I think) months and lists them on either EBAY or Craig's list. I know I'll look forward to reading about your choices, along with everyone else!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Anne,

What a lovely story, of Christopher Robin ending up to be your husband.
Glad that you have your wonderful booth downstairs, and I wish you well with this.
I say you can always go back to Etsy, if you feel so inclined. Life must be very busy for you with a full time job and then ~ Fiona and Twig Vintage Living. I hope all your dreams come true.

Happy weekend,

Debra@CommonGround said...

You've had some great advice from many more qualified than me. Loved what Laura had to say. You know me well enough to know that "stress-less" HAS to be my motto. If something is too much "work" it ceases to be beneficial to you, even if it is making money. Take some time for yourself and enjoy your honey. That's the important thing.
love ya bunches, I'm having phone withdrawal!

Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

Girl you are just a little burnt out thats all...... probably from making that darn booth look so fantastic!! I LOVE it! As for ETSY, just take you a little break the spark will ignite back in ya soon! It happens to us all from time to time! I am off to the mall to work for the day....see I am feeling like I just want to stay home in bed and look at NO Junk!! At least Monday is my day of! Big NC hugs! Janna!

Peridots Garden Blog said...

Hi Dearest Anne!

Wow ! Your post is powerful, I sat back and thought about how my life fits within the scope of Etsy and the Land of Blog...

Etsy...I get lots of looks...but no sales as of yet...however I can't complain...all of the jewelry and more was and is just stored away...a hobby gone banker says give it 2 years to fly...(I wonder is that the same timetable as "pigs flying"?

The Land of Blog for me is an opportunity to connect with incredibly kind individuals whose talents run the gamut of artistic definition!

I am VERY shy...oh I love to meet and chat with people out and about...but to show my jewelry face to's just too difficult for me...probably the fear of I know I couldn't do an art show or craft mall.

Your journey is very interesting, God's got his hand on your shoulder but only lightly because He knows you have the ability and fortitude to choose the path that's right for you and your dear hubby AND STILL CONQUER WORLD HUNGER BEFORE LUNCHTIME.

I re-read my comment...looks like a lot of ramblin! Sorry, hope you can decipher the meaning between all the words.

Thank you for visiting my blog and your beautiful comments!

Oooops....Lovin' the photos of your shop and all your goodies! You're right...if I were near you...I'd be spending a lot of time and money in your shop!



Alicia ~ time worn style said...

Hi anne, I have been in EXACTLY the same situation as you with an antique booth AND an ebay store. I too used to take the best stuff out of my shop to put on ebay and lo and behold make three times as much online (much bigger customer base). Eventually I ended up closing my antique booth because i really only made the rent and not much else to show for it and it didnt have a lot in it. Ebay suits me cause I can work from home, look after the kids and work flexible hours. Sure its up and down but a steady income. I eventually hope to open my own shop (and not rent a space in someone elses shop) and have the best of both worlds. I think you are doing the right thing at the moment, if you have a prime spot you should do really well I reckon!!

littlethings1 said...

Loved reading your post ! I think you already know what you should do & I find it so interesting that you foound your love of your life online ! I have thought of doing that but am a little bit of a chicken !
Your new little space is just sooo adorable !
The Little Things

Anonymous said...

Ah, if only decisions were easy! Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a crystal ball! I think the way I've learned to make them is to realize that I can't do everything and be all things to all people so I try my best in my own little corner of the world to just do what I can. I think you're doing just great!

The first part of your story about your RCIA experience rings a bell with me. Bravo for the internet! And there are also a lot of excellent books published by LTP (Liturgy Training Publications) that might help you.

What a wonderful story about how you found your husband! Blessings to you!

Happy Sunday!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

This is a great post. I think we all feel as if our time is stretched to the max. I say to go with what makes you happy. I also rent a space in an antique mall and some months it barely pays the rent. Just when I get discouraged I seem to have a fantastic couple of months. Go with your heart and you will do fine. Great story of how you met your husband.

Pattyjo said...

I'm afraid I have no advice, because I have never had an etsy or a shop. Common sense would be to have a shop. Simply because people who love vintage usually go seeking shops out, but I am not an expert, just a lover of vintage. What ever you decide I hope you keep your blog. I really enjoy your blog. guess it, I don't have one of those either. I'm just a lady living on the same farm for almost 40 yrs. now and the internet is how I get to go places. LOL

Dixie said...

Anne... it appears you have "struck a nerve"... yes, I'm one of those gals too... I use to sell on ebay, but that has now gone by the wayside...

A gal can only do so much.. and it looks like you're at about the limit... I know exactly what you're talking about, because I'm there too! With every intention of getting to K'ville this weekend... I didn't... because time ran out! but I will.. I know I will...

when we get together, I'll have to tell you about shopping and finding Ricky there... the consequences of life are amazing sometimes.

hugs. Dixie

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Wow! Now, I don't know what to do!
Total confusion. Anne, with your charming personality and energy and your decorating talents......being WITH people, arranging your wares in a shop space...seems to fit you. As people keep can always return to Etsy....go ahead and give it a rest for a while.
Now, if I could only figure out what I should do!

Shirley said...

I am not going to give you advice that is for sure. I started out with a booth in an antique mall and I made my rent and a little besides for two months the whole time I was there. I then went to selling on consignment through a quilt shop and it was going great until she closed her shop because of health reasons. That is how I got started on etsy. I tried E-bay, but I am not willing to give my work away for hardly nothing. I just wish I could find a shop that would sell again on consignment, then I wouldn't have to worry about all of the pictures, discription, and everything else. I also work full time and am the primary caregiver for my hubby. What ever you do just don't quit blogging because yours is one that I read quite often even though I don't always leave a comment. Your Missouri Friend.

The Feathered Nest said...

Hey sweet girl! Well, you know I gotta throw my 2 cents in....I have three words for you:
do. what. works.
What ever is working for you right now, just do that...Etsy will be there later on if the space is slow, then load somethings on there. I think we all try to do too much and even then try to be the best at all that we do! But to be wise enough to back away for a little while is a wonderful thing ~ Better to do just a few things great than a ton of things mediocre. Your such a smart cookie!!!
Have a great week sweet friend ~
hugs and love,

Miles Of Style said...

LOVE your blog and the pretty pics that you put up!


deb christensen said...

listen to your heart.
(listen close because hearts whisper)

Libbie said...

Hey there Anne....this was a really fun post to read to get to know you better! aLL OF YOUR ONLINE and now OFFLINE adventures :)

There is a lot of wisdom is letting some things go too. I just go so tired when I have too much on my plate & where is the fun in that! So brave to even try new things. I hope you enjoy your time not snapping pics & trips to the post office :) I know you will do well in whatever you do! Thanks for sharing your heart today!!!!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Hi Anne...change is good and you know you can alway go back to Etsy if you miss it! Just don't leave us bloggers!!

Polly said...

Hi Anne,

I don't know how you have the energy to do all that you do! It is amazing to me! The nice thing about Etsy and having a booth is that you can always take a break and go back later! We have several vendors at our mall that do just that. They'll leave for a while then come back when they've built up enough inventory again. Having a booth is creatively and personally rewarding! But Etsy should yield a wider audience of buyers. Tough call, but the best advice has already been said....follow your heart and ALWAYS be true to yourself! You'll know what is right!



The Flying Bee said...

Oh my...well, I have to tell ya that I am exactly in the same place right now. So, I agree with you about giving your booth a real shot for the next couple of months and if it's not going as well as you would like it to, then open the Etsy again. The best advice that I can give is pretty much what some of the others have true to yourself. Do what your heart is telling you. Just lean on God and he will direct your steps...which I think you already know. And I am here for you too, if you ever want to talk.

Love ya girl!


Jennifer said...

Is your booth anywhere near Commerce TX - I have a friend that loves to antique? Jennifer

Rustydiva said...

I'm all for Etsy because I don't live in your area and it allows me to shop long distance but you have to do what's right for you. Good luck in your decision Anne and I hope your booth sky rockets to success.

Rosemary said...

Hi Anne,
The only thing is people that can't shop in Texas can shop on your Etsy!! Me included.
You do what you have to do though.
It's always a hard thing to figure out.
Love your post!

Heidi said...

Oh my, you have touched on something! 60 comments so far! I tried to read some of the comments before me to not be redundant. Truth is, I have the very same quandary. I have an etsy shop, a physical booth, work for an estate sale co., 3 kids, etc. Many of the commenters before me said they thought the etsy shop was more work than the booth...It is the opposite for me. Of course I sell small stuff on etsy and sell furniture etc in the booth shlepping those larger pieces home that I have to redo, repaint, restore and then shlepping them up to my space, not to mention the tagging, inventory, rearranging, etc. is way more work then taking a couple of pics and sitting at my computer to list. OK I get tired of the boxing up and running to the P.O. but still less time for me. Not that you want my whole story! :) I really like the rearranging at my space, but the rent and percentage there takes way more money than etsy and paypal do. So I am actually giving up my space (although I haven't told them yet!) and just doing a local show now and then and keeping my etsy open. Doing it for the same reasons you are...somethings got to give. Like everyone said, etsy will still be there when and if you want to come back, the space may not. Want to come see your space when I visit my family in the Dallas area...did I read somewhere you are near Commerce?
Good Luck! Heidi

Attic Rat said...

I just opened my booth at the antique mall in September. I even opened a second booth in another shop down the street last month. My Etsy shops really took a hit. My Etsy inventory dwindled to almost nothing.

Before my Etsy shop went extinct, I started listing some things again. It's just sooooo much easier to place the items in the B & M shop!

I'm really torn - I want both!

Unknown said...

Hey sweetie. I just wanted to thank you for stopping by today. It's always so special to me when I hear from you. Truly I don't know how you keep up with so many of us. I'm pleased as punch to be in the group!

Hugs and sunshine a plenty...Tracy :)

Jamie said...

Hi Anne! First, thank you for your sweet comment on my blog, it made my day because I just think you are awesome and as I am in the midst of just starting my boutique online before I even get the chance to have a booth or store, I admire your work and what you do very much! I think you have made a great decision, everything happens for a reason and from other posts I have read of yours, moving downstairs is something you had been hoping for. Of course we will miss the Etsy shop but like you said, it's just on vacation mode for now while your business booms on the downstairs level (I know it will!) Good Luck!! Hugs ~ Jamie

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Hi Anne, I am learning that it is better to do 1 or 2 things well than to have so much going on, that you run yourself down and can't seem to get anything done well. For a good while now I have been in 3 different antique malls,and I do Canton every month which Is 4 days long, I'm on the road hauling things to the malls all the time. When I'm not on the road hauling or decorating, alot of my time is devoted to designing my purses and pillows, which really takes up more time than anything else, which leaves little time for my family and friends, not to mention my house work! On top of everything else I have a few other projects I've been working on, which I hope to be finished with them soon, but what I have decided to do is, I'm giving up 2 of the malls I'm in, downsizing at Winnie and Tululas, and Canton is up in the air right now, but I already feel some relief just giving up the 2 malls. I really have to work on getting some balance in my life, I hope you can find some balance also. Blessings~~~ Daphne

Unknown said...

Sweetie, been there, done this, gone thru the emotions, etc. ... for years. We were the largest antique dealers in the mall for years & with 13other locations also... I just closed them all down for strictly online sales.

I was doing etsy & ebay at the same time but sales fell off for both, so I haven't been doing them.

I needed a life, some space ... having no regrets, tho I miss that life.

Do what is right for you, you'll be happy you do.

Have a beautiful week.
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Jan Thomason said...

Good grief, sweetheart, we need to do something to get your followers over to my blog. Hmmmm. I'm thinkin'.

Mr. Fig - you never have told me that he was Mr. Match first! How cool.

And, about your Etsy shop..........sounds to me like God has been talking to you and you heard Him and and acted on it (about this etsy shop decision).
I'm proud of you, Anne.


ann at greenoak said...

imho....give your booth a real chance!!! give it your best stuff and see if it will work ....etsy will still be there later....
we can olnly see etsy as a little sideline and have over 200 sales...a good month at a mall would equal 40 or 50 of those sales.... and be a lot more fun!!!! good luck and keep blogging....ann

Ticking and Toile said...

Hi Anne,
I think you made the right decision. I don't know how you do everything and work fulltime! I can't do everything & I don't work & I don't have a booth! But I do have kiddos and of course they fill my days/nights etc... I agree with a few others that said you can always reopen you etsy shop. I would take full advantage of your new space and go for it!! :) btw...your booth looks AWESOME! That's my dream too...maybe someday.


Lora said...

I've shut down my etsy shop for now too. I wanted my stuff to be out there more in the "real world" also. I've also had a couple of small booths in the past, but never did make much money. I'm planning on having a jewelry sale/party/girl's gabbing and eating day soon. I always sell much more by doing that and it's so much more fun! :O) Sometimes you just gotta change things up and see how it works.

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