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Sunday, November 21, 2010


I pose a question to each of you...

Do you only post when you have something

happy or upbeat or edifying to share...

or do you open up your heart and

let what's really brewing underneath the surface out

for the world to see?

My dilemma.

I've been frustrated quite a bit lately,
and came this close to deleting my entire blog this afternoon.
Just hitting one simple button
and erasing any and all evidence that this blog ever existed.
Having a bit of a tantrum, I was!

Frustrated with myself, and many of the unrealistic expectations
I have placed on myself.

Do you ever feel like.....

your opportunities and ambitions exceed your talents and abilities?

*raising hand*

I am right there, right now.
Trying to decide if I need to seize certain opportunities,
or wait until *I* feel that I am better prepared.

So very tired.
With rest comes clarity of mind, this much I know.

Forgive me for being absent this week and next, t
he moving and work responsibilities continue.
I almost always get back to each of you,
but it's just impossible right now, I am so sorry.
Just know that I read and appreciate every comment.

I leave you with one thought and a wish...

Believe in yourselves.

{struggling to work on that one myself}


Blondie's Journal said...

Believe AND have faith in yourself. The right decisions will come. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is the right thing. I know this sounds like a bunch of fortune cookies jumbled together but I don't like to give advice...I just sort of find I can live by these rules.

I'll be thinking of you, Anne.


afistfullofweeds* said...

Girl, If I posted how I really felt all of the time....blogger would explode!! Love your photos! Rhonda

My Shabby Streamside Studio said...

I love your blog, don't delete it!

We all spend time in the gutter, and your attitude is great, just hang on.

Forget about little things like returning comments, everyone understands.

Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio

jo said...

Well, I'm not a blogger - I'm just a blog fan. I read several a day. I love reading about all your lives, the fun things you do, the amazing photos, crafts, etc. I have learned so much from the blogs I read and really, if it's possible, I care about each one of you. I would hate to see you stop. This is a very busy time for everyone - the holidays loom over our already hectic lives. The pressure to do everything right and on time. It's truly difficult for everyone. Take it easy. Take a step back from blogging for awhile. Don't feel obligated to write. Drop a note now and then if you feel like it, get thru the holidays, and see how you feel in January. I, for one, would miss you. Heck, I want to see the house. I've been with you since before you bought it. I certainly want to see it filled with all your treasures. Do what you need to do and don't worry about us - we'll still be here when you are ready. :)

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hi Anne....I envy bloggers who can make something interesting out of something going on in their lives, good or bad and they seem to have a talent to do it. I, on the other hand, do not feel that way about my own posts. Just me I guess. Maybe I should try it. Good luck with your dilemma..hang in there!~Hugs, Patti

Laurie said...

Sigh...I have considered stopping blogging 'cause I spend too much time on it, so I have been posting "simple" posts; nothing earth-shattering or deep, just little posts about my grandkids (fav topic anyway) and random stuff. The truth is, I am much busier now what with watching the JEMs (grands) much more and also, I really, really want to finish a book! I have 3 partly read! As far as opportunites and ambitions exceeding my talents and abilities, count me in. Make me president of the club. I actually have visited your blog and others and not commented lately 'cause I don't have time. But I do so love to visit you, Anne, and so, I will try to comment with shorter but sweeter responses!

Unknown said...

This is what I "believe"..that each of us has a still, small voice inside of us that guides us on the right path. Call it what you want...God, instinct, is there and all e need to do is "listen" to it. I "believe"
that everything happens for a reason and that nothing is a "coincidence." I "believe" that everyone possesses the faith and fortitude that is necessary to create their "destiny." I believe in YOU.

My Grama's Soul said...

Good evening Anne.....Just a simple thought....."COURAGE IS FEAR THAT HAS SAID IT'S PRAYERS". I do know you are courageous ..... go for it.



White and Rust said...

I love how you open up like this! I have a hard time posting unless everything is just rozy! If you deleted your blog I would surely miss it, even though I'm a newer reader! And good luck with whatever you are going through.

summersundays-jw said...

We're so hard on ourselves. I haven't been very good with my posting lately but it's hard inflicting those uncertainties and problems on others so I try to wait it out. This has been kind of a long spell. Take your time with your decisions. Try to remember to enjoy today instead of always planning for tomorrow. Did I get too wordy????? Good luck! Jan

sydney85 said...

Hi Anne, You are the wearer of many hats and sometimes that can get tiresome. Take some time for yourself and then if you want to delete your blog then you should. I thoroughly enjoy your blog as many others do so you will be missed but if you need a change for yourself that is okay. Life is too short and we all want you to take care of yourself.

" SHABBY JUNK" said...

Anne, I really enjoy your blog. Sounds like you have alot on your shoulders right now. All will work out the way it is meant. judy

Beatnheart said...

It seems that other people ( well as least some!) think that I’m cooler than I think of myself. My self doubts are in the stratosphere but that is what has been holding me back all these years. I think that everyone else is more fortunate than I am, they get better “breaks” than I do and are generally having more fun than I am. But my “self talk” doesn’t help me as I affirm some pretty neg stuff to myself...such is my problem. You are moving...take care of all that, and then looks at everything else. All the best sweet one! Cynthia

Jem said...

I have that feeling much of the time! I dream of writing for a living, making a passion an occupation and owning my own little business, of buying my own house to renovate rather than renting . . . . Yet all of these things feel so far from my grasp at present.

I'm a recent reader but it is plain to me that you have plenty of talents Anne! :-) You have an eye for beauty and can capture it so well with your images and reading your words brings a smile to my day which is a gift not everyone possesses - making someone's day with something as simple as a blog! :-)

Take a deep breath and keep doing what you're doing - go at your own pace, get a good night's sleep and in the morning things will look better.


Jem xXx

Unknown said...

Oh' Darlin', don't we all go there now and then. Please don't leave us completely. Even though I haven't had time to check on my friends or leave comments lately, your never far from my mind. You're exactly right clarity comes with rest. Please try and get as much as you can.

I can't imagine someone with your talent and creativity having doubts or troubles believing in yourself. I know that I have big issues with it. Hope that doesn't sound like pressure to you. You could stop creating for the next year and I could never catch you. But don't ~ just do what you can when you can. I'll be praying for you.

Love...Tracy :)

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Anne!
I have always been told by the "wise ones," to never make a decision until you are calm and have really thought about what's best for you, not what is best for others.

Best of luck with your decision making.


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Sometimes I think it is very beneficial to step back and rest and refresh's very hard to make decisions when you are so tired. I do think when a blog reaches a high amount of followers and comments, it becomes very difficult to communicate with everyone, and I think followers have to understand that. I think blogs evolve that way. I do understand about ambitions and abilities...I feel that way everyday...I have SO many ideas and things I want to do, but in my case, physical health and stamina do limit me. I don't put pressure on myself, though, and just post when I have something I want to share, and do the best I can to visit others. I hope you take the pressure off yourself, and just do what you REALLY want to do~ when YOU want to do it...XO

Love the Decor! said...

Hang in there sweet friend
No pressure here we just love to visit when you get a chance
I just recently posted about feeling overwhelmed, lack of idea, etc too
Our blogs should be fun but when it becomes too much we just need take a break Happy Thanksgiving hope you get to rest

Unknown said...

Anne...I think your blog should be a reflection of who you are. I can't say I share my most personal, inner-most thoughts...but always something that I feel is 'ok' for the world to know.
Having said seems that most of my posts (which have been far and between lately) are random and non specific. I asked advice once and was told by a pretty successful blogger, that a blog should have a theme and only that theme should be discussed. Truthfully, I enjoy the ones that are more random.
Goals, expectations, wishes and hopes...we all have them, we all put a certain amount of pressure on ourselves to accomplish what may seem like huge outcomes, but we have to have something to strive for. Although reaching the goal is a huge plus...sometimes it's just the road that takes us there that makes the biggest difference, in ourselves and the people that we touch along the way. I say never give up...but it's ok to adjust as you go, as long as you take the journey.
Please don't delete yourself from our virtual lives...I enjoy your blog and could just 'live' in your photos.
...big fan here Anne..:-) **Tami

Amanda said...

if it makes you feel any better (and it should, *wink) i constantly struggle with wondering whether it's "ok" to post when i'm feeling less-than-happy. and your post made me realize, none of us are feeling great ALL the time. SO, thank you. for reminding me, and the rest of us, that as perfect as we try to seem sometimes, we all have our rough days, weeks or even months. however, you're not alone. keep your head up, best of luck with work and the move, and of course... BELIEVE, IN YOURSELF!!! friendly hugs, Amanda

DustyLu said...

I do often feel the same way. Those are the times when I just shut everything out take a breather and spend time with those who matter most. Moving is one of life biggest stresses! Take time for yourself and you will come back re-freshed! Your awesome and normal for feeling the way you do. Lulu

Attic Rat said...

You have a lot on your plate right now. It would be perfectly alright if you just kicked back for awhile. Take some time to regroup, then do what you feel.


Annie Louise said...

I love your blog, but I totally understand not being able to blog or comment as much as one would like. You do what is best for you, take your time, we will wait and support whatever decision you come to. There are no quick and simple answers here. The only right answer is the one that you feel most comfortable with. Get some rest, relax, don't fret too much over your blog and hang in there.
I'll be thinking of you.

Unknown said...

I think you are putting way too much pressure on yourself. I don't put timeline pressures on myself so much anymore....I used to think I HAD to post x times a week on my blog and flickr, etc. I thought I HAD to post to everything I read.....if I did......I would have no time for myself. I work full time and have to have time for my life. Breathe.........take a break.........listen to your inner voice(God). Don't feel like you have to do it ALL.....there's no way we let go and just get your new house in order, have a wonderful holiday with your family and don't feel like if you are away for awhile that any one thinks less of you. Breathe, relax and enjoy! We all love ya!

Theresa said...

Hmmmmmm, you and a lot of other bloggers are feeling the same way! I have heard what you are saying and you are not alone! One of the problems or "blessings" is that you have SOOOOOO many followers aka adorers:) like me! When you have as much as you have to do right now, you CAN'T be everywhere and all things to all people! Take time for yourself and DO NOT delete your blog, just take a break and come back when you can! I DO NOT expect a response to every comment I leave so don't think that I do:) I love you to pieces and enjoy seeing you when I see you and miss you when I don't! HUGS! BIG HUGS!

Anonymous said...

Hello friend, you speak for many of us when you share your thoughts and troubles so please don't leave us but know that we're here for you, with you. Sending big hugs your way:)


Unknown said...

Rest is all important - take time for it the next few weeks among all the other things you 'have' to do. Hugs!

clustres said...

It is much too hard to keep up with life and comment on everything. I am sure everyone understands that! I know I do!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Sweet girl, we believe in you but I felt this very same way about this same time last year and came very close to hitting the delete button. I think you might need a blogging vacation. Call if you need to, I'm here!

Junk Exchange said...

you have come a long way in a year, darlin .. i know that delete button well, have stared at it a few times myself these past few months .. take the time you need and be yourself keeps moving .. no matter how much we drag our feet .. destiny is what it is .. and as i have told you from the beginning .. you are destined .. enjoy the ride .. and like others here .. i ask that you not delete .. there are days i go back and re-read something you wrote just when i need it most ..
i love you .. and support you and mr twig in this adventure called life ..
always, troy

Julie Marie said...

Hello Anne... so glad you did not hit that delete button... I would have had to drive to Texas and sit you down for a good talkin' to... I have told you before, I know I am alot older than you, 61 to be exact, and I have had more than my share of ups and downs in my life, good and bad, happy and sad... I've been flat broke (after my first marriage ended) and back on my feet when my Prince Charming came into my life (Jack)... I know you are carrying a heavy load right now, working full time, moving into your new home, caring for your family and pets... and feeling a bit overwhelmed... I post whatever is on my mind at the moment... I try to post happy and upbeat, as I find that makes ME happy as well as perhaps someone else to read my posts... but I always post from my heart... sometimes I am meloncholy and sentimental, maybe about my family who has passed away, but I try to leave people with a positive message even though I might be feeling sad... I know when you posted about your frustration over the lending companies and closing on your home, I was right there with you... sometimes we all need a friend, a shoulder to lean on... my daddy always told me "Julie you can't always carry the weight of the world on your shoulders"... but I think I try to... I am here for you... and always answer emails... now, go kiss you hubby and love your pets...slow down a bit and enjoy doing nothing for a while... we'll all be here... xoxo Julie Marie

COTTAG3 said...

Glad you didn't delete your blog. No worries about not replying to all comments. Funky Junk Interiors just posted about this so you might want to read her take on it. Since I'm a glass half full kind of person, I try to keep it all in perspective when I'm overwhelmed or frustrated or unsure. So many have problems way bigger than mine and deal with situations and decisions way more serious and difficult than mine so I just prioritize and go on from there. Hang in there.

Low Tide High Style said...

Oh Anne, you know I can so relate to this post with everything that's been going on with me for the last few weeks! I'm very happy that you didn't hit the delete button!

And just remember that if we all waited to be completely prepared to do things we would miss out on so very much in life! Sometimes it's better to try and not succeed than to let that opportunity pass us by and regret that we never even tried! Not trying equals failure...trying equals the chance to succeed!

Kat :)

Miss Gracie's House said...

Oh, dearest Anne,
You'll never know...these are so much my thoughts this week, too. And exhaustion just magnifies true to *your* calling...what God has for you to say and do. but know...we love you and all of the cheeriness you bring to us. I fear i *whine* too much but it is my blog, a recording of my life and my heart...yours should be too!
Take heart, my friend,

north pal said...

as a blog fan,i have times also where i just feel dumpy like now the present. absolutely nothing feels like it would lift my spirits. the blogs i read do get me thinking about more pleasant things and times. i basically try to wade thru these days without having too much stress and in time they fade away. no one knows me on here,so i feel i can spill my thoughts. there should be a place,where we feel we can sound off. and really i do have very many things to be thankful for. sometimes i have to tell myself to BUCK UP! girls here is a start to a new week and also our thanksgiving day. Bestest,Denise

Brenda said...

Well I come over and read your delightful posts when ever you have the time. I took close to a whole month off of blogging this past when I was overwhelmed with things that needed to be done. Three years ago we moved into this home after living in the same house for 28 year. Boxes and boxes. Overwhelming. I turned 50 that December and my children brought over a cake and we sat our plates and cups on top of the boxes because I had given my youngest daughter our kitchen table. She needed one so badly. Now we have a table that when we put all the leaves in we can sit 10-12 and the room to do it. I am thankful and when it is all good and done you will be also. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!

Beach House Living said...

Sometimes the fog rolls in and along with it frustration hang in there it will work out.

mariondee-designs said...

Hi Anne, your blog is your blog so you can write what ever tickles your fancy! Good or bad. I did! I had a good whinge about the neighbours just a couple of months ago! Anyhow, I love reading your blog so I (and many others by the looks of it) would really miss it. Just post when you feel like it.. not when you think we feel like it. If a good opportunity has come your way it is good to think it through, but ask yourself will you ever really be ready and will this opportunity ever come again. My dad always says 'when you get the chance... dance!' Good luck with everything... take care, Maryann

One Cheap B*tch said...

I would LOVE to unload on my blog but I find I only blog about projects and such. As I said on another post - I feel your pain and indecision as I'm going through some serious decision making myself. Once you have your answer - and it will take A LOT of soul-searching - you will breathe a big sigh of relief.

The whole world will be removed from your shoulders and suddenly everything will be more clear. I can't tell you when you will find your answer but know it will come and once it does, everything will fall precisely into place!

xo, Jeanine

Vicki said...

Breathe! You are overwhelmed by too many big projects right now. I know the feeling is real and don't mean to discount it in anyway. It is a terrible time to make decisions. I know you don't really plan to hit that delete button but sometimes it is wishful thinking because of the huge commitment it is...and I know you want it to be perfect. I know you want each post and each pic to be your best. I know you want to talk with each of us. Sometimes you just can't. Remember that with each post you are speaking to us. We are listening too! Get that house unpacked, keep up with the day job that pays the bills and post when you can. We all know you are moving. It is not forever my dear. There is a light. Then, when you are settled and rested you can raise the bar, chase your dreams and over achieve again! ((HUGS))

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I would miss you and would really hate for you to delete your blog. We all have ups and downs. It is a part of life. Some choose to share it on their blogs, others choose not too. I'm a middle ground person. I do think it's ok to share the good and the bad. Those who care about you (me) as a person will understand and be there for you! I'm rambling, but lets just say I care and really think you need to do what is right for you. I have times when I also can't visit everyone and comment like I wish. Just know you are loved sweet girl!

Debby said...

Hi Anne, so glad you didn't hit the delete button. I think we all have our moments, but you have way too many things happening at the moment to be keep up with everything. Get you move over and get settle and you will be able to see where you are going from there. I love your blog and would be sad to see you go but you are the only one that could make that decision, what is best for you.

VS said...

Oh Sweet Friend...
Now you know me, I'm pretty willing to tell all...I don't think of it as the good & bad of me, I just think of it as 'ME'!
Such was the case with my 30 Truths, you know I was really a little concerned about some of those truths! I knew some of my answers would not be all that popular in the bible belt, would that make some of my friends leave me?? Would they leave mean comments in response? Should I really tell them who 'I' really was?
As seems to always be the case in this beyond fabulous blog world, every single comment sent to me was filled with love & acceptance. It opened my heart even more to this community of artists & junkers, writer's & photographers, people who call me friend, without ever having even met me. But you know all this!
Your blog is amazing sweet friend & I am a true believer in Blogging Without Obligation. You write about what 'YOU' want to share with us. You respond or not respond to comments when 'YOU' have the time to. Now that you have so many followers, of course it is going to be impossible to get back to all of them, that's just tooooo much for anyone to have on their plate along with LIFE!
Step back, don't apoligize, tell us who you are & how your feeling...great or not all that great, rethink your impossible ideal of being able to respond to every single comment, figure out a method that works for you..if you have regular friends that comment skip them for a few posts & focus on friends you rarely hear from or something like that.
There is no right or wrong to this thing called's just a hang on with both hands & enjoy the ride, right!
So with that in mind...don't press delete, your journey isn't done!
Big Hugs Texas darlin,

Sue said...

I'm sure you've heard that saying, "you'll never know unless you try"! That is my advice to you, give it a "try" go for it! Life is overwhelming at times for everyone. I was just talking about that the other day that if more people really shared what they are going through the world might be a "softer" place to live in. It is YOUR blog and you should feel that you can say whatever the hell you feel like saying, it is YOUR blog!

Take care, Sue

Bring Pretty Back said...

Anne, I understand what you are saying. EVERY single word. I seem to expose myself on my blog.
I will post a longer comment tomorrow.

Prior said...

I give glimpses of my life and just write and take pictures as it comes...Your blog is beautiful. Never worry about responding every single time I say, "cute photo". I don't expect it and I can't always do it either. While everyone wants to be polite, blogging should be fun and not a chore with all kinds of uptight etiquette. That is just silly nowadays. Believe in yourself. Rest and Pray. Lezlee

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Oh precious Anne ~
Girl just breathe !!
Don't delete your blog because we love you but
just take the time you need, don't feel pressured ~
I wish sometimes that we did not feel pressured by
what we do because after all it is so much fun ~
Lots of hugs sweet friend ~


Itchin' Stitchin' said...

I hear you ... I have been exactly where you are at. I have been there many times in my life. All I can say is seize the opportunities! You are never fully prepared for anything life throws at you and sometimes the unexpected, the things you are most nervous or doubtful about become your biggest blessings.
You have talent my wonderful friend!!! We believe in you.

Tammy said...

Hi Anne! I've been facing several different challenges this year ...especially since I started the blog...but it has porven to be a way for me to express it's been a good thing...that's what they should! Your blog is so inspiring...the photos you take the way you write...don't delete it...but take a break ...lord knows you have good reason to! Moving is no picnic...even if you are moving into a sweet little house like yours...
Take a break! We'll ALL be here when you have pics/news to share!
Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving!
Tammy :-)

glor said...

Believe in yourself ... such good advice ... for you to hear also. Don't delete such a beautiful piece of work ... sometimes we need to step away for a while. I'm not sure how long I've been following here, a bit anyway, and if memory serves me right you have had quite a year, much has happened, some quite devastating, some quite happy. All of it major changes and happenings. Be also kind to yourself. Sometimes being still and quiet is necessary. We'll all still be here because we can relate and have have had the same feelings at one time or another. God bless and keep you in His care.

Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

Hi Anne~ I feel the same way. I almost stopped my blog last week after I was feeling overwhelmed about making sure to comment back to everyone who leaves me a message.I love doing so..but being a busy mom and working it gets tough trying to be "perfect"lol..not so my reality!! Hang in there friend~ Hugs,Rachel~

Polly said...

Yep, been there! Done that. All the time actually! I think we're normal! Could be burnout, or just sheer exhaustion, or just self-doubt or maybe a little of each!

Please don't delete!!

Remember, this too shall pass. And, you're right....believe in yourself! Have faith! Keep dreaming!

LuLu Kellogg said...


We will be here when you get off the Merry-Go-Round :)

Love Love Love!

psforma said...

i am fairly new to your blog but you give so much joy to all that read it. i started a blog recently and it sometimes feels like a full-time job. life does tend to take over our lives, but i believe in my heart you will get through whatever it is getting you down. have faith in your beliefs and stay true to yourself.
i hope this helps in some small way.
hugs and more,

Julie Marie said...

Hello again Anne... just stopped back in to read everyone's comments... you have some fan club there sweet lady! We all love you!... If other people are making too many demands on you, your time, your life... I have another little saying I love... infact, it is on a magnet I made on my fridge...."No is a complete sentence"... I no longer feel the need to have to explain myself... and I never feel guilty telling someone "no" if I can't or don't want to do more than I am able to... also, I learned some time ago, when you do something because you feel like you HAVE to and not because you WANT to, it is time to quit doing it... love to you... xoxo Julie Marie

Michele said...

I think most people want their blog to be "real", but what is reality? I guess it's what we make it. I'd like to think I'm honest and share from the heart. I think you do. Your blog is a great source of inspiration. I'm sorry you are feeling down. Take a deep breath, press on and have faith.

Unknown said...

Don't you dare push that delete button. Do you know how much I need to hear everything you say? You always say it perfectly. Thanks for that. This too shall pass. Be encouraged. Lots of people are pulling for you.
Oh, and you won my giveaway...send me your snail mail, and I'll get it right to ya :)
Becky C
Buckets of Burlap

Drawn to The Sea said...

Just breathe. Drop your shoulders, relax your face, & breathe, dear Anne. And remember what Ricky Nelson said.

Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...

Sweet Anne ~ I am so Happy that You did NOT
Hit Delete.... You would certainly Regret it & WE would too ~ Life does get Overwhelming sometimes ~ I had a moment a few weeks back when out of the Blue, I lost My Caregiving Job, it hit me like a Ton of Bricks! What was I going to do... Well, I decided to Post about something personal & I Posted, basically Spilled My Heart Out... Something I will never regret, I was greeted with words of Encouragement, Prayer & even some sales in my etsy shop, which really helped with basics & bills ~ A True BLESSING from this Wonderful Blogging world ~ Life is still tough, but better than I had expected ~

If Only we could All Believe In Ourselves, as Much as Other Believe in US ~

Don't worry your Pretty little head about responding to everyone ~ You Go Rest & Do what You Need to Do
But - Please Don't Every Hit DELETE ! ! !
Lots of Blogging Love to You
You will be in My Prayers

Libbie said...

DON NOT DELETE!!! Then I will have to fly to Texas & shake some sense into you & I need all my money for Christmas & don't have any spare for a plane ticket! Even if you ever stop...keep you history you have created because it is wonderful! Anne don't ever feel like you have to respond to me everytime either...I am hooked & even if I never heard from you again...I would still stalk ya :) I only have like 200 followers & I never even get close to responding to my 20 comments a post :) (Don't get me wrong...I love my comments & am THRILLED with my followers aound 200.) But make sure if you ever need reassurance...write me! I totally believe in you!

Libbie said...

Of course I did a mispelling in all caps :)

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

Anne, First of all, I really admire how open and honest you are with yourself and how you are able to share that. That's not an easy thing to do. Second of all, it's Ok to take a step back. You don't always have to be going full-steam ahead. If an opportunity is right for you and presents itself at the right time, that's great. But sometimes, it's just Ok to say no. I don't believe that every dream needs to be fulfilled and it certainly doesn't need to be rushed. Just don't let self-doubt hold you back. You have to believe in something to make it happen. So, think things through in your own good time and you'll know what is right for you. As for your blog, well, it's just that, your blog. Write from the heart, if and when you have something to share, no expectations. ... As always, sending good wishes your way!

Missy @ Chateau Chic Boutique said...

Hello Anne,
Of course I'm grateful you didn't hit the delete button, but you do what YOU need to do. We'll all still be here when you want to share. As you can see from your many faithful, adoring followers (friends), we always appreciate your openness and honesty. That's why I feel I can relate to you. It lifts me up to know I'm not the only one.
Each time I get a new follower I am so excited and at the same time, I feel more pressure to have interesting posts, with great pictures (when will I need to buy a professional camera?) and I'm so bummed sometimes when I miss another White Wednesday (will they all forget about me?). I had the best talk with a great sister in the Lord last night in fact. In a nutshell I realized I cannot be perfect (what?!) and I need to prioritize according to God's word. Him, my Husband, my kids then all the rest. So if I miss a post or it doesn't have lots of pretty pictures, or I neglect my booth a few extra days in order to do my Bible study daily (rather than the night before!) or get the laundry done or take care of my Husband or spend some silly time with my kids....the Lord will bless me for it in one way or another!
So, what I'm trying to say is that I understand if you need a break or complete change. And although I'm giddy when I see that you've commented on my humble little blog ;).
...It's ok when you don't or you cannot respond back to me. Please know how loved and inspiring you truly are but at the same time you're human.
Please, Anne, don't take all of this praise as pressure or guilt.
Be still. The Lord will lead you.
Sincerest Blessings to you my dear,

savvycityfarmer said...

just this week my dear ... we must be on the same wave length

... one of my best read posts was
..."fenced in and hanging on by a thread" ...
just about a year go, almost threw in the same towel ...
BUT 100 and some comments later ... I hung in there!

do it
love you
to pieces

you know me, I post for any reason ... even on a whim.
Notice how short and to the point mine have been as of late?

All That Jazz said...

Hey, I saw you won something on another blog just now~ congrats (it's an enamel pitcher!) Hopefully that will cheer ya up a bit, Anne! ;-)
I completely relate to this....sometimes I want to throw my sluggish laptop through my front window. I love blogging, but at times it can be a time/energy sucker. I do feel like I have SO many ideas and creative pursuits, of which I have no time or resources to really do the way I want to right now....frustrating. But I still enjoy the dabbling I can do and keep my thumbs crossed that it will all come together eventually.
Also, I typically post about positive things. I keep other things more private, I am like that and some things are too personal. For example, I have a lot going on right now in my life and I'm not sure I'm ready to share it with the world. ;(

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Hang in there, Anne! Maybe you could use a break from your blog and just chill out for a while. You have a lot on you with moving, your job, giving up your booth, etc. There are just not enough hours in the day. I post when I can and just don't worry about it when I don't have time to post. Plus, I have learned that I can't comment on every blog on my blog roll. That is all I would be doing. There has to be some balance. Take it easy and enjoy the holiday. Step back for a bit and get things back in order in your life. We will all still be here. Happy Thanksgiving! Love & blessings from NC!

Mosaic Magpie said...

Don't you dare push that delete key! I would miss you way too much! Believe is one of my favorite words.

Heaven's Walk said...

Oh, Anne - I can so hear the frustration and weariness in your voice. As you can tell from all your beloved, faithful followers above me here - we love you dearly and when you love a friend like we do you, we support, we believe, we encourage, and we lift you up when you are tired.

Don't feel pressured to blog all the time, or to answer our comments, girlie. I've noticed that in alot of posts lately. Gals are just plain tired and too busy. LIFE is much more important. LIVE it. Breath it. And then.....come back to us when you are refreshed and feeling fulfilled. You blog beautifully. That's a gift. Your photography is stunning. That's another gift.

And we consider you a gift to us and our world, Anne. :) We sometimes live vicariously through your photos and insightful posts, but it's always fun. Blogging should be just plain fun, and the support and encouragement and love is just icing on the cake.

Take care of yourself, my friend. Enjoy the holidays. Get you and your family all moved in to your new home. Hug your pooches. Hug your hubby. Hug your new house. Just take some time for yourself.....We will all be here when you get back..... :) BIG HUGS to you. Luv ya girl.

xoxoxoxoxoxo laurie

Debra@CommonGround said...

Hang in there, sweetie, the move is wearing on you. It will all be over soon, keep putting one foot in front of the other and know that you're greatly loved.

Debra@CommonGround said...

p.s. no hitting the "delete button"!

Sarah said...

Hang in there, Anne. This too will pass. Your life is on overload at the moment, so step back, give yourself some breathing space, let yourself relax, and enjoy the transitions that are taking place with this move. All of us on this end are here to support. I think we all struggle with finding a balance with all that life demands. Take care of yourself and Mr. Twig. Everything else will fall into place.
Sending caring thoughts and big hugs your way. ~ Sarah

Riki Schumacher said...

Hi Anne, I know that same dilemma. My solution was to post how i was feeling, meaning the economy is hurting people I love. It will all pass, hope will surface again my dear. Hang in there is great advice. I hope this blogging world will always allow us to speak our minds, we are human you know?! Things will sort themselves out, and you will continue to be the talented lady you are, and feel good about it! Hugs, Riki

Tricia said...

Hi Anne, you sound so overwhelmed and frustrated...try not to put so much pressure on yourself. You can only do what you can do. Just do your best. You talk about believing in yourself. Are you refering to your photography and questioning your abilities? If so, don't. Your an amazing photographer. I know what it is like to question yourself, and it's a hard road.

A lot of what you wrote could've been written my me. There are many, many times I feel like deleting my blog. I often think it takes up too much of my time and I wonder if it is even worth it...perhaps I could be spending my time more wisely, and for some reason I feel like I don't fit in. As you can see, I often reveal more in my comments than on my blog :)

Anyway, maybe you should take a little break, get your house in order, enjoy the holidays and do a little self reflection to help you decide what direction you want to go in your life...a lot of things are all about timing. Best wishes :)

Jemsmom said...

Oh girl, you must have missed the post where I actually told the world that I spanked my daughter!!! Yes ma'am... I write about the good, the bad, and the ugly!!! You take care of yourself and BELIEVE in yourself. Girl, you have talented and such a wonderful spirit. Do NOT be discouraged!! As I say all of this, I quake in my boots thinking about starting my own photography career. Everyone loves my pictures and ask me to take pictures of their kids and families, but I don't have enough self confidence to take it to the next level and charge! It will come. I hope! Have a wonderful week and enjoy Thanksgiving!

Blue Creek Home said...

Life Is Too Short Girlfriend! Post frequency is not on my list of what makes a great blog. It is content and style. You get an A+ in both.
You truly are a talented writer and photographer. If you take a break, please take time to share some of that talent with the folks you surround yourself with - it would be a shame for no one to hear you.
Hope you find a balance.

Burlap Luxe said...

Don't delete, I know just how you feel. You want to answer each and everyone who visits, and if you don't you think this must be the reason you don't get the return visits or comments. Then there is the whole thing about my home is not authentic enough, or enough euro chic-ness, or flea market worthy to post often enough... I go through this often enough.

We tend to over think what we will come up with instead of creating from the heart and not worring about who will top our fine posting, who's house is better, and I am just not good enough at my creaft.

We all go through this from time to time, the best of all of us. Take your time girl! your inspirational postings will be greatly missed. I know I don't comment nearly enough over here, but that does not mean that I don't enjoy my visits. Sing little bird, and we will enjoy your song!

That little bird has chosen his shelter. Above it are the stars and the
deep heaven of worlds. Yet he is rocking himself to sleep without
caring for tomorrow's lodging, calmly clinging to his little twig,
and leaving God to think for him.
- Martin Luther

Stay and keep inspiring the simple things in life that have true meaning.

What is joy?
It is a bird
That we all want to catch.
It is the same bird
That we all love to see flying
- Sri Chinmoy

Keep flying Anne!

Dorthe said...

DEarest Anne,
please -ONLY-do what you think is ok for you, here-and now...
and please don`t touch the delete button....


It's me said...

O my !! what is this ??? do not stop your blog girl !! i promise .....i come to you and talk and talk !! do not crazy.....!! hahahahhah!! are so special person !! a good boging friend to me.......i love your blog and i love you darling !! relax !! you can do this !! and we wait for you........even when you post onces in a month !!.....warm hugs kisses and more from me you can do this girl !! go for it !! love Ria....

Andi's English Attic said...

It sounds as though you're just stressed out. Take calming breaths (even if it's only while you're waiting for the kettle to boil). Blogland isn't just about the good times. Your cyber friends are here to support you when times get rough, too. You can do it. Believe. xx

Unknown said...

That's why you can't stop blogging. Look at all the giveaway's.
Hugs to you and thank you for being you!

Unknown said...

proof read! LUCKY

Anonymous said...

Hi Anne! Well I get stuck and try to make little tiny things big things for my blogs and I dont like when i do that.In fact im there now.Thats why a little break is in order.I have 350 followers, but I dont see all of them just the same people always.I really want to strive to make my blog more quality and forget the quantity.

I think you desreve a break you sound overwhelmed with it all.So do take that much desreved break for yourself and have a blessed Thanskgiving.Come back and feel refreshed and new again.Thigns will be fine.


Anonymous said...

Wow my spelling I should work on that while im away,LOL.

Myrna said...

I've been awake since 2:30 a.m. lamenting about my life..but I try to mostly share the good stuff. Thank you for your honesty and openness and I second all the comments before me (you have quite a support group going there!) ;-) This is the only quote posted at my desk at the moment:
"Courage does not always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying: 'I will try again tomorrow.'
Blessings to you Anne,

trash talk said...

I guess my advice is for you to determine where this sense of frustration is stemming from. If it's from blogging...step back for a bit. If it's from being over will come soon. I had a boss once who would always ask less than happy customers "What will it take to make you happy?". Answer that question and maybe you'll find some peace.
P.S. No, I don't share a rep to protect ya know? That's why I have the second vent when necessary...hardly anyone reads it so I'm free to be me!

annalisa said...

sometimes life it's very difficult, carry on!
you're so special!
love,Annalisa from Italy!

Alice said...

My blog is not actually mine-its a group blog, so I try not to post personal things on there. But I have been known to rant a time or two about certain subjects to get a conversation going. I don't believe its bad blogging to post your feelings, as long as it is not hurting someone else in the process.

I understand the feeling of unrealistic expectations--most of which are placed on myself BY myself. I think those of us who are 'doers' feel the same.

And, yes, I raised my hand to the question of opportunities and ambitions exceeding my talents and abilities. I usually mull something over in my head until I tear it to shreds--and then the opportunity passes. My dad always said that good things come to those who wait, and I've found this mostly to be true for when you are looking for that perfect home, or job searching etc. But waiting until it feels right can also make you miss out on something you might regret later, such as an opportunity to use your talents.

I may not be the best one to give advice, but think about the worst that could happen if you accepted the challenge, and think about how you would feel if you lost the opportunity because you waited to long to act on it.

Anne, you've got more talent in your little finger than most people have in their entire body! Sometimes jumping in with both eyes closed and screaming like a banshee ends up being the most fun when all is said and done.

I'm so glad you did not delete your lovely blog. Take a break, as long as you need. We understand.

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

Bad news......your normal..sorry to have to break it to you like that but thats the cold hard truth!!! Do you have any idea how many people you would have affected if you had pushed that sad we all would be...its not about presure for you to return a comment its about how much you inspire all of us and ask nothing in return...o.k sorry lecture is over missy...take it easy k? Lots of love,Chrissy

The French Bear said...

Wow, I read all the have so many wonderful friends that really care about you!!! I agree with them all...don't stop blogging unless it is truly what you need to do, but I would miss you desperately!!! I love to come and be inspired and I know I can be rejuvenated each time, you always fill me with the desire to get off the computer and go create!!!! It is so hard when life gets too full to do everything we want but I think we are all on the same page....stop and give yourself a break....relax and enjoy all the things that need to come and your family!!!!
I know I will be here if you need me!!!!
Hugs and good wishes,
Margaret B

red.neck chic said...

i believe in you - AND i have faith in you...

AND i absolutely adore you... it will all work out in the end - i promise! just remember... you're writing your book... and i'm thinkin' it's a page turner...

;-D xoxoxo

Susan Freeman said...

Don't hit that delete button! I so enjoy coming to visit you. We all have days when we feel overwhelmed, under appreciated or just a bit blue. Remember ~ stiff upper lip and carry on. We'll all be here waiting and ready to read your charming blog. I believe in you and so do many, many others!

Susan and Bentley

Claudia said...

Darling girl, step back, take a breath, sleep on it. All will seem clearer and saner after a break. Of course you will not delete this blog...what would we do without you?

You can do anything - dream it.


Lululiz said...

Good grief, don't you ever scare me like that again! I would miss you and your blog so terribly. You know, you don't have to post every day, you don't have to post exciting happy loveydovey things, we can laugh with you, smile with you, but we can also cry with you, when things get on top of you. Take a good long break, concentrate on the more important things, and we'll be here. We all believe in you, so believe in yourself as well, eh? Big hug.

The MO Farmers Daughter said...

Hi,I am fairly new to your blog,and the blogging world,but,I was wondering how all of you girls had the time to write on your blogs,some of you must work on it during work time,but,here is the thing,slow down,you aren,t required to post every day are you?slow down rest stop and regroup,but,do not quit entirely.OK?hugs carol

Cindy said...

Anne, your blog was the very first blog that I read and it continues to be my very favorite. You are inspirational, funny and down to earth. That is what makes you so endearing to so many. Be good to yourself! Happy Holidays!

Claudia said...

Oh, one more thing - or maybe two! Most of my posts are upbeat, but as you know, I have shared worries and fears in the past. Sadness, as well. Your blog is you.

You cannot respond to every comment. I've finally learned this important thing. For what it's worth: I try to get around to most blogs as often as possible. I don't always leave a comment, but I DO try to leave a comment at least once a week. And, of course, if someone has a question, I respond via email. I have more free time than you, Anne, and I find it impossible to respond to every comment. I think that as long as my readers know that I visit them and leave my thoughts at least once a week, they know I'm reading and appreciative of their posts.


Journal Swag said...

Hello, sweet Anne. I absolutely am with you on this one! I've thought of quitting the blog lately too, because I haven't blogged about the awful things that have been going on in my life. I've always gotten comments telling me that they read my blog because it is so cheerful. (That one has paralyzed me). I always feel that blogging is a record of our lives, so it should be the real deal, but obviously I'm not "walking the walk." As far as opportunities... first you must rest (really rest) for a few days. Keep your robe and slippers on and pull out those old mags with the pretty pictures and just look at the pics. It's a good way to clear the mind. Also, I discovered the best concept recently! (Of course I don't remember where I read about it... I'm tired and heartbroken and angry ya know... just "in the closet" about it). Anyway, when facing a new opportunity or challenge and you aren't quite sure what to do you should ask yourself TWO questions... (maybe even make a list if you're up to it, but not necessary). If you say "Yes" to this opportunity, what are you saying "No" to? Are you ready and willing to say no to those things? If you said "Yes" what ELSE would you be saying "yes" to? Good and bad, dredge it up. It's really helped me lately. Maybe someday we'll be brave together and have the "umph" write the "real deal" about our lives, not just the glitter and fluff that we admittedly love.

Hugs to you, Anne. You're on my prayer list! a

Erin said...

I believe in you, Anne. Your beautiful pictures and lovely arrangements are all testaments to your talent and ability. Take your time with the blog (I will surely miss it if it's gone!) and don't be afraid to take a risk when the opportunity presents itself. The worse that can happen is that you stumble a bit and learn along the way. But consider all the possibilities should you succeed! Now, focus on those possibilities... :)

sandy said...

As you can see, we all love your blog and the one behind it! It's sooo important to take time for yourself, you'll never regret that decision and to pray on it. You'll be given clarity BECAUSE you believe! I'm not a blogger, but I couldn't start my morning without coffee and fiona & twig!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said... can do anything you set your mind too!! I know Mr. Twig is your biggest fan but as you can see here...we love you too!!!

Between Me and You said...

I found this saying on a Kit-Kat wrapper and now it`s up on my fridge door! -


1. Don`t sweat the small stuff.
2. It`s all small stuff.

Even Cowgirls get the blues....this soon shall pass!xxx

Lana Manis said...

Dear Anne ~
I try to have upbeat posts, but a while back I posted on my blog about my doubts and uncertainties. I nearly deleted it several times after I received comments (all good) but I left it. It's part of who I am and I was sharing what I felt in my heart at the time.

My advice: If you are having doubts about an opportunity, pray about it, and if you think God put it there in your path... don't you think He will help you with it? :)

Take Care & God Bless,

Lili said...

So late in posting a comment on this as I read your newest post first. You know how they always say "the answer lies within." That sometimes helps me during dilemma time. Blessings to you dear Anne! xoxo ~Lili

colleen said...

life is pretty short to not be happy. so take risks play hard and have no regrets ;).your equipment is a business investment so is also a write off and how fun is that ! so i say go for it and enjoy the ride ;).

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