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Sunday, December 5, 2010

House Sneak Peeks

Well, it ain't pretty in the slightest, nor is it the least bit "Christmas-ey",
but I figured I owed you guys some house shots, so here they are.

In case you're not up to speed, we are currently vying for the Guinness World Record
for the longest relocation from one house to another.
I think we have a pretty good chance to win!
We're still not moved in, so that would account for the sparseness of decor.

What you're seeing:

The Master Bedroom.

What's going to change:

Obviously, there will be bed linens. 
Still looking for window treatments.
And nothing has been hung on the walls yet.
See that circa 1990s Broyhill dresser on the left in the pic above?
It's going to be painted and the knobs will be changed out.
The little nightstand to the left of the bed
will move to the guest bedroom and be replaced
with something more substantial.

 Looking out from the Master into the entry hallway...

Moving across the hallway...

What you're seeing:

The Living Room

What's going to change:

There will be some rugs down.
There will be new window treatments.
The furniture placement will change, 
and there are several more large pieces coming in here.

 And this?

Just a little sneak peek at my dreamy
Carol Hicks Bolton sofa.
Back home in Fredericksburg at last, 
home of the original, iconic Homestead store where I purchased it

So that's it for now.
I can't wait for you to see
how it ends up all pulled together.
Shoot, I can't wait to see it, myself!

To see more of our charming little cottage,
click HERE.

Have a happy week ahead,
and this SHOULD be the week when I'm able to reveal my secret!  ;-)



DustyLu said...

The suspense is killing me all around girl! Love the backdrop to your gorgeous home! Have a wonderful week! lulu

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Anne,
Well at least you are having fun playing house!
It's really looking beautiful. Love all your furniture pieces and I know it's going to be so lovely.


Olive said...

That living room is gorgeous. The sofa and chair so perfect. Just think how much character you are building in setting this record! merry♥O

Stitchfork said...

Visions of sugarplums and decked out rooms - you're getting there, and we are enjoying seeing the process! xo...Cathy

judi said...

i can't wait to see what you do to the broyhill dresser! we have a very similar one by thomasville that i've been considering for a makeover. you may have the record on moving but i think we have the one on how long it takes to renovated a bathroom...going on 6 months!

Julie Marie said...

Hi Anne... everything is looking wonderful... your photos even make a cardboard box sitting on a mattress waiting to be unpacked look inviting! Cannot wait any longer for your secret... what is it, pretty please???? xoxo Julie Marie

Theresa said...

BEEEEEAAAAAAUUUUUTTTTTIIIIIFUL! Can't wait for more, can't wait for more! GIVE US MORE:) HUGS!

Beth Leintz said...

Looks great right now, you've got so many great pieces- the Carol Bolton sofa, the deco syle cabinet in your hall- and those wood floors- can't wait to see what it looks like when you get it all fluffed out.

Alice said...

I know it will look fabulous when you get done. I just love that Paris rug in the entry hall!!!

And seriously, I'm dying to know your secret!

Michelle Hughes said...

Love it so far! And I can't wait to hear your secret :)

Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

Love how it is going!! Cant wait to find out your secret!!!! Hugs,Rachel

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

How exciting! So many gorgeous things already... can not wait to see more! :)

" SHABBY JUNK" said...

I like what I see already. Love those wood floors too! Keep the photos coming . Judy

One Cheap B*tch said...

I CAN'T wait to see the after photos. I like what I see so far but dying for the final shots!


Vicki said...

That house has so much character. It is the perfect backdrop for all of your favorite pieces. I understand why you were so in love with it. It is perfection.

Tammy said...

Ahh's all looking so good already! I love love love that sofa...lordy me! It's gawjus!! I'm excited for you and can't wait to see more pics!
Tammy :-)

Unknown said...

Oh.....I don't know how you can stand it! You are one patient girl! LOL...can't wait to see what's going to happen.

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Uhhh yep. I still have sofa envy. Now I have house envy on top of it. Oy! ;)
xx, shell

Heaven's Walk said...

I still can't get over how cool your new house is, Anne. I adore the way the rooms flow, the big windows, the windowed door in your bedroom, all the wood floors......soooo pretty! I can imagine how much fun you're going to have dressing it up once you get all moved in! If you need votes for that Guinness record, you've got mine! lol!

xoxo laurie

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Hi Anne, everything is looking wonderful, can't wait to see more... love the Carol Bolton sofa!!!
hugs~~~ Daphne

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Fun to see your pretty pieces finally moving in! I'm looking forward to seeing more and hearing about your new adventure! XO

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

I am completely charmed by it already...can't wait to see it finished. Enjoy the season Anne!

Debra@CommonGround said...

mind if I drool on your sofa...?

Hill Country House Girl said...

It's coming along!! Let me know when you are officially in, okay? xo Ann

Unknown said...

Only you could have a sparsely decorated home look beautiful! I like it so far; the hall rug is awesome as is the living room furniture. I love it! This is so much fun to see, but I am sorry that you have had such a long wait to get into the house. I hope you will be soon!


Barbara Jean said...

It will be WONDERFUL!!!!


barbara jean

Itchin' Stitchin' said...

Love how the house is coming together - your furniture is so yummy! I don't know how you are keeping a secret this long .. I always spill the beans.

Bring Pretty Back said...

Anne, I feel the same way... It seems as though we will never move into the new little house! This week I was feeling disapointed that we will not be in the house for Christmas, so I decided to just enjoy the whole process of getting there. I think the planning and dreaming of how it will all eventually be is part of the fun. kind of like planning a vacation is part of the fun... ( :
I am so excited to see your home complete.
Have a pretty day!

Sue said...

I LIKE what I see! Can't wait to see more!!

Take care, Sue

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Things are really looking great! Everything is going to come right together. You have done a lot, even though you may not think so. I am so excited to find out about your secret. I don't wait very well, but I promise to try!!!Have a wonderful week. Love & blessings from NC!

Jemsmom said...

You will have it exactly like you want it soon! It takes time and you have the touch. I think it looks great and I know you are just happy to be in! Have a great week!

WhiteWhispers2u said...

How fun! House looks awesome.~Enjoy Kim

Amy Kinser said...

It's beautiful and it's going to be more beautiful. Love keeping up with it all.

Anonymous said...

It's looking good, Sweetie Pooh!! Can't wait till you have all things in this sweet house and you put all your magic to it.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

time worn interiors said...

Bless your heart girl! I know this is wearing on you! But hopefully it will all be done and over soon!

It's me said...

Amazing !! i can't wait till everthing is done !!...please go for it girl and show us you new home with your decorating !! ....are you live their before christmas??? Ria..

Rozmeen said...

Hi Anne,

How are you?

Love your house pictures!!!! And the wood and green bench in front of the bed, fabulous!!

Wishing you a lovely day,

Ness Lockyer said...

I havent been by in a little while Miss Anne, and am glad I havent missed too much in the move so the fact it is taking you a while to do it has suited me just fine ;0)
Cant wait to see and hear about your secret too!
Ness xx

trash talk said...

Home coming will never be as sweet as the one just around the bend.

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

I really love this house, Anne. You must be so excited almost be moved in. Which magazine will you be photographing it for when you're done?!!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Just love your new home ~ looking so wonderful!

You know...everything you are going through, the move, the secret, work, the just keep smiling ~ and teasing us!!!

Can't wait....hurry up!


Julie Marie said...

Hi Anne, I had to come back for another look... I want a little farmhouse so bad!... we had the one we built over 25 years ago that I posted about some time ago, but moved when greedy developers took over the countryside around us and put in billions of cookie cutter houses that all looked the same and spoiled everything... but I want to move to a new "old" one... I LOVE your transom window and your door with the lace panel in your bedroom... so reminds me of my grandma's home... I want transom windows and doors like that in every room of my house!... hope you don't mind if I keep inviting myself back... xoxo Julie Marie

Farmgirl Paints said...

It just oozes charm Anne. Fluffing the nest is so fun...excited for you:)

Privet and Holly said...

It is already so
YOU, Anne! And
my heart is all
aflutter about your
big reveal.....
Nothing better than
Christmas secrets : )!!
Happy Monday,
xx Suzanne

Tricia said...

I love the feel of it Anne- the way the light filters in...perfection!
Happy new week my friend.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Everything worthwhile takes time and I know you will have it all looking fabulous when the time is right. I loved the picture of your hubby working on a dresser with kitty watching from the top. Just adorable! We need a Physics and Chemistry teacher at school so send him on over to Kuwait. HA! Hope all is well. I know how it is being busy all the time. The days are just flying. Wishing you all the best, Tammy

Natalie @ Blossoming Visions said...

Your house is just filled with potential. It's already fantastic as is. I can't wait to see the finished results. I'm loving your "Paris" mat btw...

Joanna said...


Oooh, a secret! I love secrets.......


Lululiz said...

Hurrah, at last we are seeing glimpses of your new home. I so love seeing all your bits and pieces, and I am trying to imagine how everything will look when you have implemented the changes you have planned. Oh do hurry up, please, the suspense is just too much ;-)

Anne Marie said...

no rush of course...but hurry up!!


Anne Marie

Debby said...

The house looks fabulous. I love what I am seeing so far.

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Oh anne Love once you had the fence man sorted I thought you'd be 'home & hosed'....Yet here I pop back for a quick look see to see you are STILL going back & forward....NEVER MIND....I'm sure the end is in sight & I'm LOVIN' the beginning.... :o) !!!

THANKS for sharing your pics & plans....I'm lookin' forward to seeing you both snuggled in safe & sound before Christmas....Yeah....??

Oh & your SECRET....I WONDER what that could be....????

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)

Laurie said...

Your new home seems to have a lot of wonderful light, and what I see so far of your moving in looks great in it! You and Mr. Twig are perfect for this house becasue you know how to dress it in its appropriate finery and I am so enjoying each post!

I'll be checking to read about your secret, Anne!

Sarah said...

Anne, a slow move is like a slow dance. Enjoy it! ;-)
Seriously, just think how organized you'll be once the move is complete. It's all looking good. ~ Sarah

lisaroy said...

Can't wait to see it all come together! loving that Paris rug :)

Charlene said...

IT'S A PROCESS DARLING!!!!!!!!!!!!Enjoy the dance! Hugs!

Rebecca said...

Oh Anne, it will be wonderful! I would bet my last dollar on that...
Have fun with it!
Hope your holiday is going well

red.neck chic said...

If one day you come home and the cabinet in your entryway - along with the chair in your living room should be missing...

I promise I'll leave a pocketbook in their places.

;-D I LOVE IT!!!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Can't wait to see the finished product.... But the bones are yummy.... You are the MOST organized mover I've ever seen.... even if it is taking a little while.

Warm blessings,

Anonymous said...

Anne, well you DID throw a gorgeous piece of lace over the mattress! ;-) You're on your way! And in your master bedroom, that little built-in cupboard and the style of the door to the left of it....on my!!! Talk about charming! Your house already has such good bones and so much character. Your personal touches are going to make it a HOME!
Hugs! DIane

trash talk said...

Shoulda, coulda, woulda...c'mon girl...give!
D said...

So far FABULOUS!!!! So glad you are going to use linens in the bedroom;)lol
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Lili said...

Lovin' that Paris rug and that huge lantern sitting right there in the Master. It's so exciting watching you move in!! xoxo ~Lili

The Feathered Nest said...

I just LOVE IT ALL Anne!!! I can see it all finished in my mind ~ your new home is so wonderful and I love the pieces you have...and the sofa?? I'm over here drooling!!!! It's just gorgeous!!! We've been here since the middle of September and I'm just now hanging photos the middle of December ~ good grief, I'm slow as molasses....hugs and love, Dawn

Ivy said...

I LOVE your house!!!!!
It's got so much character & charm <3

Jan Thomason said...

ohhhh, it's looking really good, anne! i know you're so excited.
it's been forever since i've visited - got craig married, the rehearsal dinner done completely by me and i am proud to say that it didn't kill me.
but i'm still standin':)

Christmas is over and i leave on friday to go to michigan to get my mother.
hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

ttfn, jan

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