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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Part Two-My Flea Market Decor Magazine Feature

I came, I saw,
I took a few hundred photos!
And the lovely folks at
were kind enough to print my story and photos
of Jill Elliott's lovely Frederickburg, Texas home in their 
Winter 2013 Issue.

But I'd be quite the remiss blogger
if I didn't share more 
of the captivating Elliott residence.
Jill is the owner of 
here in Fredericksburg, and an accomplished designer
in her own right.

Not only can she put together
a drop-dead gorgeous ensemble
for an evening out, she also knows
more than a thing or two about creating
a home which not only radiates warmth
and character, but also provides endless inspiration.

And don't forget to click this link here
to see all the beauty I shared 
from the Elliott dwelling last week!

A Jill Elliott lampshade,
created on the fly. This gal is amazing!

Another one of Jill's "girls".

Hill Country comfort
meets Old World charm.

Quintessentially Fredericksburg.

And who doesn't love a vintage glider,
accessorized with colorful, oil-cloth pillows? 

A bedroom fit for a princess....
Jill's daughter, in fact!

And speaking of....

A sweet little doll of a girl,
Jill's daughter is.

I'll be sharing even more of the Elliott home
in the days ahead. But please grab a copy
of the brand new, Winter 2013
Flea Market Decor, to read my story
and learn more about Jill.

Have a happy and blessed week!

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