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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Poll Question

For the past couple of months,
I've changed this to a comment free blog.
No pressure for y'all to leave comments,
just read and run.

The truth is, I've been spending
increasing amounts of time
over on my Facebook business page,
and I've felt pulled and divided,
and yep, undecided.
{ rhyme unintentional }

Well, I'm opening up comments
for this post, because I want your feedback.

Do you LIKE "no comment" blogs?
There are actually others out there.
Would you prefer to be able to comment?
Why or why not?

Cast your vote!

Edited to add:
It was suggested by a commentor that by closing
my blog to comments, I wasn't interested in hearing what
you guys have to say.
100% untrue.

This blog has been open to comments
for 4 years, and it's only been in the past couple of months
that I've closed comments here
and instead directed people over
to my Facebook biz page in order
to dialogue with me.
Just wanted to clear that up.

you can't have a blog post
without a photo, so here's a pretty picture
to sweeten the deal!


This is a comment-free blog
but please come visit me here...

linking with


Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

I miss commenting on your blog :(

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Anne, honestly, I'm fine either way. You'll get visits no matter what, my friend.
I think it's all individual. With me it just depends on how much time I have. I try to at least visit some of my favorite blogs, but, I don't always have time to leave comments everywhere. It's even harder with so many social media outlets. Some readers have more time, and enjoy being interactive. I appreciate those who take the time to comment on my blog, so, I like to give them the opportunity to do so.

Debra@CommonGround said...

I'm with Kristin! you just cannot feel the pressure! I wish blog comments had a "LIKE" button, just to let someone know we had been there but no pressure to come up with a pithy comment. sometimes I'm too tired to be pithy, but I still want the blogger to know I enjoyed their post. I'll save the pithy comments for our phone calls, te he.

Lady of the Woods said...

commenting feels more like a two way willingness to be comments is a one way street.....speak and run...its not always needed to comment, but is good to have that ability to be heard, But then again, if you have a no comment blog, then you are not interested in hearing anything from others, so its what you want really.

pbrenner said...

I think you should do whatever your heart tells you ... I don't comment very often, but I visit lots and lots of blogs. I rarely have much to add to any particular conversation, so I tend to lay low. No matter what though, I will continue to visit your blog for its beautiful photos and to see what's going on just down the road from me in Fredericksburg :-)


Anne Lorys said...

To "Lady of the Woods"....

I appreciate your feedback.
I had my blog open to comments for 4 years. It was only this year, the past couple of months in fact, that I closed comments.

If you have read my blog regularly, you will notice that I attach a link and an encouragement for others to visit and dialogue with me on my Facebook page.

To say that I'm not interested in hearing what my readers have to say could not be farther from the truth.


Rita C at Panoply said...

It is nice to be able to let you know that your work is appreciated, and comments allow us to do that on a seemingly personal level. Your work is consistently attractive, and I love all your posts. So, if you do close comments again, there - I got my blanket comment in! :)

Stacy's Shabby Shoppe said...

Hi Anne ~ I'm just not sure what the purpose of a comment free blog is. Is it to stop unwanted comments or to remove the obligation that people might feel when visiting a blog? I've never heard of a comment free this something new? LOL! I've been out of the blog loop for awhile! xo

Theresa said...

Occasionally I think "no comments" is necessary:) I try really hard to comment as often as possible. When I am really busy and KNOW that I will not be able to read/comment, I will put "no comments" on my blog. My blog is daily and I do that so that I can keep up with the memories and mostly about my grandchildren:) Lot of people read my blog (like family and never comment, and that's ok with me! Sometimes, it is nice to be able to read and move on without commenting! SO... I guess I am good either way:)

Curtains in My Tree said...

Oh I like to leave comments and you always have such good post to comment about
However I Don't feel like you have to comment back to everyone who leaves you a comment! Who started that anyway??? LOL

holli said...

I'm sometimes pretty slow in responding back to my comments but i really enjoy receiving them. I think its good to have the option. If people dont comment, it doesnt mean they didnt read your post.

Lady of the Woods said...

ok, sorry, I for one do not do facebook nor have other ways of commenting and I know some others too do not use facebook etc, so its not an option for everyone. But like I said, it is what you want to do...either way is fine. :-)

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

While most times I'm in a hurry and it's so easy to just LIKE something on Facebook, I like that comments are open to leave one if I can. I understand we are all busy and it easier to just read and then head back to FB and like. Too bad there aren't LIKE buttons on blogs.


I'm fine with either way. I have a couple of times had the "no comment". With everyone so busy, I totally understand. For now, I'm staying with blogging and not facebook. Too many things, pinterest, facebook, blogging, ???

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

I'm really fine either way. I always enjoy seeing what you have to share, but to be honest, I don't always have the time to comment. I used to feel the need to comment on everything I read. And I also felt the need to respond to all comments on my blog. I have come to realize that it's just not possible to do either one of those things. And with all the other social media options, it just becomes overwhelming at times. So the bottom line is ... do whatever makes you feel most comfortable. That's what makes each blogger unique in the first place. And you know you'll never be able to please everyone no matter how hard you try!

Anonymous said...

I like the ability to comment on blogs... it feels more like we're friends, and not just strangers reading about each other's stuff. :)

Shirley said...

Hi Anne, I sometimes will comment on face book, but I would sooner comment on your blog. It is easier for me, but you can do whichever you like. I have a little more time now that I no longer have a full time job. Have a wonderful day and thank you for your help. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

debi said...

I love your blog and will continue to visit either way. I don't have a real preference. I can see the good on both sides of this debate, for both the blogger, and the reader. I say, it's your blog, and you should do what works for you. If I really need to comment on something you post, I'll visit you on FB.

WinnibriggsHouse said...

Hi , I used to read another blog which became a no comment one and although I didn't always have a reply at least if I really felt one was needed I had that option. Once the comments were turned off however I have to admit it seemed the friendliness went too. If you had new followers how would you interact with them. I am not a lover of Facebook and probably wouldn't go there to catch up. As others have said, the choice is yours but personally I feel the soul goes out of those blogs which don't allow comments. No longer a conversation more a monologue!

AppleApricot Wen said...

Hi Anne, just found your blog a couple of days ago and love it! About the commenting... please do whatever feels right to you. I love to comment and get comments, and I think there should not be a obligation in commenting or replying. Time is precious and you can only use it once. I'll be visiting your blog with or without the commenting, either way, because I get inspired by seeing your beautiful photos.
Wishing you a sweet Christmas season. Hugs, Wendy

shabbyfufu said...

Although I haven't closed the comments section on my own blog, I totally get it that everyone is too busy to leave one these days. I personally find it sort of a relief because there isn't always time to respond to comments either. It doesn't really affect readership one way or the other, so whatever works I say....

Marijke said...

Comments or not I like your photo's for me an inspiration...
How I see a blog....
My blog is for me like a photo album and a diary together they has been replaced by a blog.
My blog is an reflection of things I'm doing and gives mainly for myself a reminder...
Reactions I get unfortunately not much, but sometimes it can provide the push for me forward.
I hope you going on bloggen, sorry I don't like facebook so much there the photographs are a lot smaller for me.
groetjes van Marijke
The Hague, Netherlands

Terri said...

I'm fine either way... I do not have a blog.. but I soooo enjoy visiting yours... People could just comment on your FB page.... But.. what ever you decide.. I will still visit!! Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

WoW--I didn't realize this would become such a debate!
I'm not a big commentor~in giving or receiving. I comment when I have something of value to say or am totally impressed with what is posted--and I don't expect a returned response...people are BUSY!
I admit that there are times I intend to leave a comment, but since I would just be REPEATing many of the same ALREADY-posted comments--I don't bother.
And btw--I've only ever been on WP and have always had a LIKE button, which gets used a lot!

Beverly said...

Maybe it is old-fashioned, but I really prefer to be able to leave and receive comments. There is noting like a little hello to brighten my day.

I just posted day four of my Holiday Home Tour. I hope you will be able to come by for a visit and hello.♥

The Old Parsonage said...

I don't have facebook to interact with people so I like to leave comments. I'm not looking for them to answer me back, just to let someone was visiting and my thoughts.

Love Love Love your style!


Unknown said...

No comment ! Kidding :) . I'll read your blog no matter what you decide .
Just because I love it !

Athena at Minervas Garden said...

I think either is good. If people want to leave a comment, they will in either place that you offer. At least if there is some way to communicate, that is best, to leave the option open :)

Rose said...

Well, maybe I shouldn't comment, because the bottom line is you need to do what's easiest and most enjoyable for you! I don't comment often, I mainly look, file ideas away (and say thanks for the motivation) and move on. But I will say that I don't use facebook every day. I am in animal rescue, and my page is loaded with depressing stuff, most of which is also covered in emails to me, and when I do go to facebook for ANYbody's page, I feel compelled to go to my own page as well. So bottom line for me is that it takes me longer to get on and then off of facebook than I want to spend sometimes, so I just don't go at all, unless I have some time on my hands.

I know you will make the best decision for you and look forward to continuing to follow your blog! Merry Christmas to you and your other readers; may it be a peaceful season, no matter what your beliefs.

Kathy said...

Great question…I've not thought about this before. I like what Debra said, it would be nice if posts had a 'like' button,


That "like" button would be awesome. Then there's no need for you to respond. If a reader has a question, get back to them, otherwise, just enjoy the likes. In a perfect world, right?


Carla63 said...

I don't do Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter. That kind of cuts down my options. I've noticed that some giveaways now say you have to like or sign up for some of those to even enter the give away and that too cuts down on people like me being involved. I enjoy your blog- but it is your blog- so do what suits you best and we will keep following.

Anne Boykin said...

I agree with others, it's whatever you decide is right for you. I like to comment from time to time to acknowledge that I enjoy your posts. But if you have no comments, I don't feel I need to do that. But I do enjoy your blog!

LivingVintage said...

It's totally your decision, but personally new people to your blog will not see this post, and many may assume (incorrectly) that you don't care about readers' comments. Like many others, sometimes I'm just too busy to leave a blog comment, or I agree with a past blog comments, and I don't feel like I have anything new to add, so I elect to say nothing. But, I have to say as a relatively new blogger myself, I love to get comments, even if they're short one-liners (like 'love it', 'pinning!', etc.), just to get feedback. I love your style and will continue to follow your blog regardless, but it'd be nice to comment now and then. Just my two cents.

Unknown said...

Oh boy, what to do?
I believe you should do what works for you. For those that are visiting and want to leave you a comment will go to FB to do so. For those that enjoy visiting your blog will continue to do so with or without commenting. For those that will be upset that your blog is a non comment blog, well they will be upset then, you will not please all people all of the time. The way you conduct your blog is your business.
Happy Holiday to you.

Rhonda said...

I agree with you doing whatever your big ole Texan heart tells you to do !!! Love following you and interacting on FB. I like a quick trip here to see what you've got going on but don't mind if it's a no comment zone. I follow some other bloggers and they never respond to anything or there are so many comments it would be impossible to do so. I have pretty much given up on blog posting. And I must say that you interact with your followers MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE I follow. I love that. I feel like you are my friend over there in Fredericksburg. Thanks for allowing me to vicariously follow your adventures. Love ya Anne !!!

lynn said...

My main purpose looking at blogs are the beautiful photographs, to get ideas & to drool!!! Only occasionally do I comment on a blog so for me, it is not that important. And, I think, it would depend on how much time the blogger has to be on the blog & read the comments! Happy Happy Holydays!

Bohemian said...

Well Anne, I visit Blogs that have Comments Closed about as regularly as those that keep them Open. If I like a Blog and it's content I will still visit because the visuals and stories intrigue me more than anything I might have to say about it all. *winks* I also don't know how those Bloggers who receive such an avalanche of Comments can possibly reach out to everyone with acknowledgement without stressing out. I'm rather relieved that I have a manageable amount to respond to, because I never want anyone to feel ignored. That said, a Closed Comment section can sometimes feel a bit like a Friend who won't take your Calls because we really do Connect to our Blog Supporters and Blog Friends Relationally... so I can see where it could frustrate some who would like to Connect back about a Post they particularly Enjoyed. I Hope you have a Peace about which way to go... your Blog as always is so Inspirational and Beautiful that I for one will always come back often whether Comments remain Closed or Open back up.

Blessings and Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Kristin_Texas said...

I'm not a fan of Facebook, but I love commenting on blogs when I can. Still, I really think it all comes down to personal preference. It's your blog to run as you see fit.


Veronica Roth said...

I suppose I shouldn't really have much of an input since I used to visit you a great deal for about two years and then somehow lost you (completely unintentionally) for about a year, but my 2 cents worth is that I really like building relationships with people and the no comment thing discourages that interaction and I tend to feel discouraged then too. :)

Suzie Button said...

I am an already follower! Thanks for a chance to win and Merry Christmas! Susan purrpage3 at verizon dot net

FredaB said...

I am a follower and read your blog faithfully. Love your pics. I do not always take the time to leave a comment - depends on what the column is about.


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