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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Dreaming of Junking Calendar, 2015

If it's the dawn of a new year,
that pretty much means one things to us
 junkers, pickers, and hearty flea market-eers....

It's time for a brand new

VRS guru Sue LaLumia has asked me
to contribute photos for pretty much every year
she's been curating this little gem,
and I'm so proud and honored that Sue
chose 4 of my photos for the 2015 edition!

She is also featuring the stellar photography
ot Chartreuse & Co, Attic Antics, and herself!
It's a beautiful addition to any room in your home or office.

We hang ours every year on the old vintage dining cabinet
by the back door.

And one of my 4 months included is February....
I shot this image in the totally amazeballs vintage glamper
belonging to my good friend Theresa Cano

To quote Sue:

"If you dream of "junking", prowling antique stores, 
and trawling flea markets, this is your calendar!

For when you can't be out junking, 
this Dreaming of Junking Calendar
—VRS' new 2015 calendar (6th year in a row!)—
will slake your junking jones while you're trapped at your desk, 
but wish you were at an antique show or flea market.
This Antiques Calendar features gorgeous photos
of the vintage treasures and displays we all love, 
featuring the photography of some of the best junkers (and me). 
Each month has a gorgeous color photo that should have you drooling.

I've included dates of most major US flea markets 
and antique shows nationwide—from Warrenton/Round Top and Brimfield, 
to smaller local and regional shows! 
Plan those junk jaunts and girlfriend getaway weekends in advance. 
Don't let those dates sneak up on you. 
But remember: if you see me at a flea market, 
I've got dibs on that vintage typewriter!

These are standard 11" x 8.5" calendars and are spiral bound, 
on satin paper (semi-gloss). These are wall calendars to hang in your office or home."

Thank you once again, Sue!

Order here:

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