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Monday, January 19, 2015

Thank you, Romantic Homes Magazine...Published!

True story.
I can be a horrible nag. 
Especially when it's a project I'm passionate about. 

Just ask my friend Chris Berger
I harangued her for the better part of a year 
to get her to agree to let me photograph her 
1920s era Fredericksburg, TX Craftsman Bungalow. 

I told her the magazines would love it. 
I told her readers would love it. 
Shoot, I'm crazy about it! 

And now, at long last, I can say it to Chris... 
" neener, neener, I told ya so!! " 

Not only did Romantic Homes Magazine 
and Editor Jacqueline deMontravel love the house, 
they featured it in the current issue { March 2015 }, 
and at 8 pages, marks my largest RH feature ever! 

It is now my joy to share this fabulous home
with all of you!

Thank you, Chris and Keith Berger! 
Thank you Romantic Homes and Jacqueline deMontravel! 
And thanks to all of you for looking! 
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to see the full gallery...

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