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Friday, March 20, 2015

Another Absolutely "Splendid" Photo Shoot!

 Every photographer has their "thing" 
That one particular subject that they really love 
shooting just a little bit more than any other. 

And although I've photographed everything 
from flea markets to shops to dental offices 
to bridal photos, my absolute fave thing to shoot 
are B&Bs, or Guest Houses.
And living in the B&B mecca of the known world, 
aka Fredericksburg, TX, has afforded me the opportunities 
to do just that on many an occasion. 

I've collaborated with Melissa Mabery on 4 other shoots 
of her lovely properties, and this latest shoot 
was I think the best ( and most fun ) yet!

 Splendid Inn, as it has been dubbed, 
is splendid, indeed. It is an 1850s stone house, 
and all of the historic charm has remained intact. 
Have a little look-see..... 

As I mentioned earlier, it has been 
my privilege to photograph all of Melissa's 
so if you'd like to book a stay at any of the above or
at Splendid Inn, be sure to contact Melissa here:

Exciting news coming about two 
upcoming magazine features...soon! 

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