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Friday, March 6, 2015

Now Hiring....Clones!

Photo editing clones, to be exact. 

You laugh, but I'm almost serious. 
Although I would never turn over that part 
of the artistic process to someone else, 
I find myself of late 
playing a frantic game of catch-up withe regards 
to both my editorial and commercial shoots. 

Still, a little hard work never killed anyone, 
and I figgered that I could at least give you 
a wee glimpse of some of what I've been working on. 

The first three photos are from the yet-to-be-named 
new B&B from my friend 
It's a gorgeous 1850s stone house right on W Main 
here in Fredericksburg, Texas. 
The decor here makes me weak in the knees!

The photo below is part of a project 
I just completed for HGTV Design Star Bex Hale

I photographed her stunning guest houses 
at Wolf Creek Ranch in Wimberley, Texas, 
and this rustic beauty is really something to behold!

Back to editing now.... 
And preparing to hunker down for icepocalypse, 
part two, heading to my 'burg tomorrow! 

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