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Monday, February 15, 2016

Published, Spring 2016 Where Women Create

My favorite magazine, 
Where Women Create, 
has a wonderfully inspiring column called 
"The Art of Organization". 
It's where artists share their tips and tricks 
for storing and organizing all of those 
tantalizing bits and baubles 
that fuel their creativity.

It was my privilege to photograph 
the studio of my wildly talented friend 
 Chris Berger in the new Spring issue!

Chris works in so many mediums, 
making her a natural for sharing her
uncanny gift of keeping all her pretties 
stored and at the ready. 

Her collection of vintage hatboxes 
house delicate millinery flowers...

  And embellished cards of 
every shape and size.

A sweet array of vintage bottles  
provide not only easy access, but allow Chris 
to visualize just the perfect touch for one of 
her stunning altered lingerie creations.

Speaking of....




Corsets, bras, undergarments have never 
looked so sublime. 
Victoria's Secret's got nuthin' on Chris.

Need storage for your art papers?
Not a problem, howzabout a vintage dish rack?

Clever gal, my friend Chris. 
And truly one of the most gifted, generous-hearted 
people I know. 

Only a couple of weeks after shooting this feature, 
Chris's sweet husband and our good friend Keith 
passed away suddenly. 
He was smart as a whip, hilarious,
and missed by all who were fortunate enough 
to know and love him.  

Keith, this one was for you.

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