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Tuesday, October 11, 2016


That's what I needed. 
A dose of epi, a little B12, hell, maybe even full-blown 
I was freaking burned out, 
and didn't give much of a flip 
whether I ever picked up the camera again. 
 I put it down for a spell, and let it rest. 

It wasn't the fault of my clients, 
far from it. It was due to my type-A, 
can't say no, gotta go, go, go, mindset 
that has sadly dictated the last 6 years of my photography 
business model. 
A conundrum of my own creation, 
and as usual, my own worst enemy. 

Being the all-or-nothing creature that I am, 
I did what felt natural to me... 
I pretty much said no to any and every job 
which came my way, save for a small group 
of long-time clients and one group of magazines. 

And then my best friend Tom coerced me into 
taking a photography workshop this past week. 
to be exact.

Mindy has done what I thought for sure 
what was impossible. 
She taught me to believe again. 
To trust in myself and my intuition again. 
To drum it into my head that there are no mistakes 
when you follow your heart and your calling. 

That CPR thing came by way of a beautifully 
gifted lady named Mindy, and she has rocked my world. 

Thank you Mindy, Lisa and Jill. 
Hope came in the package of two spitfire New Yorkers, 
and my own stubborn decison to get off my ass and say,
"oh okay, I'll give this workshop thing a'll only 
be a few hours outta my day regardless."

Sharing an image from the workshop. 
Just one for now. 

It's open for your own interpretation. 
I don't even feel compelled to share what it is,
or where I shot it. 
What matters most to me is that I stopped, 
took a breath, got out of my own way,
 and followed my intuition

I looked up, and whaddaya know? 
There it was.

So yeah... I reckon I'll be back to work 
with new eyes and a new purpose. 
To follow that voice inside of me that says 
"screw the rules, make up your own. tell fear to f off."

Message recieved, Mindy.
Message received.


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