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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

That Someone


It's not always a what, 
sometimes it's a who.

The lady above is Jill Thompson Elliott.
Wife and mom, owner/proprietor of 
Haberdashery Boutique in Fredericksburg, Texas, 
and a wonderfully intuitive photographer. 

If I told her that she does it all well, 
and with preternatural grace, 
she would just crinkle up that cute nose of hers 
and correct me, albeit graciously. 

She knows that what looks and seems effortless 
is usually anything but. 
And I know it, too. 

But don't we all sometimes 
look dolefully at "that someone" who seemingly 
has it all together? The one who has figured out 
the secret to having it all and doing it all,...
being that woman that we all aspire to be? 

What we see is superficially viewed through 
our own experiences, our own failings, 
and a huge, heaping pile of misconceptions. 

The woman who "has it all", that someone
is a woman who has laughed and cried, and sacrificed. 
She has suffered great joy and crushing losses, 
sometimes in equal measure. 

She has laid awake crying, silently working out 
in her sleepless mind the "how's and why's and when's",
and how to wisely navigate the curve-balls 
that life invariably hits us with. 

She is Jill Thompson Elliott, 
and a thousand other women I know 
and admire. 
And yeah, right here and right now, 
today, she is that someone who I want to 
acknowledge as making an impact on my life. 

This post will surprise her, no doubt, 
but that's kinda the point. 

It's nice when we are going about our everyday lives, 
just doing what we do without any fanfare, 
expecting no notice or recognition, 
someone sneaks up on you... 
kind of like I did in that photo I snapped of Jill,,,
and says, 
"pssssst....hey're pretty okay, ya know?  
you made an impact, and you are an inspiration?"

Readers, keep being who you are, 
because chances are, 
YOU are that someone to someone else. 


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