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Thursday, February 12, 2015

It's a Wonderful Life, Revisited

I haven't been blogging as much recently.
And in going back through my old blog posts,
I realized that the reasons why
were so very aptly summed up
in this post from October of 2013.

I'm re-running it now to remind
myself, and maybe some of you,
that it's okay to step away from the blog
and just live your beautiful life.

Originally posted October 2013:

If someone had told me five years ago 
that I would be living the life I am now,
I never would have believed them.

Since my very young adulthood,
I had dreamed of a place not too far away.
Just 22 miles down the road, to be exact.

In my youth, I visited Fredericksburg, Texas
as often as I could.
Oh, how I delighted in spending an afternoon
taking in all the beautiful
Homestead family of shops...

Idle Hours, Room No. 5, American Higgedy Piggledy...
and of course, the Grande Dame herself,
the flagship store where dreams came true
and beautiful couches such as my Babette were birthed.
The original Homestead.

I adored the quiet little neighborhoods,
row after row of historic Sunday houses,
a place where time had seemingly stood still,
held her collective breath and said,
"this is good. this is right. this  we shall save and preserve."

And then three years ago,
as though it were foretold, and without question  my
Hill Country birthright, we did it.
I did it.
My dream came true, and I moved to
Fredericksburg, Texas.

I brought my love of all things vintage,
and of course, my love of photography with me.

I began to make many new friends,
many of them amazingly gifted shopkeepers and artists,
kindred spirits who allowed me into their shops,
their homes and their lives.
They allowed me to capture the loveliness
of what they have painstakingly created 
and document it in the pages of magazines,
and here on my blog.

And they have, almost without exception,
become very, very good friends.
How blessed am I, I ask you?

One new friend inviting me into her shop and her life
is the proprietor of the darling new Farmhouse Boutique
here in the 'burg. I'm doing a photo shoot at her fantastic shop
this week, and I am thrilled to once again share the riches of
my new hometown with the world at large.

"Gilded Girl."
Oh, how I love this necklace!
Purchased at a dreamy local shop, Timeless Menagerie.

The shop owner has become a good friend,
and has been kind enough to hire me several times now
to photograph her store for print ads and her website.

Yep, I'm pretty lucky.

Being a Texan predisposes one to sometimes
obnoxious displays of boasting,
but I really do feel that I'm living in God's country.
But more importantly, in His will.
I'm right where I'm supposed to be, doing just what
He would have me doing.

I get to see beauty such as this  every single day!
I've truly hit the geographical jackpot
and the location lottery.

And all these many years later,
I still turn into a geeky fangirl when I open up
a local magazine and see this....

A print ad for Carol Bolton's store,
which I have photographed countless times,
and there's my photo of darling Carol right there,
dead center.
Once my idol, now my sister. I love that lady so much.

I love my life.
My home.
The gifts and opportunities I've been given.
I am grateful.

It really is a wonderful life.

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Thank you, Romantic Homes Magazine...Published!

True story.
I can be a horrible nag. 
Especially when it's a project I'm passionate about. 

Just ask my friend Chris Berger
I harangued her for the better part of a year 
to get her to agree to let me photograph her 
1920s era Fredericksburg, TX Craftsman Bungalow. 

I told her the magazines would love it. 
I told her readers would love it. 
Shoot, I'm crazy about it! 

And now, at long last, I can say it to Chris... 
" neener, neener, I told ya so!! " 

Not only did Romantic Homes Magazine 
and Editor Jacqueline deMontravel love the house, 
they featured it in the current issue { March 2015 }, 
and at 8 pages, marks my largest RH feature ever! 

It is now my joy to share this fabulous home
with all of you!

Thank you, Chris and Keith Berger! 
Thank you Romantic Homes and Jacqueline deMontravel! 
And thanks to all of you for looking! 
Head over to my photography website
to see the full gallery...

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Monday, January 12, 2015

Published in Cottages & Bungalows...Sugarberry Inn

A great big thank you
to Cottages & Bungalows Magazine
and editor Jickie Torres
for publishing my photo feature on
in the current issue!

{ styling above by the one and only Carol Hicks Bolton }

It was a blast photographing
this beautiful boutique inn right here
in Fredericksburg, Texas last year.
And becoming friends with the owners,
Joe and Susan Giardina,
was the best part!

{ February-March 2015 issue }

Head on over to my photography website
to get a look at the full shoot...

Stay warm!

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Dreaming of Junking Calendar, 2015

If it's the dawn of a new year,
that pretty much means one things to us
 junkers, pickers, and hearty flea market-eers....

It's time for a brand new

VRS guru Sue LaLumia has asked me
to contribute photos for pretty much every year
she's been curating this little gem,
and I'm so proud and honored that Sue
chose 4 of my photos for the 2015 edition!

She is also featuring the stellar photography
ot Chartreuse & Co, Attic Antics, and herself!
It's a beautiful addition to any room in your home or office.

We hang ours every year on the old vintage dining cabinet
by the back door.

And one of my 4 months included is February....
I shot this image in the totally amazeballs vintage glamper
belonging to my good friend Theresa Cano

To quote Sue:

"If you dream of "junking", prowling antique stores, 
and trawling flea markets, this is your calendar!

For when you can't be out junking, 
this Dreaming of Junking Calendar
—VRS' new 2015 calendar (6th year in a row!)—
will slake your junking jones while you're trapped at your desk, 
but wish you were at an antique show or flea market.
This Antiques Calendar features gorgeous photos
of the vintage treasures and displays we all love, 
featuring the photography of some of the best junkers (and me). 
Each month has a gorgeous color photo that should have you drooling.

I've included dates of most major US flea markets 
and antique shows nationwide—from Warrenton/Round Top and Brimfield, 
to smaller local and regional shows! 
Plan those junk jaunts and girlfriend getaway weekends in advance. 
Don't let those dates sneak up on you. 
But remember: if you see me at a flea market, 
I've got dibs on that vintage typewriter!

These are standard 11" x 8.5" calendars and are spiral bound, 
on satin paper (semi-gloss). These are wall calendars to hang in your office or home."

Thank you once again, Sue!

Order here:

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Haberdashery Boutique...Adorning the Fanciful Soul!

So I trust that Saint Nick made all
your Christmas wishes come true?
Well then, might I suggest a little excursion to
the Texas Hill Country and a visit to the exquisite

Owner Jill Elliott has created a shop which,
to quote her very own tagline,
"adorns the fanciful soul."

Gorgeous ladies and men's clothing,
the best selection of Magnolia Pearl artisan wear
to be found....exquisite jewelry, must-have shoes, boots...
you'll want one of everything, trust me.

Here are some images from my recent
photo shoot at Jill's tantalizing boutique!

Haberdashery recently moved!
Just a few doors down, same side of the street.
More space, more of everything divine!

And as always, lots and lots
of lovely Magnolia Pearl clothing.

Loving the bird cages.

These purses....oh my.

And the most beautiful earrings anywhere.

The new Haberdashery men's merchandise 
is a huge hit!

That's sweet Sandy who works
at the shop!

Get a load of the dressing rooms...

Is she not the cutest thing ever?
I'm pretty sure she is.

Give Jill and the gals a visit here
or call for merchandise inquiries...they ship everywhere!

Haberdashery Boutique
221 E Main St
Fredericksburg, TX 78624

And just because....

Happy New Year!

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