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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Everything you nevah wanted to know about me!

I'd been noticing these Honest Scrap buttons
on some bloggers sidebars, but I didn't really know
what that was all about until my most talented blogging buddy
Marian of Mustard Seed Creations was kind enough to pass this award on to me.
Thank you, Marian!
If you haven't checked out her incredible blog,
you really should. She is a painter extraordinaire. comes honesty time.
I am to share 10 honest factoids about myself, pride be damned.
Okie dokie, here goes.
  1. I am a spoiled only child. That much is self-evident.
  2. I am a spelling bee champion and a spelling snob. If you ever catch me misspelling a word, please mock me mercilessly. Typos don't count.  :-P
  3. I am half Danish and half French. The Danish side of me is descended from King Christian of Denmark.
  4. I am addicted to Flaming Hot Cheeto's.
  5.  I collect Humpty Dumpty's.
  6.  I converted to Catholicism 11 years ago, and I love Christ and my Church.
  7. My dream job would be to sing the role of Fantine in "Les Miserables."
  8. I am an unabashed cat person who unexpectedly fell head-over-heels in love with her two Siberian Huskies.
  9. I eat soup right out of the saucepan. Why dirty a soup bowl? (hangs head in shame, Martha Stewart I am not).
  10. I love antiques, design, and the idea of having my very own shop, but if one BIG thing came from this whole blogging experience, it would be that I was somehow "discovered" and asked to contribute to a magazine as a writer. Journalism is my first love.
It will be my honor to share the love and pass the Honest Scrap award on,
but factoid #11....I'm up to my eyeballs in projects today,
so I will save that for a decidedly less frantic time!

Again, if you visit no other blog today, please pay
Marian, little Miss Prissy Pants Master Painting Diva a visit.
She is da bomb and the real deal when it comes to being a painting superstar.

Now, off to tackle more vexing painting projects of my own!

Happy White Wednesday!


stefanie said...

super cute, and funny, have a wonderful day

Miss Mustard Seed said...

I loved reading about you! It sounds like we have a lot in common with the musical theatre thing. I gave you the award because I am so excited for you diving into getting your own booth. I think it's gutsy and awesome that you're taking steps to do what you want to do and I'm glad I get to follow your journey. You have great taste and I'm sure you'll get your own shop some day!

I'll have to be careful now that I know you're a spelling snob...

The Little Red Shop said...

Thank you for your sweet note! I'm just stopping by to say, "Hi!" I'll be back soon to read your lovely blog! (I'm getting the house ready for my dear auntie...who is coming out for a visit from MN)

: )

Julie M.

ps Your background is very pretty!

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Hi Anne, Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your lovely comment! I am really enjoying my visit here, you have such a lovely blog!!
Thanks for entering in my giveaway, Good Luck!
Hugs, Carol Anne

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Aha! Another spoiled only child! Isn't it wonderful?!

Unknown said...

Hi Anne,

It is so nice to read about you....
I am looking forward to your shop opening and reading all about it!


Ashley said...


Thank you for stopping by and becoming a follower! Congrats on the shop. Can't wait to see what you have.


koralee said...

Just visiting some links from my friend Tracey..who gave me the same award and found you through clicking a few times...but I love your blog and so happy to have found you! I always love exploring new found blogs and I must say yours is lovely! I am a blue lover so love your wallpaper and your sweet little bluebird on your sidebar!

Unknown said...

Anne you're so stinkin funny!!! Really enjoyed reading your list! You know I think the half Danish, half French thing is like the coolest, right?!!!!!!!

:) T

Unknown said...

It was fun reading more about you. I hope you are discovered, cuz your writing style is fun and you're a stitch! You have my permission to check my spelling and return this comment all marked up in red! ;-)

Have a good evening and a great day tomorrow!


Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Great list! And your pretty funny too! Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm going to check out some more of your blog. Have a great day.

Halle@HouseCapated said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am following you now! I just love your blog. The style, the buttons...all great. I cant wait to peruse your site! Mamma likes! :)

Hill Country House Girl said...

You are so funny. I was just checking on you to see how the antique space is doing. Have you had much activity? We have a new group shop in Fredericksburg that looks pretty good - might have to stop in soon to check out the Kerrville shops!

sue said...

I wanted to let you know I'm TOTALLY loving your blog! Couldn't find an email, so this is my way of saying so. As a dedicated dog lover/not-so-much cat-lover, I couldn't bring myself to reply on the cat post....

XOX Go to Warrenton and give me the scoop; I can only go in the spring every year. It's killing me!

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