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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Warrenton White Wednesday

I curse you, Kodak disposable camera!
Your pictures stink.
But 'twas I that left the dig cam batteries at home,
so the crummy quality is the fault of yours truly.
Still, I wanted to share some of the Warrenton related
white images I captured this past Saturday...

One of the ethereal, glorious Christmas displays in the
Country Garden Antiques tent. There so much pretty here
that it almost hurt my eyes. Swoon worthy, indeed.
Not White, but here's another one from their tent...

I can only dream of making my stuff look this good.

Love the white frame.
The blinding white flash from my el-cheapo camera, not so much.
And because White Wednesdays should be more about
the images than the words, I'm gonna shut up now
and share a few more white Warrenton snaps.

Christie Connelly's tent is not to be missed.

And a little something I picked up from my BFF Effie in Bar W Field. ..
which will be on sale at 10am sharp in my new booth 
at Sunrise Antique Mall in Kerrville, Texas!

Be sure to visit Kathleen at Faded Charm to see more wonderful white images!

~ Anne


gail@My Repurposed Life said...

I never realized I liked white so much. I really don't have anything white in my house!
Just wanted you to know I'm thinking about you, and your upcoming opening of your booth! I wish you all the best. Just remember to take time to enjoy it!
ps I can't believe you have time to blog! :)

Anonymous said...

Anne, Thanks for visiting my blog. This is my first time to yours. I love it. So pretty. We are in the Bar W Field near the exit (cattle guard). We call it "Porta Potty Row". We are the last space on the fence line. My husband (Andy)is there now and I will be coming in on Thursday evening. We cater to everyone! We have everything! Come see us if you can. Maybe we can meet up some time. Susan

Michelle Hughes said...

Love your images... they aren't bad for a disposable (says the girl whose husband sneaks in to clean up her images!)
I adore your 3 tier pedestal.

Unknown said...

Wow! I leave tomorrow to spend 3 wonderful days at Warrenton. Can't wait. I love the blue Christmas. I sure hope some good stuff is left.

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

We are talking about visiting this show...if we talk might happen, right? Love it!!!


Thank you again for all of the glimpses of Warrenton. In spite of your disposable camera the pictures still tell the wonderful story of Warrenton! Hope you had the best time ever!!
My Best

stefanie said...

oooo, that show looks great, so many treasures,,hope you found some

Debra@CommonGround said...

Anne, you know that a disposable camera is better than no camera at all! Thanks for sharing all the goods. Love your tiered stand, really pretty!

Mick said...

Just a note to say that I'm lovin' your blog Anne, ... hope you are doing well!
xoxo Mick

Joan@anthinggoeshere said...

Thanks for your inspiring photos. I know how bad those disposables can be, but loved the pictures anyway.

Unknown said...

Crummy camera or not, the pictures still turned out great! Glad you had a chance to get lots of inspiration for the new shop!!! Are you giddy with excitement?!!

:) T

Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

I so wish I could have been there junkin right along with you. It looks like u had a wonderful time!! Tootles, Janna

Faded Charm said...

Thanks for all the sneak peeks. Oh how I wish I could have been there. Someday I'm going to make the trip.

Enjoy your evening.


Marla said...

Anne, thanks for visiting me and of course you can shop at my GW;) it is in Gainesville FL. what? too far you say. Oh well, Ilove your blog and look forward to exploring it. Marla

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