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Thursday, June 10, 2010


The boy only wanted to give mother something
                                            And all of her roses had bloomed

Looking at him as he came rushing in with them

All she could see were some thorns buried 

And tears that he cried as she
                                                                     tended his wounds

And she knew it was 

It was one she could understand

He was showing his love
And that's how he hurt his 

He still remembers that night 
as a child

She held him close as she opened her 
And quietly
                                            to read

Then seeing a picture of 
he cried out
"Mama, he's got
some scars
just like mine!"

And he knew it was love 

It was one he could 
He was showing his love
And that's how he hurt his hands

Now the boy's 
and moved out on his own


A foreign affair, but our 
young men 
were there

And luck

It wasn't that long till our hero was gone
He gave to a friend what he learned from the 

But they knew it was love

It was one they could understand
He was showing his love
And that's how he hurt his hands

It was one 
they could understand
He was showing his love

And that's how he hurt his hands

"The Hand Song" 
music and lyrics
Nickel Creek 
please's hauntingly beautiful! 

(all photos taken by me at Der Stadt Friedhof Cemetery, Fredericksburg, TX)


Rebecca Nelson said... I'm bawling my head off.

Simply beautiful. To give a's everything.

Love to you~Rebecca PS: Love your beautiful pictures.

Hearts Turned said...

So beautiful, Anne....that's one of my favorite gravestone motifs...I have photos of a couple of baeutiful clasping hands on some of my ancestors' gravestones. That song/poem is so wonderfully bittersweet--thanks for sharing that and all the lovely, thoughtful images.

Hope you're having a wonderful night...


Margaret said...

You are right, it is a hauntingly beautiful song, I am covered in goose bumps. Lovely images, I also have some taken at Sydney's oldest cemetery, some really beautiful statues etc.

Debra@CommonGround said...

Really beautiful images, Anne. The music and lyrics are so precious. Wonderful combination!
love ya,

Dreamy Whites said...

LOVE this post Anne, all of your photographs are beautiful too.
I hope you are doing well.
Hugs from your friend in California,

Dorthe said...

Dear Anne,
what a mooving text,
and your fantastic photoes to accompagni makes this so beautifull a post.

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Anne,
Thank you for such a touchingly, sweet post.
Your photos are amazing.


Elaine said...

Ok, now I'm crying too! Wow, I was just reading this book about what son's teach us b/c my rascal has been giving me a hard time lately. This is a great reminder about love and really hit home, thank you!!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Goosebumps here too! Thanks Anne.

Anne said...

Nicely done, Anne! Nickel Creek is one of my perennial favorites. They are so incredibly talented and so young. Sara's voice is haunting. I have taken a lot of photos from cemeteries also and use them in mixed media art. Take care,

Martha said...

A great post and I love Fredericksburg!

Theresa said...

Yep Goosebumps for me too! Beautiful images and the song goes right along with them! Have a blessed day my friend! HUGS!

CosmoGirl Carla said...

Wow! What a fantastic song. Your photos are amazing, too. I am always intrigued by cemeteries. Headstones can truly be works of art and history.
Thanks for sharing your art.

starnes family said...

Hauntingly beautiful is right. Awesome.

Lululiz said...

A very moving post, and such a haunting song.

Privet and Holly said...

Major GOOSEBUMPS happening, here. Your photos, the words, the song. You have sent an arrow right through my heart, sweet Anne. {In a GOOD way!}
Much love and many hugs to you, today!
xx Suzanne

Anonymous said...

Oh how moving this post was.Just awesome.Photos were gorgeous, your doing well with your new camera.Thanks for sharing this I truely enjoyed it as all of your posts.

Happy Thursday Anne!

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

Gorgeous Anne, very moving!!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Anne I love the photos of the hands on all the gravestones. Amazing and that is a very sad, sweet song!

Mel said...

What a perfect way to start the day ahead, You bless my Anne.

DustyLu said...

Hi Anne! I love this post! You are so good! We need to chat some. This post gave me the chills!
Have a wonderful day! ~lulu

The Flying Bee said...

Okay...crying! Beautiful song and great shots.


Elizabeth said...

Anne what a beautiful and touching post!
With tears in my eyes....
Thanks for sharing that song!

Sue said...

Thought provoking and beautiful and much more! Thank you Anne, for this amazing post this morning!

Take care, Sue

Riki Schumacher said...

Beautiful Anne, and the song was amazing. Thanks. Love the grave stone pics, weren't they beautiful then? Riki

Olive said...

Compelling Anne. The song is as well. I took photos in a cemetery here near our old house a week ago. I have always enjoyed creeping around an old cemetery! Well done friend.


Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Beautiful post and images!!! Blessings~~~Daphne

Nita Jo said...

Beautiful, haunting song. Love the photos... they went perfectly together.

Rosemary said...

Great words and photos!
Perfect post!

Janet said...

fabulous! and your photos...very moving! so glad you got your tags...enjoy! ^..^

Lisa said...

Oh how lovely! The pictures are amazing! Thanks for sharing♥
Hugs, Lisa

Brynwood Needleworks said...

How beautiful, Anne. Thanks for sharing.

Laurie said...

Anne, your photos go so well with this song; the words alone are so touching, and then listening to the song, oh, my, how beautiful. Thank you for sharing this.

Sarah said...

Anne, your photos with these lyrics are sheer poetry. You are a true artist!

Faded Charm said...

A very inspiring post and your photos are gorgeous. I think I'll wipe my tears now.

Hope all is well with you.


Pamela said...

Very beautiful!
Pamela xo

north pal said...

Sniff,sniff! Bestest,Denise

Shirley said...

The tears are rolling down my cheeks. It was very touching and the song will stay in my head for a while. We are thankful that we have people who are willing to give up their lives for us to have out freedom that we cherish. Have a wonderful weekend. Your Missouri Friend.

Simple Home said...

I'd never heard that before. Beautiful words and beautiful music. Thanks so much for sharing.

Debby said...

WOW!!!! This is so beautiful, thanks for sharing.

Ness Lockyer said...

That is just beautiful Anne. Your photos are lovely too.
Have a great weekend friend,
Ness xx

Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

!!!wow!!!wow!!!wow!!! Love this post. Absolutely magnificent.

Jill @ Sneaky Momma said...

Love it! The words, photos, everything!
My husband grew up in the hill country. What a beautiful place to be! :)

Heaven's Walk said...

Dearest Anne - Incredibly touching...incredibly beautiful.

Thank you for this post. I think it made us all stop and think in deep humbleness and gratefulness.

Bless you, friend ~

xoxo laurie@heavenswalk

Bring Pretty Back said...

Anne, sniff... sniff! wow! that is beautiful.

Unknown said... know how something happens in a moment and you think, gosh I could have missed this....this is one of those moments....thank you.

A Shabby Moment in Time said...

Amazing! No words to describe!
Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your's is quite lovely!

Jacquelinesmom said...

I so found your site from Gods hands and I'm grateful .I lost my dad a few months ago.And I can say I was so strong for my Dad my during.But unfortunately I lost my strength WITH God after.But like spring butttercups bloom under the harshest of weather.Gods is like the thorns of a rose and the kiss of a moms lips on those scars. God led me to your site. God is lead me to u ti remind me of his love. God bless u and thanks

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