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Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Rule of Thirds

Happy Thursday...
And no, the title does not refer to the well known photography term.

I've been working extra hard here to put on my smiley,
all-is-well face, 
because as we all well know,
it can always, always  be worse.

In the medical world, we believe that bad things tend to happen in threes.
Yep, we are a decidedly superstitious lot, but it's a time tested theory.

Let's try it out here in blogland!

But first, a pretty picture.
The worst tasting medicine is always better with just a pinch of sugar.

On Sunday, we had the fire...

We're lucky it wasn't worse, but we're looking at a significant 
repair bill for the burned siding and structural damage.

Then came the great freeze out of 2011 this week, with the coldest temps
we've had in Texas in over 20 years.

And despite all our best efforts, we have had frozen pipes and no water since Tuesday.
An unsettling turn of events, given the fire we just went through.
All the "what if's" have swirled through my mind....
Specifically, what if there's another fire? We have no water!

It's not expected to thaw until the weekend,
and at such time, we could be looking at burst pipes and yet another hefty repair bill.

So that's two semi-biblical plagues we've been visited by this week.
Where's the third?

Thanks for asking. It's right here.
I went by the new house this morning...
you know the one we just can't seem to get moved into?
This lovely little gem...

only to discover that the other night, during the hellacious (sp?)
ice/rain/50mph wind storm the other night, 
it took out a huge chunk of the older privacy fencing in the backyard...


Hear that sound?
That's the sound of our handyman putting not only his kids but his grandkids
through college on our dime.
We already paid him a HUGE chunk a' change for the fencing work
he did for us in the Fall.

Ain't life grand?

yes, it is.

Life is  grand, and through all the trials and unexpected expenses,
we are lucky to be living it.

I'm still planning a bit of time away in the days ahead.
Time to take in all the changes,
to re-prioritize,
and to re-focus.

In months past, this blog has devoted a good bit of space to promoting other people...
their stuff, their shows, their homes...
and that will still continue, to some extent.
I love sharing new and talented bloggers!

But many times, I've done so from a place of insecurity...
thinking that you would MUCH rather read about someone else,
see pretty pictures of someone elses stuff or home...

because why on earth would you find ME or MY stuff interesting?

A change is coming.

For better or worse, this year....this going to be about me.
Me and The Mister.
The cat.
The pups.
The swell new Victorian cottage.
My styling projects.
And all viewed through my lens.

Not so much about everyone else BUT me.

Re-evaluation; my NewYear's resolution.
How are yours coming along, my friends?

Stay warm, and Happy Thursday!

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This post isn't necessarily "vintage", but I am, 
so I figger that qualifies!


Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...

We all keep coming back, because of you! Dear lady, your lovely pictures, your sound bytes of life way down there so far from own homes, our own lives our own struggles and joys. I still cannot fathom why anyone would take the time to look at my own blog, but they do. And some keep coming back too. It's an honour and privilege to be able to share. Posting gives us all the opportunity to step back a bit and gain a little perspective too. It's a joy/comfort to know someone is listening. And it's like a hug when someone leaves kind words behind. Take good care. Hugs to you.

Candylei said...

I'm so sorry you are out of water. I know the feeling from last year when our well pump died! Flat out burned out electrically. We had to hand carry buckets from the creek to fill the toilets. It's a bit romantic, in a fun-Laura-Ingalls-sort-of-way, for the first few trips but by the third day it wasn't fun trudging through snow with 5 gallon buckets uphill.
I hope you can get all repaired right away.
We love your blog and of course, we would rather read about you and your family, artistic creations and experiences in the country. I hope you all are warm and safe.
Hugs from Maryland,

Unknown said...


How could you ever think that your and your stuff are not interesting?? I love your blog - it is the first one I go to each day and then several times a day to see if you've added anything! You have such a wonderful talent for decorating, writing and photography - you go girl! Keep inspiring us! My life is days are just not complete with out a Fiona and Twig fix! XO Pam

stefanie said...

you happens!! but you have a great spirit, and things WILL get better!!! and you have so much support and love here in blogland...just wait and see how many friends comment today!!!! so stay warm and smile!!!!

It's me said...

I can 't wait the change.....!! hahahah!! please come and join my party darling....!!...and why i follow your blog????..becauese you are such a kind warm person that's love loev Ria.....

Urban Farmgirl said...

Anne, I *love* this post...well the end of it...the rest of it just sounds like a day of our life. One crazy, unplanned expense after another.

Anyway, I have been thinking the same thing recently. I NEVER, EVER show my home, my life...because I just can't figure out why for the life of me anyone would find "me" interesting. Funny, how that is. I think I need to do the same. Put myself out there more.

Can we hold hands and do it together?? Lol!

Oh, and maybe your finiancial woes can be helped if you enter my contest. Deadline is tonight so scoot over and get your comment in! You could get up to a $100 gift card for Target. Woohoo!!!

Have a happy day, friend. There is always something good in every day!


Junk Exchange said...

Congrats on owning what is yours .. all the bad that has fallen on your doorstep has a reason .. every bad apple has a good seed .. plant them and watch them grow .. so anxious to see your world through your eyes .. perhaps there is a neighbor on the other side of that fence you will get to know .. the repair man could be a connection as yet unseen .. what a wonderful adventure lies ahead .. isn't life awesome!! love you Anne and the best to you and James as you journey together .. hand in hand .. glad to call you friend ..

Sherri B. said...

Bless your heart for having a survival attitude, a looking forward to better days and knowing they will be there. Perhaps this is one reason you are thought of so fondly by so many.

I am looking forward to you sharing more about your life and projects.

Spring is just around the corner.

traci said...

oh anne. i am so sorry about the fire and the freeze and the fence. all the bad luck is behind you know. nothing but smooth sailing ahead. i can feel it. xo!

Alice said...

Dearest Anne, I'm so sorry you are going through all this. Hopefully this is the last of it.

You don't give yourself enough credit. While I enjoy seeing others' work, I am thrilled when I see your lovely photos and get a little glimpse into your sweet life with The Mister and your sweet little home. Don't sell yourself short--we love YOU and all you have to offer!

Bring it on girl--I'm looking forward to seeing whatcha got.

Wendy said...

This course of life we are on is sometimes a little more bumpier than we want and sometimes it is smooth sailing, it is always good to know that our driver knows exactly what he is doing and where he is taking us. Hurray for you, for focusing on you!

Theresa said...

Oh my goodness dear Anne, you have sure had a lot going on! Well, we will pray that the pipes will not bust when they thaw! I hope your handyman will help you with the repairs and not charge you the kid's entire college tuition:)

My blog continues to be about me, my family and my daily routine! I use it as a journal and some days are more exciting than others... just like real life! It just is what it is... not every day is really news-worthy but I blog about it anyway! I think your blog is always interesting and I NEVER miss one when I sweet your sweet name in my sidebar:)

Hope you enjoy this day! HUGS!

Unknown said...

They say every thing happens for a reason...I just try and remember that. Although , some times hard to see the reason! btw- I LOOVE your blog. The pictures are amazing!

Unknown said...

Girl, the reason I read your blog is because I loved every photo of the tour of YOUR home, and you were so sincere. NO ONE would rather read about YOU than all of us followers, that's we are here :) So bring it on! I want to see more. Don't you sell yourself short.
And with all the series of unfortunate events, will come some huge blessings following along behind.
Hang in there
Love ya Anne
Becky C

afistfullofweeds* said...

Make that lemonaid girl!! You are the bomb!!

Unknown said...

Boy....can I relate!!!!! We woke up this morning in a suburb outside of Phoenix, Arizona( 37 degrees right now) with a pipe burst from freezing, and we had weaned all of the water out....we thought....second time for this pipe....husband out of work, etc.....but you are right, I woke up this morning and so did my husband and children....thank God.....I can't wait to hear more about your life.....and everything you love! Sandy

" SHABBY JUNK" said...

Anne, so sorry about all the tragedies in your life lately. I am anxious to here and see things about you and your family and your photos this coming year. I find your photos very very good. I look forward to them. judy

" SHABBY JUNK" said...

And Anne, when are you moving in that great house???

Unknown said...

Hang in there, Anne. I know all will be resolved in time. I can relate too. The furnace (only 11 years old) broke twice this cold winter and needed a new motor and then a new switch of some kind. Not money we had planned to spend. Then my suv faced several huge unexpected repair bills. But my family is well and that is what it comes down to for me.
I can relate to the insecurity too. Many times this year I have thought about shutting down my blog. My home, stlye and budget can't compare to so many others and I often get discouraged. But it is the friendships that keep me plodding along here in blogland. I look forward to even more posts about your home and your life. These are my favourite. I agree with Troy, above, maybe you will meet a new friend while building that fence, and be sure to keep the wood from the old for a future project.

Tricia said...

UGH, I'm so sorry about all of the yuck you've been through this week. Hopefully we'll get a nice dusting of snow tonite/tomorrow to enjoy. I'm excited to see the changes for your blog and knowing that they involve YOU, your fabulous blog, family, home and photography does inspire me!!

Chrissy said...

Hi Anne, I have read your blog, since you started it and have always wanted to see more of your world. Now, we get to see it through your "new" vision, how exciting :) I will be praying for everything to work out for your situation.
I am also right there with you, about the "why" would anyone think I was interesting :) This is "why" I started my blog to show and explore my creative side and NOW I feel intimidated. Thanks to your post I am feeling some "girl" power coming on. We will love everything that you share, because it is your passion in which you share things :)
Blessings to you and your husband.

Ellen said...

Great Post. And yes, you are loved. for just being yourself.
So sorry about the fire, and the lack of water...
Your new victorian house is quite charming though and looking forward to seeing all the new projects!

Jem said...

Anne - we love your blog because of you! :-)

Your personality shines through your writing and your images, which is why we all enjoy it so I'm pretty sure!!

I can understand feeling that you're not as interesting as other people though as I know that feeling all too well.

Jem xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...


When it rains it pours. But it could indeed be worse:

Your Friend,

Julie Marie said...

I swear Anne, some days we really do think alot alike!... first off, I am so thankful you and all of your family and pets are ok... fire is such a scary thing... we almost lost our home and everything in it, TWICE last year due to a major gas leak... only the grace of God saved us and everything in our house... anyway, as much as I enjoy your features of other bloggers, I always want to see more about YOU and your pets, your new farmhouse, the whole thing!... my post today was about priorities and blogging... so many wonderful things in life... I want to do them all... which includes my blogging, but for ME, as it is my own journal... and still hope someone finds it interesting, but if not, then I am still ME... love to you... xoxo Julie Marie

Beatnheart said...

Darling, So it should be about you but part of your character is to share and from looking on this side of the lens the sharing is what makes you seem generous, kind and caring and supportive of others. Because of that, you seem to us to be a better person. One never knows what a person is really like until they hang out with them or put them up in their house for a couple of days! So we here, your readers, are basing our feelings about you on what you do here in your blog. I personally love it when a follower of mine puts me on their blog. It happened to me today. Lilac Lane Cottage did a lil ditty on me. Superb! Sharing, Supporting and all that that intails is what makes our world special and unique. Do it all dear one. Carry on doing what you are doing. Or not... Look at all the people following must be doing something right...with Fondness...c

Zita said...

Oh, dear, Anne. Hope all the repairs for everything don't cost too, too much. Am certainly thrilled to hear there will be more of you on your blog - that's what I want to hear :)

Jane @ Jane's Junk and Treasures said...

My pipes are frozen too!
I brushed my teeth with the horse this morning!
I'm not kidding!
Stop by my blog!
I wish we lived closer together we could drink wine tonight and watch our pipes thaw!!!

I want that chicken coop along with everything in it!
Where did you take that photo?

Debra@CommonGround said...

Good Girl, right direction!

Sherry said...

I will look forward to reading more about you! Your blog is a blessing.

Anne Marie said...

looking at the bright side of your beautiful rose picture JUST the right attitude....what's a bit of money eh? you have your faith

great post Anne
Anne Marie

Tammy said...

What IS it about you? You're the coolest! Anyway if all you do is take a few pix of everything (and I mean everything) you do to that little dream house, it will be enough. Heck, make a book out of it when your done. Just a tiny bit every day. Plleease. It's so much fun to check in on you. said...

I read your blog BECAUSE of YOU!!!!!You always have gorgeous photos and interesting stories. Your blog is one I am always excited to see a new post on. When I am feeling like you are now (about the threes) I start to think about the good things, and their are many, in my life and what is really important. I believe that things happen for a reason. Although we may not see them right away, eventually we do. It is so easy to fall into a negative funk if we allow it.I know it sounds easy for me to say because I am not going through you life right now but I know from my own experiences. I believe we are all alike in that way. Still keeping you in my prayers - those help big time:)More hugs being sent via this comment:)
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Farmgirl Paints said...

Well it's about time. I've been waiting!!!! I love learning about people. I read your blog because I want to know about YOU. I think you are pretty awesome. Love that you've decided to go that route. Can't wait friend:)

Sorry about the $$. Life can throw some curve balls at times.

Tina said...

OMG Anne - now you have had your threes right. I´m so happy nothing happened to any of you. Sending hugs and hope those bills don´t get to big.
xo Tina

summersundays-jw said...

I loved what Junk Exchange wrote -- so I'm just sayin ditto for me. I read your blog because I like your writing & I've come to like you (the person). Trust you instincts. Stay warm! Jan

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetie Pooh! Oh, bless your heart. Wish all you've gone through you still have lifted spirits. So sorry for all that's happened and hope your water is back on soon.
Anne, I'm so glad you'll be blogging about you and your life! That's what drew me in the first time I came to visit! :) Your photography is so pretty and I wish you the best. Like little Annie sang - the sun will come out tomorrow. Bet your bottom dollar there'll be sun! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Anne!
I love your attitude Sweetie! You are very strong and never let adversity get you down. It's easy to see that you are not easily shaken.
I'm so sorry that you have had some bad times, but I know you will rise up and carry on!
I would love to hear more about you and your family here on your blog. I read your blog because of you and while I appreciate that you highlight others, it's the posts about you that I love the most.

Here's to a New Year and a new blog all about Anne!


Soulful Mama said...

I love your positive outlook. It's the only way to get through times like these. The only way is up from here :-)

~ Clare x

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I always say the bad helps us to appreciate the good. Take this and grow with it. I am so glad to hear you are going to get back to more about you, your life and family. It is why I come! Stay warm and this too shall pass. Hugs, Linda

Vicki said...

Hugs and love your way...what a rotten week. I am glad you can see the glass half full and know how lucky you are that things were not worse in either case. Thanks goodness. God will only give you as much as you can take. Right now you need to give it all up to him. He's in control. It was Him that made sure you didn't lose the old house in that fire and that Mr. Twig wasn't harmed. He also made sure the new house was protected from the wind and only the fence was lost in spots. Let's pray there is more good news on the way when those pipes finally thaw out. Let's pray things turn out better than expected. I am very excited to hear about the changes you have planned for your blog. I really do want to see more posts about you, the house, your are the reason we come. Stay strong and in survival mode. You will get through this. You have so many blessings in your life and so many people lifting you up in prayer. Hang in there. ((Hugs))

she dreams big! said...

I feel for you Anne. But think of all the months that go by when NOTHING BAD happens! I'm wishing you years of happy days! How are your tootsies?

Hugs ~~ Connie

Patina said...

That sounds like a GREAT thing to blog about, YOU! I'll enjoy hearing and seeing everything that will be going on this year.
Sorry to hear about your misfortunes. But on a lighter note your new house is just beautful!
Big Hugs,

Angela said...

I'm always disappointed when blogs consistently feature only online pictures. I enjoy getting to know everyone better by seeing THEIR stuff!!

Ticking and Toile said...

big huge hug & 15 kisses.....:)

Carole said...

Anne I just read your previous post and couldn't believe what I saw and what I was reading. You have a good attitude about it all but I know inside you are asking why me? Know that you have a lot of people wishing you strength at this time.

Think what you may but I rather like when you just talk about yourself. I know how you feel I often don't feel comfortable telling anyone about me either. WHy would anyone care? is what goes thru my head as I type.
Take all the time you need to recoup you know we will be waiting for your return. Good stories or bad


Lynda said...

We live in Fl...a county that was hit by 3 hurricanes in husband fell 15 feet...broken pelvis...took 6 months of surgery/physical therapy to get him back to normal....5 years to pay off the medical bills after insurance...but we is grand and everyday above ground is a good day! We love your photos and humor! Keep believing!

Anonymous said...

i'm so sorry to read that you've been going through so many things. But your attitude seems to be fantastic! I think you should write about you and your life! I think it will be wonderful!

Little Red Hen said...

Hello Anne!

Look at all of your followers! They are crazy about you! Try to look at the bright side, That fence could really be reused for something new! :-)

Funny story: Once Upon a time, hubby was out of work. He liked to say, well, at least I have my health. That was until he had to go in for an emergency Appendectomy!

Okay, I don't know if it proper to say this on your blog, but, shit happens! And around here it is really stinking! Pick yourself up, think about what you are going to say about all of this in just a few years, and how you will be laughing about it. Be grateful for everyday and what each new day is saying to you! When it all seems too much, take a break, bring back those things that matter the most, embrace them and when you are ready, step forward again! But don't give up!

Go . . . go . . . what are you waiting for? Go on now!


Tilda said...

I will read whatever you have to share with me. I am thoroughly, thoroughly hooked. So tell me whatever you want to. I will be here to read it.
in fond regard, Tilda

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

The thought of getting to know you and yours better as well as seeing how you settle in your new nest is very exciting! I love having something to look forward to!

Although I must say I am very thankful that you did share my new blog with your readers. As I approach my one year anniversary I look back and feel lucky that you made me feel so welcome and introduced me to all your friends. It was very exciting to me in the beginning of this new adventure!

Thank you rock!

Esther said...

The reason I come to your blog is because of you. If I wanted to read other people's posts I would go to their blog. Have faith in yourself, your stuff is beautiful.
(I'm only a newcomer but when I stumbled o your blog the other day, I saved it to favourites and had to go back and read, read, read.)

colleen said...

anne we are all here for you. so get on over to the local restore and check on siding! the more people you tell about your challenges you might find an angel to help out. we all have challenges it is what makes us human and sympathetic. over the yrs i have had so many unknown angels in my life. missy they will find you ;). good luck and praying for you. frozen pipes are a pia and living in texas you wouldnt think that would happen. we opened the doors on our cabinets few yrs back and that helped had one corner that wanted to freeze up.
never think that you are not enough your pics are amazing and i cannot wait until we see more of your new cottage!

Free Art Printables said...

Oh Anne, I am so sorry to hear that! I know how you feel between our kitchen and bathroom last year.... check your home owners insurance, you'd be surprised what is covered... Good luck! I'll be saying prayers for you!

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

May the light always find you on a dreary day.
When you need to be home, may you find your way.
May you always have courage to take a chance.
And never find frogs in your underpants.
-Irish Blessing
Wishing you a better week ahead and I look forward to visiting YOU! Change is good. ;)
xx, shell

Jemsmom said...

I only come here because of you!! Your warmth and charm just ooze out of your blog and I read it because of YOU!!! I am so sorry to hear all the things that have gone on! I told my daughter about it and the other night, she prayed for your poor toes!!! That should help! Well, your three are done. You are good for a long long time now. Take care of yourself and I can't wait to see what you have in store on your blog from here on out!

Itchin' Stitchin' said...

Good for you!!! Well not the first 3 things but the last one is great. I come here to read about you, your style, your ideas, your photos, and your house. So now that the big three are over (we think that way in our home too) know that only good things are coming your way!!!

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

You are precious sweet friend! This too shall pass, keep your sweet heart open and sharing...we care about you very much and will always be here!!!

leslie said...

Can't wait!

Vintage Gal said...

I'm new to your blog and the blogging world in fact, but, I can't wait to hear what you and your family are up to ~ ;-)

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Anne:
My comment will be #61, Miss Insecurity. You're loved all over Blogland! ;-)

I was wondering when the third shoe was going to drop. I think things come in threes, too, and just hoped it wouldn't be anything too devastating. I'm so glad that you and Mr. Twig have come through this safely.

Also, I made up a saying a long time ago, "Never challenge Worse. Never." Things could always be worse (and I can already see you agree).

Looking forward to seeing how you implement your 2011 resolution. You're gonna be flying high. I just know it!

Kelley - a very JunqueyGal! said...

Nothing like a trauma to put everything in focus. :( so scary - I can't even imagine! I haven't been a long time visitor, but it is YOU I was inspired by silly!

Sue said...

WOW, it took me awhile to scroll down through all the support you are getting. I'm proud that you are standing up, being proud of your accomplishments and recognizing the talented individual you are! I know I personally struggle all the time with self esteem. People will compliment me on the store and go on and on about how much they love it, and for some reason I don't feel worthy of their words. So, this year I've decided to stand tall, smile and say a simple, "thank you". Here's to a year of confidence!!

Take care, Sue

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

OH my - I am sorry about all your frustration!!!

BUT I am THRILLED that you are going to focus on yourself! I think that is wonderful and I am going to enjoy this year and getting to know you, your work and what your eye see!!!!


Crystal Rose Cottage said...

I am sorry you having so many things happening right now...the main thing is you are safe! Speaking of and yours and your decorating, photography and all that comes with it is what I want to read about and enjoy. Don't sell yourself short! You are full of talent! ~Hugs, Patti

SLR said...

i would love to know more about you and your home, family, etc.! Your blog is a wonderful extension of you, so let's see more of you!!
sorry about your latest tragedies, but things always turn around for the better i think.
wishing you the best!!

Margo said...

Hello dear! As you should be able to see by the over SIXTY posts here...people ARE interested in you! Your thoughts, your pics. I personally am waiting to see what you do to your beautiful new farm house. I'm sorry you are struggling...hold your man tight will be okay!1
Huggs from Arizona! Margo

Robyn said...

OH ANNE, here is a big HUG! We are here because of YOU. Maybe you don't realize it but when you are showing us other people, other things, other projects, they still are a reflection of YOU. YOU like those blogs, YOU like those projects, YOU SHINE THROUGH everything you show. But it sure will be fun seeing YOUR actual stuff, projects,diy's etc. Can't wait to read more about you!

Polly said...

My heart aches for you right now! I hate that you have been going through so many situations beyond your control, but weathering these storms will only make your stronger!! Hang in there!

I will be looking forward to getting to know you even better! You are a gal of many talents and many facets and many dreams.

Also, I am one of those lucky gals that you have featured on your blog, and I really appreciate it! Thank you for your kindness!!

Be YOU! And keep dreaming!


Shirley said...

Hi Anne, I have been reading your blog, but haven't been where I could leave a comment at the time. I remember the fire we had in the yard. We had just moved in our home and was getting ready for Our son's first birthday. I didn't wait to burn the trash and the wind caught it. I set our back acre afire. I did call the fire department and all my hubby said was that he was glad that I did. It just so happened that the fire chief went to school with my husband so now everytime he sees me he wants to know if I have had anymore fires. We all have had frozen pipes at one time or another. with the weather we all have been having it is no wonder. I am looking forward to your blog about you. I enjoy reading yours. Take care Your Missouri Friend.

Heaven's Walk said...

Oh Anne. Precious Anne. How I wish that I could help out with your trials right now. I do know that things like that usually come in threes for some odd, sad reason. But knowing you and Mr. Twig - you will rise above it and keep on keepin' on. :) Because that is who you are.

As for putting yourself out there more? You do realize that we amateur bloggers hold you in high regard and practically worship the ground you walk on, don't you? lol! We WANT to know you better. Get to know you and your sweet "family" better. Become a part of your sweet life in Texas country. I know that I have learned a truckload of things from you, and look forward to soaking up more of your creative and talented decorating and photography ideas. ♥

When I grow up, I wanna be just like you. :)

Keep your chin up. I will keep you both in my prayers, friend.

xoxo laurie

Heaven's Walk said...

Oh, I almost forgot to ask.....what is holding you up from moving into your sweet little home???

xoxo laurie

Sarah said...

Anne, I had no idea that you'd had a fire. I'm just thankful that you and Mr. Twig are safe. I need to go back and see if I missed this earlier. What happened? I didn't know you hadn't moved into your new house.
Frozen pipes! Yes, we are facing that too, but it's still FREEZING here. ;-)
Take care. I'm thrilled that the coming post are going to be all about YOU. That's the best subject.
Stay safe, stay warm. Tomorrow is a new day. ~ Sarah

pamq said...

After our big forest fire came two wild mud slides, so I guess your theory of three could be correct!

So maybe you are now due for three good things!

Your plans sound most excellent...of course I want to see more of you, your family and your projects!


trash talk said...

Without the challenges of life, we'd never learn to appreciate the good things. Just remember...the order of things could have been different and you did have water when you needed it.
Are you gonna tell all...or at least one or two little secrets? I will if you will!

Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

Such is life ya know! If it isn't ONE thing it's THREE things.
I am so glad to hear that everything regarding the fire was kept to just structural damage. You are so blessed.
Excited for your new blog direction.

Cassie said...

Anne, you and Mr. Twig are in my prayers. Right now you are racking up credit with the Big Guy in the Sky for what you're enduring. The hardship doesn't come without rewards.
I am jazzed about your blog now, can't wait to see more great things!

Unknown said...

YES we want to read about YOU and see YOUR home and YOUR are a true talent and we love all that you do!!! So sorry to hear about the fire and all the repair bills, not fun! But at least no one got hurt, thank God!


:) T

Privet and Holly said...

You're darn toot'in
that we want more of
YOU: the good, the
bad, the charred, the
wind-blown, the kindness,
the sadness....bring
it ON : ) So sorry for
this round of "troubles,"
but if life is a graph,
then yours has surely
got to go UP!!
Love and big hugs,
xx Suzanne

The Flying Bee said...

I am so sorry that you are having to go through all of this. I agree with Debra...this is the right direction for your blog. We love you and can't wait to learn more about you because YOU are wonderful!


Missy @ Chateau Chic Boutique said...

Hi Anne,
Love this post. I'd LOVE to learn more about YOU and your IS YOUR blog after all. ;). I think you may be surprised with all the support and interest I know you'll get. We all love you for YOU ya' know!
Gosh, I sure know what it's like to be hit with one thing after another. We should have some pretty awesome character and patience waiting on the other end of these trials! No water?! Yikes! I'll keep you both in my prayers dear. ;).
Sincere Blessings,

Journal Swag said...

Wow, where to begin. First, thank you for saying what has been in my heart for a long time. We've been through tragedy after tragedy in the past 6 months. (Big ones). I all but quit blogging all together because I didn't have pretty pictures to post all of the time anymore, wasn't doing any "happy" things as I was coping with my life falling down around me. I convinced myself that I would be burdening people if I told the stories going on. There was nothing good to report, and all I saw were pretty blogs with pretty pictures and happy stories, so I was ashamed to post about sadness.
I have always wanted to have a book made of my blog (like with "Blurb" or something like that). Well, if I can ever afford to do that, I will have a wonderful book that I can treasure. BUT, it will be missing some very important "chapters" of my life which nearly killed me, but instead made me stronger. That's kind of sad. So it will take a lot of strength for me to join you, but I really feel the same way you do. The blogs are records of our lives, and we can't leave out the things that aren't pretty, or are sad because it wouldn't be authentic, or show our vast growth and accumulation of wisdom when we look back. I hope I'm brave enough to follow through. I will if you will.
Big Warm Hugs,

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Hi Anne, I look so forward to hearing more about you and your family... I just love your new header, especially that beautiful dress!!! Hope you have a wonderful and warm weekend!
hugs~~~ Daphne

Lisa said...

Love the banner Lurd! I'll still read you every day no matter what or who your talking about. I think from the number of comments ahead of me I won't be the only one. So bring it on! Lisa

paperbird said...

So sorry anne about the trials you are facing- life stinks that way sometimes but YES life is grand and aren't we so VERY blessed. I do hope you have brighter days. I look forward to posts about you and all that hangs with you- you are a delight and thats why i come here!


D. Jean Quarles said...

You have such an amazing outlook on life. Thanks for sharing and teaching the rest of us.

Mary Ann said...

So sorry about the plagues that have hit your home(s), etc. I am looking forward to your blog being about YOU. If I want to read other blogs, no problem. Get busy, girl, let's have some news about you.

Lili said...

Oh Anne, hoping your life returns to normal as quickly as it went askew! I am so looking forward to your new format being more about YOU and all the things near and dear to your heart. Wishing you a very long stress free period of time beginning NOW! xoxo ~Lili

Susan EvelynAndRose said...

Just saw this post via Vintage Inspiration Friday. I AM interested in reading more about you and your lovely new home. Best of luck with all the repairs & hang in there!
- Susan

oldgreymare said...

Follow your bliss and you will not be led astray.

They come in threes and fives.....

In December, new water heater, new furnace, Christmas Gifts and both my kids Birthdays. I may be able to eat again in


The Rustic Victorian said...

Fire! What! oh my gosh...I really should start with the oldest post when catching up. Well, Anne, they say things come in 3's, so now it is over for you have had your 3. It's uphill from here. I have my answer in this post about the acutual move-in. It must be that you have to secure the fence for the dogs still. How flustrating to be in between.
Have faith, all things in their own good time.
God's timing is perfect and the 11th hour. He is so funny...

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

I cant say how I came to your blog but OH SO GLAD I DID! I am totally floored with the God given talent he has bestowed on you. Your eye for photography just make me want to run right out and take classes. BUT, I saw a December post where you listed a book. I had to get and ordered it this morning. I cant wait to read it.

I feel looking through your blog you have loads to offer from YOU and would love to read more... It was good that you lifted other bloggers up but now its time to show the world what you have to offer.. your soul. You ooze a God gifted heart expressive talent.

Many congrats to being in Romantic Homes, They saw what many have seen.

I am sorry to read of the curves life has thrown your way. Be strong in the lord and he will see you through.

Many blessings I wish for you and will be watching your blog with bated breath.
I am awe-struck.

Cindy said...

sorry for all your troubles, but keep the faith!
I live in central Texas also, and it has been cold! luckily, we didn't have frozen pipes. More on the way! so stay warm.
I am so glad you are going to concentrate on YOU! You are so talented and such an inspiration to many! I am looking forward to seeing what you accomplish! I wish you much success!

Miss Mustard Seed said...

I'm glad to hear you're going to be sharing more of you and your style and stuff, because we love you. If we wanted someone else, we would go and read their blog! :)

I'm sorry to hear about the string of events that have happened to you lately. I hope things get better, my friend.

Bravehearted Beauty {formerly LLH Designs} said...

So sorry about all of your trials (truly!), but it sounds sea if God is using them to help you refocus. Trials stink, but its through the that we are refined and drawn closer to the One who made us.

I also wanted to encorage in your boog decision. I much prefer blogs that are an authentic, creative, transparent representation of the author to those that are full of borrowed images and commentary. Looking forward to seeing more of your creativity shine here!


Bravehearted Beauty {formerly LLH Designs} said...

Oops! I meant BLOG decision! ;)

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