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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Around The Farmhouse

Just sitting here, editing some photos
for the new Facebook
and I thought I'd make the short
hop, skip and a jump over to the blog to share.

These are from the Facebook album,
which would, in fact,
be our farmhouse.

It's only a handful, but there's
lots more to share in the days ahead.
Welcome to our home!

I love enamelware.

Like, I really love it
a whole, whole lot.

One of my girls,
all blinged out.

Did I happen to mention
that I'm fond of enamelware?
Just checking.

She wanted it.
And if she's really patient
and saves her pennies,
and/or throws a fit, she usually gets it.

The hallway, pretty much room-size
and filled with some of my fondest finds.

'Tis all for now.
Sharing not only my photography
but our home is a privilege for me,
so thank you!

I'd be thrilled if you'd head on over
to Facebook and give my new
business page a "like" and a "share".

I appreciate it!

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