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Thursday, June 27, 2013

This Is The Life

Ain't it, though?

I loved the sentiment expressed on this tray so much
that I titled my blog post in its honor.

Life in the Texas Hill Country 
is pretty darn good these days.
The house is fabulous. We've started work
on enhancing the front porch area by adding
a flower garden, new shrubbery, and lots
of fun yard and garden art.
True, I did find a rattlesnake on the front porch
last week, but that's a Texas Summer for ya!

At this writing, I have two nifty editorial projects
I'm working on for the Romantic Homes 
family of magazines, and have been keeping
super busy doing commercial photo shoots for
my local retail clients.

A new client added recently is
eWay Furniture, located in the ever charming
downtown Fredericksburg, Texas.
I completed my first shoot there last week,
and I'm happy to be sharing a handful
of those images with you now...

LOVE this NY piece!

It's a great treasure chest of a store...
a little of this, a little of that.
It defies categorization, and I love
the fact that I never know what I'll find around
the next corner in the shop.

I'm gearing up to begin doing ad 
and editorial photography for a brand new magazine
published by the team that brings you
I have several ads in the current issue
for three different shops.
And the new magazine, 
set for a Spring 2014 launch,
will be almost exclusively mine, photographically speaking.
No pressure there!

In the meantime,
the business is growing...
Growth = change.
I've been thinking about changing this
to a comment-free blog. 
Given that I spend so much
of my limited internet time on my 
I sort of want to encourage those of you who
want to interact with me to do so there.
It's just quicker and easier, and feels more
like "home" to me. 

The art of writing an engaging blog post
isn't my strong suit these days. 
It feels like a droning monologue,
when what I'm craving is a dialogue, and Facebook
is just more conducive to that.

You are cordially invited to head on over
and "like" my business page,
And still look for me here,
as I'll be keeping up with all of you
and your respective blogs. You guys still
inspire and motivate me to be better,
try harder and keep growing.

Stay cool, stay safe,
and have a fantastic Summer of 2013!

This is a comment-free blog
but please come visit me here...

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