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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Google Reader Shutting Down

I know that many blog readers use Google Reader
for subscribing to my blog
as well as other blogs new post updates.
It's been mentioned before,
but I wanted to let you know again
that as of tomorrow- July 1st 2013-
Google Reader is shutting down
and will not be updating you on posts any longer.


The good news is that there are
a couple of easy fixes
for you to continue to follow along.
I know that some of you probably already follow
via different feed services, etc.
but if you do use Google Reader
and want to continue following,
I have signed up to share my blog updates
over at Bloglovin'
so you can subscribe there
sign up to have an email sent to you
whenever there is a new post up.

To subscribe with Bloglovin~ You can FOLLOW ME HERE.

To receive my posts delivered right to your inbox,
click on the "Follow Fiona and Twig by Email"
link to the right on your sidebar

Also, don't forget to verify your email
subscription when it first shows up in your inbox.

And once again,
the absolute BEST way to keep track
of what I'm up to is via my Facebook page,
right HERE.

Thanks so much to sweet Courtney at
for letting me swipe her blog post
in order to get the word out!

Have a wonderful week!

This is a comment-free blog
but please come visit me here...

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