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Monday, October 19, 2009

Aaarrgghh Matey, I'm a Flea Marketeer!

How fun!
The awesome folks at Flea Market Style
are hosting their first ever blog's the "I'm a Flea Marketeer Party"!
and I'm linking up with Matthew, Ki and all the fine folk over there
to show all my swell loot, booty and swag.
C'mon ya scalliwags, sneak a peek into my treasure chest!

Regular readers of my blog know that I just opened my first
antique mall booth two weeks ago, and I'm proud to say
that the bulk of what I'm selling was scored from.....where else? Flea Markets!
So without further ado, in no particular order,
feast your eyes upon my most prized flea market acquisitions!

So yeah, this is half a door. Big and chunky and altogether awesome. 
Not a bit clean yet, but give a girl time, I'll get to it! Picked this up at 
Trade Days in Fredericksburg this past weekend for $20. 
My husband wasn't with me at the time, my junkin' accomplice Effie was. 
When my husband started to unload my SUV, he asked what I wanted him to do with the mantle. 
I gently corrected him that it wasn't a mantle, it was half a door.
Jigga, whaa?
You shoulda seen the look on his face! "Which half?" he queried.



I have big plans for this piece, gonna add a window up top, 
it's gonna rock hard by the time
I get through with it.

Also found on the same expedition....

Headed to my booth as we speak.

This beauty will replace the sweet chippy white chair I sold last week.


Old cabinet doors soon to be repurposed
as canvases for mixed media art.
I'm big-time in love with the faded rose shade of the one on the left.

And for those just visiting Fiona and Twig for the first time via Flea Market Style,
here are some random shots of my two-week old antique mall booth,
chock full 'o flea markety goodness. My baby!


Head on over to Flea Market Style
to see all the other participants!


Claudia said...

Love the half-door and everything else you found!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Hey Anne, you found some great things at the flea. I hope to come and see your things soon, T

{northern cottage} said...

ok - that aqua shelf is just delicious!!

The Flying Bee said...

Girl, you are too funny! I can just picture you saying all that with a big black patch over one eye! I guess since your finds are so great we won't make you walk the plank! Ha Ha!
Oh, and btw, congrats on your big news about Warrenton....I am so excited that I will get to meet you there!

V I N T A G E O L O G I E said...

Sweet, sweet finds ... I'm crushing on that white chippy chair!

Your husband and mine would have a lot to talk about ... hee-hee!!


cindy@cottage instincts said...

You go girl! Great stuff and I can't wait to see what you do with the half mantel, er, door. :O)

white flower farmhouse said...

Great style & great stuff. LOVE that $20 door. Lori

Unknown said...

That door is so cool! I can see why you picked it up. Love your ideas for the cabinet doors too.


AuroraSuzette said...

Lots of the stuff I sell comes from flea markets too. I know that door will be great.

Anne Marie said...

you are funny! jigga wha? ;) hee hee

Anonymous said...

Yer a nut Anne.. sweet finds though.. very nice indeed.. I could use a few items and the half cottage door.. oh my word, love it. Great ideas come from fleas!

hugs n kisses


Gail said...

Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE the door and everything else you find! I wish I could visit your booth:(


Jane said...

First, congratulations on your new endeavor at the antique mall. You should do very well based on the pictures I just saw on your post.
I love the 1/2 door and look forward to seeing what you do with it...guess I'd better be a follower!

Michelle Hughes said...

I love all your finds! I also love your new header look!


Sara said...

Love it! Who doesn't need a half-door? Everyone should have one. :-)

Great find and congrats on puruing your dream - good luck with your booth!

Lynn said...

The corner shelf is great! So many possibilities...

debi lynn mattingly said...

Hi sweetie!

LOVE it!!! Especially the "half door"...can't wait to see what ya do with it!


Beach House 27 said...

So nice to meet you -

i love the 1/2 door -and everything else

great blog

i'll be back -


The Flying Bee said...

I just came by because I started thinking about you and couldn't remember if I had wished you a Happy Birthday or Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear, sweet Anne.... sorry if I forgot..... but I still hope you had a great one....Happy Birthday to you!!! :)


Caron said...

Your booth looks great! Everything goes together so well and looks so good. My husband would freak if I brought home half a door. I was really tempted by a whole door last August, but I'd rather stay married. ;)

Recaptured Charm said...

Amazing finds ! The half door is terrific, cant wait to see what you do with it!

Unknown said...

Lots of potential with that cool door aha!! The shop is lookin mighty fine girlie...very nice indeed!!!

:) T

Rust: Vintage Inspired Design said...

Fab flea market finds Anne!!!
Happy day.

trash talk said...

In the words of Goldilocks...That door is just right...for me! It's a pixie door, right?

SLR said...

very cute blog, love your funny posts! love the ideal of the cabinet doors as canvases. so jealous you live in or near Fredericksburg, i have always wanted to visit!
A Sort Of Fairy Tale

Yaya' s Home said...

I love that half-door idea. My first thought was to turn it into a what-knot shelf for my foyer. It would look soooooo darling. Wish I had the means to haggle for the real deal. I'm so happy for you and your find. I do hope we get to see how you finish it. I'm enjoying your blog. ~ Yaya

Unknown said...

I can't wait to see the half door have great stuff..i would head right over to your booth!

Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by and visiting me! Love the door, can't wait to see what you do with it!

Deb said...

Hi Anne
What fabulous finds! Love them all.
Thanks for stopping by to visit and your nice comment ~ re the shopping cart liner, I made it :-)

Stan Williams -- The Elegant Thrifter said...

I am thrilled to see my book in such a place honor! I just addressed your envelope with a plate so you can put it in The Find. I would love to see your booth in person. It is truly fantastic, and you have such a creative eye. And the lovely. And the little ledge makes me imagine that it was once a place to cool pies or lean on during a friendly chat. So beautiful. Would love to see what you do with it. Stan

Miss Gracie's House said...

You go girl! I *love* your enthusiasm...your booth is coming along quite nicely...and I did read the *1st* version of your good, bad and ugly post and I had to laugh...I had that same *issue* last fall and it drove me crazy! I so get you! But you were probably wise to remove it :)
Have a great day!
Thanks for the kind comment you left for me...

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for your kind words!!

I laughed out loud at hubbies "which half" question and LOVE the corner plant stand thingy. Just saw one at the antique store the other day and commented to my hubby that I would like to have one.

Gwen said...

Which half? That made me laugh so hard!

Yes, ReStore is the best. I would volunteer there, but I think that I would bring home everything!

girl meets carpenter said...

I wish I could stop by your shop at the antique mall but I live in MI. You've got some great stuff!! I may just have to follow you!

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