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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The good news and the....edited news

You see this gorgeous silver serving piece
full of the most divine smelling homemade gardenia soap?

I was lucky enough to win Jana's fabulous 
It's an entire loaf(!) of the most incredible smelling, 
all-natural gardenia soap ever.
Silly girl, she said on the enclosed note 
that if I didn't like the scent I could sell it in my booth.
Yeah, as if!!!

My splendid loaf o' soap was sitting prettily 
in this elegant vintage silver serving piece!
I think I actually squeeed when I saw it!
Jana, you are simply the best, I love it all!
Visit Jana's highly addictive online store to see all her goods, 
she has some truly amazing finds.

Breaking News! Edited to add that I just found out 
more loot and swag is headed my direction...
the talented Cori of Starview Sonnet just announced 
that I was the winner of her 100th post giveaway!
Direct from Cori's terrific etsy shop...

Is that not fab? And it's BIG, too! Measures 42" by 11".
Thanks so much Cori, I can't wait to get it!

More good news, I've racked up about a half dozen sales this week, 
and someone even wanted to buy Helga, my Booth Hussy.

I sort of want to hold on to her until at least Halloween, 
but a sale's a sale, right?

Frequent readers of my blog will recognize
that I've edited out the second part of this post, the "bad news" section, as well as any comments.
I apologize if yours were the ones deleted, please read on for my mea culpa.
It's common knowledge that I have a blog in the town where I live,
heck, it's even printed on the business cards in my booth!
I've had conscience pangs all day long that the rest of this post,
while snarky and entertaining, wasn't very nice.
And I want to play nice as the new kid in the sandbox.

'Nuff said.

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