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Thursday, October 29, 2009

New and Improved 300 Followers Giveaway...and Booth Envy

Breaking News!
What was intended to be a  
has snowballed into a 

New numbers require new prizes, so in addition to the 
$25 Gift Card to Anthropologie and the personalized copy of Stan Williams great book "The Find"
I will now be tucking in an extra special surprise for the lucky winner!
 To be entered, just sign up as a follower
Moving on....

One of the biggest perks of throwing a
Megapalooza Giveaway as I'm doing right now
is that you get the opportunity to discover
so many wonderful new bloggers through their comments.
One such blogger is the insanely talented Polly of


(all photos courtesy of Sassafras Stuff)

Just a few peeks at her Holiday 2009 vignettes.

The gracious and talented Polly agreed to let me 
showcase her and her incredible blog and booth, 
which can be found in The Olde Shoe Factory Antique Mall  
at 301 Forest Rose Ave. Lancaster, OH.
She has dubbed her space The Sassafras Shop. So cute!
Polly calls her style 
" funky. shabby. farm. imperfect. cottage. french. industrial. rusty. cute. junk. repurposed. simple."
Sounds good to me.

So why the title Booth Envy?

Quite simple actually, when I see the sheer artistry at work 
in her sublimely gorgeous space, I see my booth the way I imagine it to be fully realized.
 Yes, I am suffering from 
a baaaaaad case of booth envy here, folks. 





And if you think Polly does Christmas beautifully (she does!), 
then sneak a peek at some of her other handiwork, 
all from her stunning space at The Olde Shoe Factory....




One-stop shoppong for all your booth lettering needs! 
Polly, I am forever losing scrabble tile letters for my vignettes, 
I sooooo need a local supplier like you!




Quite honestly, I could spend the rest of the day 
cribbing Polly's gorgeous photos, but hopefully I've whet your appetite enough 
to send y'all scurrying over to her luminous blog to see for yourself!

In  closing, I'd be remiss if I didn't include this not-to-be-believed pic of Polly's loo.....
This is her BATHROOM, folks!
I'm speechless, and readers of this blog know that practically NEVER happens.

Polly, I hope that this shout-out to you translates 
into a plethora of new followers 
which turns into a boon in booth business, 
which in turn results in all your dreams coming true!

Giveaway winner to be announced on All Hallow's Eve.


kath@retromantic antiques said...

So glad I found you. Great blog. Oh and of course I would love to win....k

Love the Decor! said...

Beautiful !! love that bathroom!!!
I am hosting my very first giveaway and would love for you to get signed up!!

Bluebird said...

WOW!! i think a trip to Lancaster is in order for me! and CONGRATULATIONS on the 300 followers! that is going to be one lucky winner (hope it's me)!!

June said...

Anne, thank you so much for featuring Polly's amazing booth today. I can't wait to go visit her blog and see more wonderful stuff!
Congratulations on 300 go girl!

Beth Gales said...

I agree, great pictures and I love the chandelier over the bathtub! Congrats on 300!

Jane said...

Congrats on 300 followers! You always have great ideas so it's easy to see why people want to follow!

Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...

Congrats on the Great #'s this week..... I so have My Fingers Crossed [as everyone else!]
Love this post, Love "The Sassafras Shop".... I just googled it & I think a Road Trip is in order ~ Only 3hrs 54mins away from me.... I think That is Doable~
Thanks so Much for Sharing all the wonderful Info

Jennifer @ The Craft House said...

Congratulations! That is a huge jump I am sure you did not expect! You deserve it for sure! :)

I am in absolute awe over those photos... I immediately went and became a follower of her blog without ever taking another look! I am in L.O.V.E!

Suzy said...

Love your blog and the pics are magnificent! Follow you? For sure! Happy Haunting!

Wildflowerhouse said...

Oh my Polly is the ultimate is she not! Thanks for sharing. Sharon

Unknown said...

You go girl with the 300 followers!!! Awesome!

Absolutely love Polly's work that you have shown...I have got to check out her blog!!!

:) T

Unknown said...

Congrats on the increase in followers! Woot! And those are great pics of Polly's booth. She is talented, too. Have a great day!


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I can see why you'd have booth envy, it's gorgeous for sure!

stefanie said...

what a tease you are...more stuff for your giveaway...can't wait, i am off to visit your friends blog, thanks

Polly said...

Anne! OMG!!! This is so incredibly AWESOME of you to do! THANK YOU!!! You are the best!!
Polly at Sassafras

Lee said...

I think you might have set a record here... have you check with Guinness?
Wish me luck.

The Feathered Nest said...

My goodness woman!!!!! You are a shooting star!!! You have the best taste and don't worry, your space will "evolve" into what you want it to be ~ I love yours now though! Seems like when you first start out you have a lot of things that you're getting rid of as your tastes have changed. But now as you bring more items in, they will have the "look" that you love ~ you GO girl! xxoo, Dawn (ps, hope you're feeling better!)

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Wow, 300 followers! Cool Beans girl. Your booth looks great. One of the most fun aspects of being a dealer is that your booth and inventory constantly change and evolve. When I was a dealer back in the day, one of the best pieces of advice was this..."Even if you don't have new inventory, every so often, take everything out and rearrange it". This keeps things fresh! You got what it takes, don't ever doubt yourself!

sweetpea said...

wow~~you are really rackin' up the followers! I hope I win this as Anthropologie is my all time fav store! Fingers crossed,


Anonymous said...

Anne.. boy have you grown indeed. Keep a seat for me as I try to sneak into the corner of your blog.

Can't wait till friday.. am or pm?

Donna Reyne' said...

Hey Girl!
Congratulations on the big 300!
I love this new blog you have found! Everything is just Darling!
So glad I stopped by on my way to the bubble bath!
I really am just tickled for you! You are really rockin'...and you so...derseve it!
Have a wonderful weekend...donna

Rooster Inn Primitives said...

Wow that bathroom is to die for. I just love it.

Congrats on all the new followers!!! Doin great

Hugs Pam

trash talk said...

Her Christmas merchandising is wonderful. I was just over at her blog this morning...great minds think alike!

The Flying Bee said...

What can I're awesome!

Got to check out Polly!

Congrats, girle!


Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings... said...

Hi Anne....Looking forward to checking out your featured blog....sweet of you to do that!!! Your space is fabulous already and as time goes by you will evolve into EXACTLY what you want to be because you are one determined girl... Has been fun watching have your dream come true and I'm sure you will remember these days as some of the most fun ones in your life...Keep up the good work! Your biggest fan... xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Terri Conrad said...

fabulous, delicious, scrumptious eye candy. Wish I could come shop!

Karyn @ Candarbry Garden said...

Thanks for the visit and the kind words... I love the look of your blog, but I am going to have to abandon you for Polly, she has a girly loo! I have nothing girly yet! I am still anticipating the fun I will have with that gift card, and the book. I really really need that book! Happy following! Karyn


Now that's some delish eye candy.I would love to win!!!! new follower

Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

wow...300 followers!! beautiful gift, count me in........stop over Pandora's Box for a giveaway

Lee Weber said...

I need her to come style my new house!

pollyanns said...

I found you through Anita's blog at iowajunkgypsies. She's a friend of mine. I, too, am a Polly... pollyanns... I will certainly have to check out the other Polly's blog as her things look wonderful. I'll be stopping by again to see your fantastic photos... thanks for sharing

Anne Marie said...

that shop looks fantastic! and wow - that bathroom is sooo relaxing looking; a respite!

have a great weekend!

Tarnished Rose said...

Congratulations on 300 followers.

Love the booth with the yellow open cabinet/shelving, wire baskets, and scrabble tile. What a great idea to use scrabble tiles for lettering. I need to keep that in mind - can I "borrow" your idea?

Hugs & Smiles

Rose Garden Romantic said...

She has a fabulous booth! Thanks for sharing the those gorgeous photos with us!

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