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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Big Orange Betty Revisited

I'm re-posting one of my very first blog entries today, as I'd like input from y'all. I had every intention of selling Betty once I became a dealer and had my own booth, but now...well, now I'm sorta attached to the old gal. What would you do?

It's going to be tough to part with her once I get a booth or shop off the ground and running.

Oh, my apologies, I haven't introduced you to my newest family member yet.....this is Big Orange Betty.....

She's a little self conscious about her height, being 7 feet and all.
A chunky hearty farm gal from the plains of Minnesota, donchaknow.
How she made it to a flea market in the Texas Hill Country is likely a tale to rival the very best of Lewis and Clark!
And don't ya dare even think about calling her Ugly Betty...why she'd just as soon whomp you upside the head with a rolling pin as put up with that sort of sass.

One of the local antique store Proprietoresses (is that a word?) had her eye on Betty for a few weeks prior. I know this because said Shop Owner is a friendly acquaintance, and we've shared tales of our latest finds and acquisitions.

On the morning I picked Betty up from the market, my trusty friend Junker Earl informed me that Shop Owner owner had come by bright and early before I had arrived to make doubly sure that I still wanted Betty and was planning on picking her up. I know for a fact that Betty wouldn't have left with her anyway....even though I got her for a steal at $85, Shop Owner has a glorious shop full of beautiful but pricey treasures. Betty, being a simple gal, instinctively felt more at home with me.

So, me and dutiful husband and dutiful friend loaded her up and off we went. Got her home and began to play dress-up....

A little strip of burlap to temporarily cover the stains....

Enough lollygagging Betty, time to get to work!
Out with the unpacked wedding china, into your watchful bosom, old girl.

She's going to be tough to say goodbye to on that fateful day, but say goodbye I will. My shop will need a good-hearted, big-boned sentry like Betty to keep an eye on things.....donchaknow?


savvycityfarmer said...

is she really ORANGE ...might you consider giving her a new "dress?"

some sanding, fresh paint and of course some well rubbed stain ... donchaknow she might be wishn for a bosom to toe makeover, eh?

(found) vintage 101 said...

I love her and in the past I have sold pieces that I still think about today. If you love her keep her and enjoy her. By the way thanks for stopping by my blog with good thoughts about my granddaughter's bout with the H1N1. She is doing much better today. Hopefully my grandson will not get it now. Good Luck with your booth. Rhonda

bj said...

Oh, dear...the big beauty is surely TALL ! As CITY FARMER suggested, a nice coat of color, glass inserted into her original doors and, baby, you got yourself a winner, for sure, donchaknow!!

Anne Lorys said...

I do see the merit in spiffing her up, but it's her rusty, chippy, peely imperfect self that I fell in love with.
I can't see letting her go yet, and yeah BJ, you're right...she's one big mama!!

The Feathered Nest said...

Hey sweet girl, I say KEEP her!!! You don't come across pieces of that magnitude every day...just head to the auction to get you something to anchor you space :) Believe me, after owning my shop, there are a few things I still wish I had!!! But when you need stuff, you just grab what's around you ~ If you want to redo her, do that...and you will fall in love all over again, she's got good bones!!!

OH, and by the way, LOVE the flash cards on the dress form! xxoo, Dawn

Debra@CommonGround said...

Anne, I can't tell you how many times I've kicked myself for selling something I really loved. I've learned that we have to treat ourselves sometimes. Otherwise we get secretly peeved as all our great finds sell. Keep what you can't live without, then "upgrade" with new junk when something more "you" comes along. But don't feel guilty about it. I always say about "anything" I buy, "Hey, it's in the system"! I think Betty's a real strappin' beauty, and I love her with your wedding things. She' quite a gal!

Donna Reyne' said...

I REALLY think you ought to keep her! I think she's fabulous! Maybe some new duds in a less orange hue...but even in her current coloring...she just so cool! Keep us up to date on what you decide to do. Have a wonderful

Brynwood Needleworks said...

I agree...You really have to keep her! After all, she's been serving you already by holding your wedding china.

I like the idea of sanding, perhaps adding some wood trim pieces (you know, the scrolly, wood shapes that you can attach with brads and wood glue), and then a shabby cottage white paint job. I'm just thinking out loud here...

Be sure to let us know what you decide to do. Betty is a beauty, and tall is sexy, too!


Anonymous said...

I like Betty, maybe a little makeover? If you decide to bring her to the booth price her high and then the pain of parting ways will be more bearable. Then again this method is not an infalible one. Everytime I bring something I love to the shop I price it high with the intention of scare possible buyers away but...some people liked the stuff and will pay whatever price. That's how I parted ways with the most amazing french bodyform and my antique jar full of mother of pearl buttons and my most beautiful prom dress ever and the most beautiful french bru doll and... you get the point, yes, I got good money for the items but I will never be able to replace any of this items. Soooo, tuff, use her, enjoy her, display her and let her go to the suitor with the deep pockets. I sound like a pimp, gross.Blessings, Marta

Unknown said...

Ok, theory is....if you are still "emotionally" attached to her, and you obviously are......then it's not time to let her will forever regret it. you will KNOW when the time is right and then, only then, sell her. just speaking from experience, darlin.......xojana,

Miss Mustard Seed said...

It looks great! I love the white china inside. The arrangement is great...I love symmetry!

Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings... said...

Listen to Dawn!!! Keep her...I LOVE HER... I know your all about selling things but she's like a signature piece...she'll display other pieces with dignity!!!! She's the piece everyone will count on seeing when they come to your booth....Tall girls are loyal...I KNOW!!! 5'9" here! I really like here lines.. If you sell her just don't tell me, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

The Little Red Shop said...

Very cool! I like the dishes in the troughy thing too!

: )

Julie M.

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

I say keep her, but give her a makeover... I understand you love her in her "now" outfit, but I think now that you have mastered "painting 101" you could give her a whole new look! :)
just my 2 cents!
thanks so much for your comments on my blog. I don't know how you have the time!
I am taking part in a yearly show (I/we have done only one show, this yearly show last year) It is on the 17th (your bd???) someone's blog world bd, think it's yours. hahah
so anyway, I've been soooo busy building and painting.
hope your week is going well!
ps sorry for the ramblings. :)

Anonymous said...

Keep her! You can always sell her if you find something you like better. Wishing you luck in your new booth. I live in Cherokee and should come down to check it out. I'm thinking of hosting an antique show in San Saba. Interested? I'm only thinking at this point, but will be looking for vendors. Susan

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