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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Followers Thing, Part 2

The response to my post on The Case of the Missing Followers 
generated a lot more conversation
 than I ever anticipated, so I thought I'd add a few new thoughts here. 
Well, new for me, at least! 
I'm learning that there's not much one can do 
in the blogging world that hasn't been done
 before (and usually better), so just bear with me
as I re-invent the wheel here.

Okay, so way back when, I promised that I'd always 
try to be brutally honest, even at the expense of my so-called reputation. 
This time is no different.
I've confessed to unabashed booth envy, s
o I might as well own up to suffering the occasional bout of blog envy as well. 

There are just sooooo many insanely talented folks here in our midst 
that it's been known to bring out the ugly little inner green beast on occasion. 
But it's not the sort of envy that creates a "why her, not me?" mentality....
rather, the kind that inspires and motivates me 
to create better content and to just be an all-around better blogger.
So when I see a top-notch blog with an abundance of followers, 
it's an encouraging sign! It reaffirms my conviction that the cream usually rises to the top, 
and that excellence is recognized and rewarded.

Which leads me to why we blog in the first place
and what we hope to achieve from it.
While some of us incorporate career aspirations into our blogging (guilty as charged),
many blog simply for the joy and fulfillment it brings.
Both are valid reasons, and I'd like to think that I'm a combination of the two.

My backstory: for many, many years, writing has been my first love.
In a perfect world, I'd have finished up a journalism degree
rather than going into medicine, which is not to take anything away from what I do for a living;
I love my job and my patients, but as I've said before,
writing feeds a need deep within me that nothing else ever has.
But would I love to also be able to earn a living through my writing?
Heck, yeah!

Likewise, I've had a passion for decorating and antiques and junking for ages,
so I'm thrilled to be able to combine these two passions in one venue.
But again, would I love to be able to earn a living as a shop owner?
I think we all know the answer to that one!

Through blogging, I've also discovered a newfound passion 
I never dreamed I would embrace so fervently... photography and photo editing. 
Who knew it could be so darn much fun? 
Not me, so that's been an unexpectedly pleasant surprise along the way.

But the greatest joy of blogging thus far has been the friends 
I've been fortunate enough to make. If I lost every follower I have tonight, 
I'd still count it as a gain for the friendships I've been blessed with. 
I won't name names, because there are just way too many of you to single out a handful, 
and to list them all would take all night. 
But just know that I'm a better person having "met" you, 
even if we haven't come face to face yet. 
We will, God will make a way.

This post feels like one big, long ramble, so I'm hoping it doesn't read as one! 
I'm hoping to tie things up in a pretty burlap bow here in just a bit!

A thought I wanted to incorporate into this post 
was the saying "To thine own self be true..."
That speaks to me in how it pertains to blogging, 
because I feel that being authentic and transparent are two key ingredients 
to connecting with readers.

The adjective crafty will never be used in conjunction with my name, believe me! 
So if I attempt to mimic my uber talented friend Dawn at The Feathered Nest
you savvy folks will see right through me 
and high-tail it over to the genuine article. And rightfully so!

I can only be the best Anne, and trying to be a pale imitation of anyone else 
is a plan doomed to failure. If you deem me worthy of following, 
I want it to be because you genuinely like me (channeling Sally Field here, folks), warts and all.

I can hear snoring in the cheap seats, 
so it's time to pull the plug here!
Again, thank you for your friendship, 
your comments, your inspiration, and above all,
for changing my life for the better.
That is what blogging has meant to me!



Bluebird said...

i so love and appreciate your honesty on these past two posts. you have such an eloquent way of addressing things that all of us face here in the blog world. you did it tactfully, truthfully, and beautifully...with heart, not bitterness. and your photos are beautiful as always! have a lovely night, dear blog friend!

LuLu Kellogg said...

You are a real gem Anne for your openness and honesty. I am blessed to have you as one of my Blog sisters :)


Theresa said...

Let me the first to comment:) and say that I feel the same way about the blog world! I retired 7 years ago after working 30 years. I had so many friends and still do but with blogging... I have new blog friends and it is nice to get new friends. I love my followers and those who just happen upon my blog and leave a comment or not! Have a blessed day and I really enjoyed reading this! You should write, you are really good at it!

Anonymous said...

Enough said. I do enjoy a good read at the end of the day and I'm here regardless if it's raining, snowing or just a wee sleet..


Love ya sweet cheeks!


Unknown said...

you're a sweetheart.....the hardest thing I have learned along the way IS....some will love you.....some will want to BE you....some will envy you.....and others will just be mean.....and for no other reason than to try and make you as unhappy as they are.....never, ever take anything the end it's all just business...xojana

Lee Weber said...

Both posts were very well done, and I can say "DITTO." I love blogging, was an english lit. major the first time around, RN the second. Would love more followers, would love to have a store, love beautiful blogs, love junk, would love to make a living it it!! Hey, you should come to Girls Weekend this spring/summer. Hopefully Dawn will be there again- she's a doll!

*The Beautiful Life* said...

Oh Anne... now it all makes sense. Your writing has ALWAY appealed to me and now I see why! You took classes in journalism! Plus, I suspect even without one single class, just "you" shining through would be what draws all of us to you.

Medicine??? Do tell! Should we call you Dr. Anne?? ;)

Don't sweat the followers -- besides, you just started your blog a few months ago, girl! And look how many followers you have! (Hint - like about three times as many as me!) ;)

You rock. 'Nuf said.



Unknown said...

Back atcha! I so enjoy your blog, your writing, your enormous talent at design and your incredible eye for beauty in so many things. It's fun for me to see pics of your booth and all the neat things you have! But there's no envy here. I believe we all have a special place in this world and your special place is doing what you do best and what you love doing. Same goes for me. My special place is doing...well, I haven't figured that out yet; give me time! ;-) Keep it up, because without blogs like yours, the rest of us wouldn't have inspiration!


Anonymous said...

Oh Anne, I do agree with you! We always need to listen to our inner voice, go with our gut.

I do remember the very first time I hit the 'publish' button this past Valentine's Day. As I hit the button, I immediately thought, "What if NO ONE ever reads my blog?" Let alone leave a comment or follow.
Dawn has enc and encouraged me too (along with countless others). The key is to always follow your passion, your heart always shines through.


stefanie said...

what a great post, you are a true treasure, and i love coming is fun, this photography thing, it makes you look at every day items alittle differently

Rooster Inn Primitives said...

Well said Anne. Sure wish i could put things into words like you. I love reading your blog and if you don't mind i think i'll stay.

Have a wonderful day

Big Hugs

LuLu said...

You summed it up perfectly!! It's a pleasure reading your blog! complete delight,

Lee said...

I think bloggers do it better... that certainly includes you Anne... it is nice getting to know you...

sue (aka vintage rescue) said...

Anne, I've been thinking about this a lot lately, and will be doing my own post. As to your dilemma: pay no attention to the numbers (although you've come SO FAR in a few months)! You've made a big ole splash and I'm so proud of you! Your enthusiasm and heart shines in every post. XOX

AuroraSuzette said...

I say to my kids..who will be you if you won't? That's my mom version of to thine own self. To me, your rise has been meteoric. Truly. Keep blogging. Your blog inspires me! I love your new header, and borders too, and all the buttons you have! Till your next post, Anne.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Anne,

It is lovely to have found your blog and a great post, you have written, thank you.
I am happy to be a follower and always look forward to seeing what you have to share.
thanks for your friendship.

Happy week

Debra@CommonGround said...

I came over here an hour or so ago, wrote a brilliant comment and then my laptop deleted it.(no mouse, but evidently it has a mind of it's own). so here's the jest of what I said.
I was thinking the other day about the fact that we are all so different. I look at the "DIY gals" and think wow, if I could only paint like that and come up with these wonderful makeovers, then to the "artsy gals" and think, wow, if I could only make cute art projects all glittery and pretty, then the "decor gals", who have perfect houses and dishes, and then all the "cute moms" out there whose children are darling and hilarious, and then the "Junk gals" who find some of the most amazing things, and the "shop gals" who have wonderful stores, and then the "show gals" who get to go to the places I can only dream about, whaa, whaa, whaa...I'm learning that I just need to be "me" and hope that I can enjoy myself, spread a little love, and have some fun. I'd rather have 25 good friends that enjoy my blog, than have 500 who joined for a freebie, and never come back. I'm learning it's who you are, not what you do, that makes a person and their blog interesting and compelling. You are those things Anne. I'd follow you no matter what..and so glad to call you sister and friend.
Big hugs,

Debra@CommonGround said...

p.s. I'm not poking at the "gals" at all, I admire and follow all these different "gals" and thoroughly enjoy them!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful post. I so enjoy reading your blog and your candor and honesty in every post. I get so much inspiration from you and what you write. Your passion is remarkable and an inspiration in itself.
Thank you!

Anne Lorys said...

COMMENT OF THE NIGHT c/o Debra @ Common Ground:

"I'd rather have 25 good friends that enjoy my blog, than have 500 who joined for a freebie, and never come back."

Beautifully put!

Donna Reyne' said...

You know I love ya!
I think your brilliant and funny and sometimes deep and soulful.
I agree with Debra...I Would rather have a few true than any other kind of followers.
You...are a rock star! And everyone who comes around here often enough knows this about you!
I hope you realize that you have such a positve effect on alot of us...I truly appreciate that!
Have a great evening...hugs! donna

alice said...

Oh Anne, Are you sure you are not secretly published (&living off the royalities)? I think you are just pulling our leg! You are the best at expressing yourself which makes your posts so enjoyable. ! I labor over each little tid bit I write. I think you are not only write worthy but darling to boot! Thanks so much for your blog!
Smiles, alice

north pal said...

anne, there you have it. everyone said pretty much what they were thinking and it is just the way i feel about it. you have to be real, that's the way God created all of us. we all at one time wished we could be this or that, but we are not or God would have made us that way. i truly think what we should hang onto is the word REAL! we do not want a pretend friend and real is what makes all of us admire and like about a blog and we follow it. there is a common bond in blogging. real people. o.k. i am getting down off the soap box now. till next time girls be real. Bestest,Denise

Faded Charm said...

I love your blog Anne and also your honesty. I do have to admit that I can't keep up with all the comments though. Just tonight I realized I hadn't posted for a whole week. were does the time go. I told myself from the beginning ofmy blogging career(haha) that if it started to stress me out I wasn't going to do it anymore. So I've tried to stick to that because I've met some amazing people and just love all the inspiration out there.

Take care,


The Feathered Nest said...

You are such a treasure Anne!!! A totally endearing and truly good soul ~ I see it and so does everyone else! Blogging is such a wonderful thing ~ it's this universe of so many different styles, tastes and interests but isn't it funny how we all migrate to the blogs that we have the most in common with? I started blogging because of the sweet friends here and after just one or two comments of encouragement and I was hooked! I think we get so busy with our families and lives that it's wonderful to have this special meeting place of friends. We can share what we love with one another, get such positive feedback and return it as well. As for numbers, it was never a big thing with me, I've just enjoyed it so much, tried to be consistent and if readers love coming, I love blogging! You keep it up sweet Anne, we all love coming here ~
hugs and love, Dawn
ps. the neat thing about blogging never know who might be reading your blog and that it could lead to something wonderful!

Trouvais said...

I sure enjoy reading what you write. The whole subscript behind the pretty pictures and DIY and great finds is the "why?". Its so interesting to read all the comments about why people blog. For me it was for organizing all the inspiration photos and tear sheets littering my home, hovered over the first post wondering whether to hit public or private. It's sort of coalesced my viewpoint...and perhaps will help me make less mistakes at the paint store. It's certainly addictive. Merci! Trish

hungeryjack said...

Nice post - Sally Field ..Keep Posting

Sally Field - 1024×768

Unknown said...

I have to admit it now, since you have been so honest...I get envious too. I don't want to, but I get a visit from that green eyed boo also. It's tough to blog, lay your soul bare to so many. To take the chance that any one else will appreciate what you have to say..
Tough job, but somebody has to do it.

Merry Christmas,

mary pernula said...

Hello, I am new to blog land. I am going to say Ditto to Followers thing part 1 and not change anything, it was great reading. XO Mary

Kerrie said...

Your photography is wonderful and I really enjoyed your blog. I linked from Country Wings in Phoenix and glad that I did! Never give up the dream! The creative side of us can never be squashed, LOL! You go girl! Kerrie

Anne said...

Well put! Starting a blog is a wonderful outlet for expression...but also a bit like standing on the edge of a ballroom of gorgeous swirling dancers, wearing what I think is a pretty dress, and hoping the dance slows down enough to let me join in -- because it looks like so much fun!

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