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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Stuff of Legend...

 ONE Amazing Estate Sale.
THREE Incredible Finds.




I forced recruited my husband to accompany me
on one of my Saturday adventures, with a forewarning
that when it comes to the big Saturday sales, I hit the ground running.
After a few cursory garage sale stops, we arrived at Estate Sale #1.
I am frankly amazed that this survived day #1 of the sale with no takers.
And since this was day #2, everything was could I not?????
Headed to my booth this week and/or Warrenton in the Spring!


The steps leading up to the sale were steep, 
and we had to park down the hill a bit, but I spied her from at least thirty yards away. 
I ran as fast as I could up the steep steps (temporarily leaving my husband in the dust!) 
to make sure that no one else claimed my prize. 
Heck, I even got Mr. Twig to stand sentry duty next to her 
while I found someone to slap a "sold" sign on her!

And thirdly...

Chippy green medicine cabinet...complete with glass knob!

I had to talk them down a bit before claiming this as mine, 
but I'm getting less shy about negotiating a good price. 
I'm also getting friendly with the estate sale staff, so that never hurts, too.

Elsewhere on the garage sale trail....

Found at a garage sale at a garage sale price!!!

I give total credit to my amazing husband for the epic day I had Saturday. 
He didn't realize it, but he was clearly my good luck charm when it came to the sales.

Off now to the post office to get some Etsy packages in the mail.
Have a terrific Tuesday!


Inspired Comblogulations said...

I get a rush out of those kind of finds.
Heaven is smiling on you sweetie.

Six divided by two..... said...

Girl, I love it !! And you know I love your blog. That is why I am passing the Sugar Doll blogger award on to you!!! Please swing by my page to pick it up and pass it on!!!! Enjoy!

Sweet Woodruff said...

I love the pictures with "Texas" in the background. Congratulations. I envy you.

Chris Nickel said...

I am absolutely in love with the shelf. HOw I wished I lived closer to Texas in order to check it out in your booth.

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

SCORE!!!! You hit it BIG girlfriend!

Lucky you!

Lou Cinda :)

red.neck chic said...

Oh my gosh LUCKY YOU!!! Can I go with you sometime? LOL

;-) Robelyn

The yellow display case needs to live at my house... need a storage space?

;-D (that's my big cheesy grin...)

Debra@CommonGround said...

The bisquit rack is wonderful, and of course that dress form, love her color. Knowing me I'd trip on the stairs and someone else would get to her while I was laying there. Good job, eagle eyes!

Michelle Hughes said...

wahhhhh!! I want that cabinet! I actually have one that I like alot, but that color reminds me of the vintage red cross cabinet that I lusted after that was on ebay Australia. Somehow I couldn't convince Mr. Hughes that it was wise to ship that cabinet here. Guess he doesn't care about unrequited love....

Smiles~ Michelle

Noel Giger said...

OH - I need a junkin' buddy - want to meet up? Super job!

time worn interiors said...

That shelf is definitely something you want to save for Warrenton! It will be the star of your booth!

Theresa said...

Great finds! I love the stained glass window, gorgeous and my favorite! Have a blessed day!

Anonymous said... did fantastic! Lately I haven't been taking Bobby G. with me because every time I do I find nothing but when I am alone I find tons of stuff. I think it's because he is a bit (a lot) impatient with garage and yard sales. That's what happened this past Bobby G and I hit the mother lode. At times I have found great stuff, had to call him up to say "bring the truck". I scored big today. LOL...Happy Thanksgiving. xo Lynn

Lisa said...

Great great stuff! How much fun!!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Hugs, Lisa

Diann said...


My Grama's Soul said...

You find the best stuff. I want to go shopping with you.

Happy Thanksgiving,


LuLu said...

OH what fun you had! great finds and i would have been running with you,

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Woo Hoo... those are some *great* finds! That is so sweet that you have a hubby that stands guard for you. I often have my hubby do that same thing! :)

Six in One Hand said...

Sitting here secretly giving you the "stank eye"...
THose are some amazing finds woman!!!!

Not bitter....but very jealous!!!

*The Beautiful Life* said...

Stank Eye??? Whoa! I have to remember that one!! :)


You really DID get some major scores here! Have fun playing with them!! :)

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Kick back, eat lots and nap often!



Anonymous said...

Anne - Thanks for the comment about my etsy shop. I am in the process of organizing my junk room or "studio" right now. I'm ready to tear in to some projects and add items all winter long!
Keep checking back and I'll do the same on yours. Your store looks great and you are right - it is time consuming. Hopefully it will payoff for both of us. Susan

alice said...

Oh great hunting & gathering Anne and Mr. Twig!
Happy Thanksgiving to you both1.
smiles, alice

Junk Exchange said...

hey, i miss the little twig man over here to the right - he in his star studded coat - haven't seen him in a long time -

anyway, there is no way that biscuit display would have been there had i known about this sale - guess it was fate that you should have it - don't you love those moments - like why is that still here? -

hey, i never noticed these carnations on the side before - have they always been there?

tell mr twig hey - hey, mr twig!

troy & rod

trash talk said...

Now unless you want to sell it real fast, put a huge price tag on it. Those are the kind of pieces that pay for themselves by what gets sold off of 'em!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Anne,

I love all your finds today ~ the mannequin and the leadlight window are lovely. Glad that your husband could go along and be your good luck charm.

Happy Thanksgiving

Blue Creek Home said...

Good stuff, girl!

Cynthia K. said...

Hi Anne ~ What wonderful fun for you!! It is thrilling when you discover such goodies and they are priced decently. They are all great but my favorite is the medicine cabinet - and that divine color.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day - gobble 'til you wobble!

Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

Yaya' s Home said...

Such great finds! I want that shelf. Ain't it great to have such an awesome good-luck charm? Better hang onto him. ~ Yaya
Yaya's Changing World

Anonymous said...

Wow! You did find some amazing things. I especially love the dress form, lucky you!
Have a happy Thanksgiving,
Aimee said...

Wow what great finds. I would have raced up those stairs too. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
The capers of the vintage vixens

The Flying Bee said...

Great finds! You did good! I just wanted to stop by and wish you a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving!


Carole said...

I always have fun reading your adventures. You and your husband make a good team. Great finds!
Hope your having a great Thanksgiving!
back to Santa's workshop for me!

Lee Weber said...

wow- great finds! I could use all three!! Say, you aren't heading to Maine anytime soon, are you??

Catherine @ van Breugel Design said...

Wow, Such fabulous finds Fiona! The area where I live is still relatively new, and old treasures like these are hard to find. Love that medicine cabinet!

Happy Thanksgiving, American Friend!

pollyanns said...

I stopped over from Polly's at Sassafras Stuff! I sure wish there were garage sales year round in Iowa! What a lucky girl you are! My hubby is often recruited to go with me as well. I do most of the work days at our antique mall, but he helps with anything I ask him to (just not always willingly) and he runs most everything at our bed and breakfast. Sounds like we both picked keepers, huh? That biscuit rack is to die for and I, too, never pass up a dress form at a reasonable price... they are soo much fun to play with! Thanks for having a great blog for me to check out and to keep me motivated!

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