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Monday, February 1, 2010

The Heart of the Matter...and an Impending Giveaway

It being February and all...

The month of romance,

of Valentine's,

and of these....

I'm going to be a little scarce for the next 2 or so weeks while I study up to get re-certified in this....


Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) is a protocol for handling patients who are experiencing serious medical emergencies such as cardiac arrest. ACLS also refers to the skills and training necessary to use the protocol safely and properly. Because ACLS involves advanced medical skills, certification and training in ACLS is only offered to medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists and paramedics. Several organizations offer ACLS training and certification, which is required in many hospitals and health care environments.

This will be a re-cert for me, so it's stuff I already know, but I still need to devote more time to studying than blogging, so I hope y'all won't forget me between now and around the 21st.
I'll try to pop in a couple of times a week, so you won't really get much of a break from me at all.  ;-)

But back to this....

It's actually connected to this....

Which is currently available in my Etsy Shop!

Isn't it darling?
The perfect vintage charm bracelet, and just in time for Valentine's Day!
Super duper cute, this little piece of bling has charms in the shape of a vintage glove, purse/clutch, high heel shoe, hat, heart, and two faux diamonds.

Sooooo cute. I've worn it a few times, and I always get such great compliments on it!
I'm sure you will too, as it's the perfect accessory for a day out hitting the garage and estate sales, yet looks equally chic for a night out on the town.
Available via my Etsy Shop HERE.

Also, because I'm sneaking up on hitting my

500th Follower!!!

I'm planning a little giveaway sometime after I hit the magic number, so be sure to check back. I have a few ideas rolling around as to what the prizes will be, but nothing is certain yet. One however, is gonna be pretty awesome, if I do say so myself!

So, I'll be a wee bit scarce the next two weeks, but it's really for the greater good.
Passing my ACLS course = job security = more money = more cool junk = more blogging!
Send lotsa good thoughts and prayers my way that I breeze through it, and I'll see y'all soon!



My Grama's Soul said...

Good luck to you in your class. At one time in my life I had to study for CPR it is nothing compared to what you are doing.
Good for you!



Jennifer said...

Giving back is under rated but much appreciated! Well, that doesn't sound so positive - I'm a nurse and what I mean is that we work super hard because we love people - not for the thanks. Thank you for all you do and the terrific the glitz! Jennifer

Beth Gales said...

How do you do it all???? Good luck with your recert and hope you get some time to yourself!

One Cheap B*tch said...

That bracelet is dreamy!

2sisters said...

We will miss you! Don't envy you studying for ACLS! Yuck! Micki (the other sister) has to recertify later this month too, and I have to recert this fall (although because we don't use it often, we have to follower the AHA guidelines and do the complete class again). Yuck! Best of luck, hope to see you back soon!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Hey Girl, that sound like a good thing to get re-certified in! We will miss you but we know you will be back! Cute bracelet!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Good luck, Anne...although you really don't need it. I'm sure you'll breeze right through your re-cert.
See you again soon!

Theresa said...

You will do just fine dear Anne! You are one smart cookie:) I love the bracelet and went to look at it but it is too big for my skinny arm. Not that I am skinny, just my wrists. Have a blessed evening and I could NEVER forget about you. As soon as you pop up on my sidebar... I dive in to take a peek at what you've been up to! Hugs and best wishes in your studies!

red.neck chic said...

I'm sending you big happy thoughts and prayers!!! Go break some hearts! Oh wait - no... go mend some hearts!

Cool bracelet!!!

Okay - you shouldn't be reading this, you're supposed to be studying!!! I'm going to miss you!!!


Kate said...

You will be in my prayers and my heart while you are studying. I actually have a heart condition that causes some real scary episodes at times so I truly appreciate all the trained individuals who take care of me. Thanks for being the truly sweetest loving gal that you are.

Love ya

Noel Giger said...

Sending ~~~memory vibes~~~ your way! You'll do great!

Olive said...

I am your 494th follower! Best wishes with ACLS. I did that many times as I am a RN.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Wow your giveaway is beautiful...please include me in on it.
Yes your studying is far more important than keeping us entertained....not to say we will not miss you though.
Take care and congrats on knocking on the door at 500 isn't that awesome

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Your bracelet is so lovely, and it's pink!!
I am going to your etsy shop and check it out.
Good luck on your training.


Sylvia (at) Lily's Pad and Petals said...

Good luck on your re-certification - praying for you.

Will look back for your upcoming giveaway- I'm having a GIVEAWAY right now - hop over and check it out.
Sylvia said...

Hugs and prayers are being sent to you this very minute. Good luck with your re-certification. It sounds like it is very important so you get a pass for not blogging as much;) I can not believe you are almost up to 500 followers. That is because you are so fabulous!!!
Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

Karen said...

Best of luck!! ACLS used to make me almost physically sick when I first took it, then thank GOd they eased up alittle and weren't really trying to fail people!!

Libbie said...

SO god you are taking that class, I have learned recently that you never know when you will need it! But we will miss ya!

trash talk said...

I think the bracelet is "charming"! Good luck with the re-cert...just don't confuse CPR with VRS, 'kay?

Sarah said...

Best of luck, Anne. No doubt you will breeze through the certification.

north pal said...

your wish is my command. you go girl. do what you have to for the next couple weeks and i will be sending prayers your way for your improvement in your most important career. Bestest, Denise

Bunnym said...


Having had surgery last Nov. I thought I appreciated nurses, but in that particular experience, my appreciated tripled. My nurses were nothing less than respectful and encouraging to me. I will always place nurses at the top of the best people. See you then when you have more moola and


Malisa said...

As the wife of a cardiac bypass survivor, I applaud you for getting certified in this field! Hurry back!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you will do great! Love your Blog!!!

Debra@CommonGround said...

OK, now you can take care of me when I'm in the rest home.:)
love ya,

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Best wishes and good luck with your recertification. I am sure you will have no problem at all. That charm bracelet is adorable. I have a couple of friends here who would just love it as they are all into purses and bags and shoes and bling. :) Too bad I am so far away and mail is never certain to arrive on this side of the world. :( Blessings, Tammy

Polly said...

Good luck with your course recertification! You make the world a better place! Thank you for being you!!


Auntie Cake said...

Good luck with the recert. My hubby always dreads it too. It will be good to get it over, but you are getting closer to 500! Congrats, and do have fun at class.

lulu redstar said...

May the Force be With you! good luck!
CUTE bracelet!

Sweet Woodruff said...

Do you work at the hospital? Do you know Christine (Chris) Pankratz? Does Dr. O'Donnell (sp?) or Dr. Zuber still work there?

Guess what? My cousin and his wife are moving to Bandera from Iowa. My cousin's wife is my close friend and is also British. I tell her to go see your booth. Now that I have someone to stay with, I'll be there all the time. We can go treasure hunting together, and I promise not to buy anything you would buy. LOL

PS: I've been praying for you about your friend who was killed in December. That broke my heart.

BellaRosa said...

Anne amor, you are going to do amazing on your exam...I always knew you were one amazing know you can do so much to save someones life is so inspiring, the repiratory therapist my dad had in the hospital were have a beautiful heart! Congrats on you surpassing that 5oo followers VERY soon :) Besos, Rose

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