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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Have you Entered Yet???

Word on the street is that I'm having an anniversary


to adopt blogger lingo, 


A few HUNDRED of you have already entered my  


but time is running out!!!

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Giveaway ends this Tuesday, August blogiversary!
Good luck!

Friday, August 13, 2010

So Close....

And yet so far.
We won't be walking through this gorgeous front door this weekend after all.

Because the bank couldn't get their ish together this week,
our closing on our new house isn't until next week.


Color me not surprised.

a view such from my living room window such as this...

{our new twice to enlarge, it's gorgeous!}

is sooooooo worth waiting for!

for a tour of the whole house!

Happy Weekend!

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for a
$125 CSN Shopping Spree!!!

Giveaway ends Tuesday, August 17th

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


It's what I am craving right now.

We're hitting some
as our closing date for the new house approaches.

Nothing terribly serious...
I don't think.
Gosh, I hope not.

But still....

it has me a bit out of sorts this afternoon, and craving peace.



You know?

Of course you do.

We've all been there.

and so I rest now

secure in the knowledge

that God is in control, not me.

Thank goodness, right?!

This too shall pass.


Have a beautiful evening!

{all images by me}

Be sure to enter my
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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fiona and Twig ONE YEAR Anniversary Giveaway!


It's hard for me to believe, but this time last year,
I had barely even ever read a blog,
let alone had one to call my very own.

What a wonderful year it's been!

On August 17th 2010, I will celebrate
 and I want to give something back to all of you,
my friends and faithful readers.

And now, thanks to my buddies at CSN Stores,
I'm able to offer you my biggest giveaway yet!

This will be my third giveaway with CSN Stores,
and as you may or may not know, you can find
pretty much anything you need for the home and garden
in any of their over 200 online stores...

They've got luxurious bedding, fabulous cookware, rugs, window treatments, table lamps...

If you need it, CSN Stores has it!

And now...

for you...

they are offering one lucky

Fiona and Twig follower


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and SO much more!

Looks good, right?
Mmmm hmmm, I think so, too!

Want to win?
Here's what ya do...
  1. Leave a comment letting me know if you are a follower.
2.  Grab the giveaway button or blog about this for a second entry.

Be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry.

Giveaway ends on Tuesday, August 17th.

Good Luck!
And thank you from the bottom of my heart
for making my first year of blogging so magical!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Coming Soon...

This one is gonna be

Details coming soon!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Shop Talk

Can you stand a few more pics of my booth?

Hope so!

Like I told y'all on Monday's post, I had a red-letter day
and sold an obscene amount of merchandise
to one very spendy Austin dealer. Thank you, spendy dealer! :-)

So yesterday, me and the hardworking Mr. headed down
to my booth to re-stock and re-arrange a bit.
No big changes here, just a few new things.
And a roadside desk I found last year, re-painted and
re-knobbed and set in a place of honor in my booth yesterday afternoon.

Just a quick disclaimer first...due to the ├╝ber busy nature of my life right now,
I cannot ship things from my booth.
I so appreciate when someone shows interest
and makes an inquiry, but it just isn't possible now.
But if you like what you see, check back in the Fall when my
Etsy Shop re-opens. There will LOTS more of the same,
and you'll be able to grab a little piece of F&T for yourself.

Here we go!

Here's the rescued desk, which takes the place
of the antique crib I sold last week.
This was one my very first painting jobs,
I don't think it turned out too shabby!

I'm going to bring this sweet little wicker shelf back home
and paper it with old sheet music or ledger paper.
Why didn't I think of that before???

I'm so glad I grabbed a handful {groan!} of these industrial glove molds
when I was in Warrenton in the Spring,
as I've already sold several.

So that's it.
I think it looks pretty good, but I always feel it could look way better.
If I only had the time.
All things considered, it'll do for now.

I have some big decisions coming up regarding this booth...
along the lines of, do I keep it or let it go?

I already tried doing the booth and the Etsy Shop simultaneously,
and it's just too much work, especially when you factor in
that I have a full-time job, too.
Lots to think and pray about.

Thanks for taking the tour.
Have a wonderful Thursday!

Monday, August 2, 2010


Well, today was one of THOSE days...

I got a call from the Antique Mall where I have my booth,
and found out that I had one of 
THOSE days, the kind I had only ever heard about. 

I thought they were a myth,
something that only happened to other dealers.
Until it happened to me.

Turns out a dealer from Austin came in, s
aw my booth, fell in love, and pretty much cleaned me out!

I sold as much in ONE DAY today
as I've been averaging in a GOOD month of sales!

Since this picture was taken a couple of months ago,
pretty much everything either white or silver is gone.
Out the door.

And the dealer today grabbed my charming
1910 white iron and wicker baby crib...

Along with about 25 other items.
I danced the happy jig right there in the shop!

Even though it's changed a good bit since these photos were snapped,
I'd love for y'all to head over and take a peek at how my booth
has evolved over the past few months.
Click HERE for the tour!

And just in case you're jonesing for another taste of what was in my last post,
here ya go, ya big bunch of hussies!  ;-)

Have a GREAT week!

Off to watch The Bachelorette Finale now.
{the shame!}

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