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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Genie in a Bottle

The talented Michelle of  Vintage Junky is throwing a bash
over on her blog, and it's all about what's on our wish lists.
This post should pretty much write itself, as it's no trouble whatsoever
for me to rattle off about a dozen things in record speed that I'm jonesing for!

Now this might be a surprise to some,
but surely not to those that know me well.
Number one on my wish list is to be a published author....

Okay, a bit grandiose, I'll admit. 
And actually, I had a series of articles published many moons ago 
for a South Texas newspaper, but I'm talking about really being a published author. 
Ya know, on the scale of New York Times Bestseller List, 
Oprah's Book Club get the picture.
So all you bloggers out there with literary or publishing connections, 
if you like what you're reading here even a smidge, 
pitch me to your peeps and let's get me a book deal!

Next up....

My own brick and mortar store.
Filled with all the wonderful things we all know and my tag-line goes, 
"antiques, retro, industrial and whimsy for the home and garden." 
Perhaps I'm inching closer to attaining this particular wish. 
I opened my first booth in an antique mall. 
I'm going to Warrenton as a dealer in the Spring. 
I keep threatening to start up an Etsy shop. 
I suppose this will be the next logical progression, God and the economy willing.

And finally, because it's getting late and I'm tired, 
I'm going to hold to the traditional three wishes per customer paradigm.
Last up?

A beautiful 19th century stone house in Fredericksburg, Texas.
I've coveted these beauties for years now, 
and ruefully drive past them every time I head to the 'burg for some shopping. 
They may be drafty and plagued with all sorts of renovation issues, 
but to me, it has dreamhouse written all over it.

And you? What's on your wish list?
Head on over to
and join the party!


Debra@CommonGround said...

Love your three wishes, Anne. And I see them all coming true! Where was the mailbox in the last picture that says, Mr. and Mrs. Twig!?
Love it, girlie, have a great one!


Hey, Anne, I waved my magical wand...ya getting anything over there yet? Oops, guess I forgot the batteties in the 'ol But I think you'll get all those three wishes for sure, without me help.
My Best

Unknown said... your three wishes......Go after your dreams! You can do it!

Yaya' s Home said...

Love the subject of your blog and your three wishes. You may be interested to know that the Institute of Children's Literature has an outstanding record for helping writing dreams such as yours (and mine) to come true. I am taking one of their courses and I know quite a few others who are also taking the course.In fact, there are several who have already published and I don't know of a single person who has been disappointed with what they have accomplished. In case you're interested, the address is:
You should go for it. Who knows? You just might be another J.K. Rowling. ~ Yaya

Anonymous said...

I love your wish list!
I hope they all come true!

Jane said...

Three fabulous wishes!! May they all come true!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Anne,
Your wish list is not out of reach; I hope they all come true! Enjoy your day.


Christie said...

I hope all of your wishes come true!
Big Hugs,

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

LOVE your wishes,the one about the shop is one of mine too,who knows maybe one day!! Great post,talk soon,Chrissy

June said...

I'll buy your first book and be first in line at your grand opening of Fiona & Twig, and help plan your housewarming party for your new (old) stone house. Go for it girl...dreams do come true!

Cathy~Mille Fleur said...

Love your wishes...I am sure they will all come true!!! We are working on the house in Fredericksburg too!!!

My little crackle guys are from Horchow...I ordered them about 15 years ago...I love them too!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!

AuroraSuzette said...

I'm still so impressed with your blog! And that our dreams are so similar. I too have had a few newspaper articles published, yet yearn to be published in a bigger way. (I have no real book ideas). And, as I dream of my own shop, I too became a vendor back in July. You however are going to be living another dream of mine (and yours)...those Texas shows!

Michelle Hughes said...

You are a good mix of my best friend and I... she wants to be published and I want a shop! Love the home, by the way! Thanks for joining in and dreaming with me!


Unknown said...

It's important to have dreams and I think these are all positively fabulous dreams Anne! Can we still be friends when you're all published and famous?!!!

:) T

Miss Gracie's House said...

3 great wishes...I definitely understand #2 and #3...keep dreaming!

*The Beautiful Life* said...

I wish I were a Fairy Godmother so I could grant you all 3!

But something tells me that you are one of those people who is going to make her dreams come true -- no F.G.M. needed! :)



Unknown said...

I think these are all fantastic wishes! Oh to have a store front, what fun! Just to see all the pretty things every day would make me happy.

Anonymous said...

wow! now thats an awesome wish! i hope your wish comes true!

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