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Monday, November 16, 2009

Beloved Uncle...

My beloved Uncle J.B.

That would be short for John Broadus, 
named after my beloved Pappaw, John Broadus Christian.


"The Old Chevy"...that's the title my Mammaw gave this photo. 
There he is on the left, with his little brother, my uncle, cradled in my Pappaw's lap.
My Uncle J.B. has always held the softest of spots in my heart...
he and my Aunt Betty never had children, but oh, how he doted on me!

 How tiny I was! And yet how safe and completely adored 
I have always felt while in his presence.

How tiny and completely adored he looks here, 
as my Mammaw proudly gazes on...

He has had a rough road of late...he was widowed last year, 
and has suffered other set-backs as well...
a car accident, a hospitalization and lengthy rehab, moving into assisted living.

But how I love to remember him as this...

What joy!
I love all my uncles, my mothers three brothers, 
but my Pappaw's namesake has always been my touchstone.

I received this letter from him as a young teen. 
Kept it safely protected all these many years. It's worth more than gold to me now.

Beloved Uncle, you are indeed truly beloved.
Your niece,


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Anne... What cherished words those are on that piece of paper. I love them, and the pictures you have shared today.

I love his little glasses, and can sympathize with him, as I have had mine since the 2nd grade. I can't remember when I wasn't a (four eyes), but I could sure see good when it came time to reading the board.

My favorite picture is the first one, of your Uncle reading his book. I so love it, although that scooter one is a pretty close runner up.
I am sure that in his mind every once and awhile your precious Uncle JB, finds a very special memory of you that he pulls to the surface and smiles about.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful memory this morning. I so love it.

Please stop by and say hi. I would love the company. Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

Theresa said...

SWEET Uncle! I loved all the old pictures, he is truly a special Man and loves his Niece. That letter is just precious and I can certainly feel your love for him and his for you. Have a blessed day and I will be praying for Uncle J.B.

Polly said...

How cute is he in that first photo?!?! I can see why you have cherished his letter to you all these sweet! Seems like an amazing person!


Bev said...

That letter is the most wonderful proof of the gift of encouragement. How precious that he took the time to tell you.

starnes family said...

How fantastic are those pictures?!!!!!!!! I treasure so many pictures from my family's history.......nothing like them!

Jane said...

Old family photos and stories are definitely treasures and you have some wonderful ones of your uncle and grandparents. I enjoyed reading about your Uncle J.B.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Oh what a sweet tribute to your uncle. I've written several stories as well about a beloved uncle and aunt in my life. Loved the pics of him in glasses as well. Thanks for sharing, T

Six in One Hand said...

Your uncle should be sooo proud of you!!!!
His love and support have definitely come to bear fruit.
I can truly sense the love and adoration that you have for him.
I wish him the best and give him all our bloggy love.

Six divided by two..... said...

What a blessing to have such a wonderful uncle!! I love the pictures.. especially of you. You were just too cute!!!

Bluebird said...

what a beautiful, special person your Uncle JB is! thanks for sharing the photos, letter, and sweet memories!

trash talk said...

Every child should have someone who thinks they hung the moon (besides Mom)! Mine was my Uncle Clovis and Uncle R.B.

Debra@CommonGround said...

Anne, what sweet and tender memories you hold, and the photos are just wonderful. The first photo is just the cutest, love those darling glasses. The letter certainly is a keepsake, yes, sounds like you were quite the literist even then!
Blessings, girl, thanks for sharing this little piece of your past.


What a beautiful post. It touches me dearly when family photos and memorbilia are embraced the way you have. I am as passioniate about my genealogy as I am my junkin (whoa, and that's saying a lot!!) and I must say that it saddens me when I know there are wonderful people out there who don't have a clue about there ancestry or have any family memorbilia. It is the web and the connection of who we are. I have always said that if children where taught history through the study of their family's genealogy connection to history, children would appreciate our wonderful history and freedoms...Consequently,there would not be so many lost children in this world! I praise you for sharing you uncle with us.
My Best

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

What a blessing to have a man like that in your life! That letter is priceless... and those pictures are adorable!! I love old family photos! :)

Mindy said...

We all know that I like junk. But, I love family. Love family! How wonderful of you to share yours with us. ~Mindy

Junk Exchange said...

Anne - it must have been very inspiring for you to have grown up in such a loving and caring household - does he know you are blogging? i would bet he would be proud - especially to read some of the ways you describe your feelings about everything - very touching - thank you for sharing -


Jennifer said...

I cherish the old photos of our family - such character. My sons are grown men but they are important to them too ...and I'm glad. I enjoyed this post so - thank you. Jennifer

Connie said...

Just found you and it's a darling blog. That is a very sweet, loving post on your uncle, sugar. I can understand that.

Diann said...

That letter is a true treasure. It makes me feel like I should write a few of my own. You go through life assuming that people know how you feel about them...not always true. Even though you knew he loved you..having that letter is a tangible reminder. Lucky you.

north pal said...

i love the photos of you and your uncle. brings back memories and a little tear. one has to feed on their memories. i could just squeeze you and that has carried thru to your adult life. and then that would be a hug. Bestest, Denise

red.neck chic said...

Oh goodness Anne - what a touching post!!! Thank you for sharing your memories and I LOVE the photos!!!

;-) robelyn

Anonymous said...

What a great post on your uncle. I love the first photo as well!

Lee Weber said...

What a sweet and touching post. I hope he knows how much you love him too.

Kim said...

Very sweet post. I so enjoyed reading your blog!

Kim said...

Oh, and yes, you may pick my brain any old time about Etsy. I'm new to it myself, so maybe we can help eachother ;)

David said...

Very sweet! And I love the old pictures!

Jennifer @ The Craft House said...

(In reply to your comment left on my blog...)

I quite like most of the property shows on HGTV, but they can be a bit too much and get boring when they are constantly on.

My mother's side of the family is quite large (not Osmond large, but pretty large). I have few uncles and aunts but many, many cousins that I grew up being close to. I love it!

The Flying Bee said...

Oh, Anne...this post brought tears to my eyes. That letter from your Uncle is just beautiful. What a blessing! Thank you for sharing this.


Unknown said...

Oh Anne your love for your uncle comes right thru! What a blessing for you to have someone who loved and cherished you so!! That note he sent you is very special!!!

:) T

Cynthia K. said...

Anne ~ Yes, what a wonderful keepsake you have from him. A sensitive uncle doting on his special niece. I actually got chill bumps when I read his letter to you. Not many people who feel this way about someone would go to the extra measure of writing it down in a letter. There you go - the lost art of writing letters - because you have that tangible evidence to review over and over when you need a little lift. Lovely that you know someone cherished you.

Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Anne,

What a beautiful Uncle you have and such a special love you have for each other.
The letter is beautiful and isn't it lovely to have a beautiful keepsake like this and have the love of a special person.

Have a happy week

The Feathered Nest said...

What a precious post Anne!! Such a wonderful man to have in your life and the letter is an absolute treasure as well ~ memories are precious, hugs and love, Dawn

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